Top Songs to Learn French

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Learning French is the most popular opinion when discussing learning a new language. Along with impacting your brainpower, French offers many career and economic potentials in international businesses. 
But what if I told you that you don’t have to follow the traditional learning path and can learn French through music.

Why Learn French Languages through Songs?

Instead of searching for a tutor and finding time in your busy schedule, you can listen to songs to learn French while doing your daily chores. Also, listening to music is way more fun and entertaining than going through boring lectures. Although French is a beautiful language, you can get stuck in understanding the grammar or some concepts, but listening to French music will help you pick up the language faster. French is a romantic and melodic language, and music is the best way to learn such a language.

How Listening Songs Helps To Learn French?

Listening to French songs will enhance your knowledge, but for beginners, it is important to have a basic understanding of it. Curiotory is a growing online language learning platform where you can learn French from native and Indian teachers. They offer personalized courses where you will be taught how to be grammatically proficient and phonetically fluent at the beginner level. After some beginner lessons, you can listen to French songs with lyrics for beginners.

1. The best Songs to learn French for beginners

  • “La vie en Rose” by Edith Piaf (1947)

This is one of the most popular French songs to learn French from. You might have heard about this melody even if you don’t know French. It aired in the 1940s and has captured our hearts since then. This overtly romantic song with dreamy lyrics and music will melt your heart and strengthen your motive to learn French. The best part of this song is that it has a slow rhythm, making it a good song for beginners. You can stream this song on YouTube, Spotify, or Wynk Music.

  • “Quelqu’un m’a dit” by Carla Bruni (2003)

Carla is one of the best French artists, and her album Quelqu’un m’a dit is one of the finest music collections ever created. The title track of this album is a classic in French culture. You will feel the joy of falling in love and the pain of falling out of love. If you enjoy songs similar to this, this is a good option. You can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “Mister Mystère” by  -M- (2009)

-M- is the stage name of the French musician Matthieu Chedid who created this personality to work through the stage shyness he had. He was on a musical hiatus for almost 6 years, and then came the hit album of Mister Mystere. This is one of the best French songs for beginners to get a winding up of your French. You can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “Bonnie and Clyde” by Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot (1968)

This song will remind me of Beauty and the Beast, the cliched bad boy and good girl. Serge was a chain smoker bad boy of Parisian music, and Brigitte was a Marilyn Monroe and sweetheart of French cinema. The song is slow-paced and is one of the good French songs for beginners. You can stream this on YouTube. 

2. The best Songs to learn French for intermediate level

  • Papaoutai by Stromae (2013)

Stromae is another popular French singer, so much so that even if you don’t live in a french speaking country, you must have heard his songs in clubs or TikTok. A few famous songs by Stromae are “Alors on Danse” and “Tous Les Memes .”Stromae has a unique style, and although his songs may not be the most cheerful, he uses many French idioms and popular slang terms that will be helpful for a French learner. Again, you can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “Je t’aime… moi non plus” by Serge Gainsbourg ft. Jane Birkin (1969)

This song is from the album Jane Birkin/Serge Gainsbourg, and it was released back when they both were dating and were at the peak of their romance. Quite obviously, this album has songs about passion and romanticism. It may seem controversial to you, but you can learn a lot about French society in the 60s and learn a great deal about French romantic vocabulary. You can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “On ne change pas” by Céline Dion (1999)

Celine Dion is one of the most famous singers of all time. Although she is known for English hits, she wrote multiple sets of albums in her native language of Canadian-French for French-speaking countries. The lyrics and the theme the song represents repeat several times throughout the song, making it even easier to follow. You can stream this on YouTube. 

3. The best Songs to learn French for Advanced level

  • “La jeune fille aux cheveux blancs” by Camille (2005)

This song is from the album “Le Fil” written by French singer Camille. The genre of her songs is experimental pop, which is both light and mesmerizing. The lyrics of this album are very soulful and thoughtful. This sound is referred to as “her notes” by Camille, and this note is used to entangle all the other songs of her album. You can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “Petite soeur” by Ben L’Oncle Soul (2010)

Ben L’Oncle Soul is a singer that will make you stop your work and think for a while. They are as soulful as it gets. The album for this song, “Live Paris,” was recorded in only one night with the help of a contemporary soul band. Petite Soeur is the hit song of his entire career. It’s very easy to learn French through songs that are so upbeat and fun, simultaneously fervent. You can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “Ma liberté de penser” by Florent Pagny (2003)

Ma liberté de penser is a sarcastic song. The history of this song’s creation was quite interesting. Florent got into trouble with the French tax department, and most of his properties were seized. He then compared the tax inspectors to the devil in his song and urged them to take whatever they wanted but to leave his freedom to think alone. So it has a bit of history, right? Even more, reason to enjoy this masterpiece. You can stream this on YouTube. 

  • “Vois sur ton chemin” by Les Petits Chanteurs de Saint-Marc (2010)

This song is a theme song of the internationally proclaimed movie “Les Choristes”. This song features a music teacher who joined a school for troubled boys and is trying to change this status quo through music. This song talks about a child’s fragility in their childhood, which complements the film. You can stream this on YouTube. 

Tips on Learning French through Songs

The songs mentioned above are the best French songs to learn French from. It is very easy to learn French in this way. 

  • At first you have to choose a song that matches your level, try a children’s melody at the beginning, then go about to rapping to test your fluency. 
  • Try listening to those songs daily, and keep track of the different words and phrases used. 
  • You should start with simple French songs with lyrics if you are a beginner. And listen to those songs whose melody you like the best or the one which resonates with your soul. 

Advantages of Learning French through Songs

There are several advantages to learning French through songs, including:

  • Vocabulary building: Songs often use everyday language and can help you build your vocabulary in a fun and engaging way.
  • Pronunciation practice: Listening to and singing along with songs can help improve your pronunciation and listening skills.
  • Memory retention: Music can be a powerful tool for memorization, so learning French vocabulary through songs can help it stick in your memory.
  • Improved listening skills: Listening to songs in French can help you develop listening comprehension skills, which are essential for speaking and communicating effectively in the language.


Is it necessary to understand the lyrics of a French song to benefit from learning through songs?

Understanding every word in a French song is optional to benefit from learning through songs. However, even just familiarizing yourself with the sound and rhythm of the language can be beneficial for your overall language development.

How can I find the lyrics and translation of a French song?

You can find the lyrics and translation of a French song by searching for the song title and “lyrics” or “paroles” on a search engine. You can also find websites or resources specifically dedicated to providing French song lyrics and their English translation.

How can I practice my pronunciation while learning French through songs?

You can practice your pronunciation by singing along with the song and repeating the lyrics. You can also listen to the song and imitate the singer’s pronunciation.

Is it necessary to have a good singing voice to benefit from learning French through songs?

Having a good singing voice is necessary to benefit from learning French through songs. However, the focus is on learning and improving your language skills rather than your singing ability.

How often should I listen to French songs to improve my language skills?

Listening to French songs regularly, as often as possible, is recommended to help improve your language skills and reinforce your vocabulary.