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Portuguese is spoken far beyond the borders of Portugal, where over 10 million people speak Portuguese. All over the world, it is spoken by over 230 million people – spread across Asia, Africa, Europe and South America. So, is it any surprise that Portuguese is more than just a nice-to-know business language? It has become a catalyst for growing one’s corporate career globally. It’s why many leading and forward-thinking companies offer Portuguese language training to staff as part of up-skilling programs.

Why professionals should learn Portuguese online

Grow horizontally/vertically within the company as a multilingual resource.

Apply for onsite roles that include direct interactions with Portuguese-speaking clients.

Learn the world’s fastest-growing Western language after English.

Gain cognitive skills to handle conflict resolution, solve problems, etc.

Portuguese language training with Curiotory

Curiotory, as one of India’s fastest-growing EduTech platforms, empowers corporate professionals to learn the Portuguese language with ease. We have tied up with several MNCs to help their staff to speak, read, write, and listen to the Portuguese language. Our team of highly-skilled private tutors also customize the course to suit the unique needs of professionals.

Preview our Portuguese lessons before you decide.

Preview our Portuguese lessons before you decide.

Meet our Portuguese tutor


Sandra is a Paris-based French teacher with experience in teaching school kids and adults. She has also taught several groups of adults at the Alliance Française and conducted one-to-one sessions for GCSE, A-level, and IB students. Sandra takes pride in making all her lessons fun, dynamic, interesting, and diverse.


Viraja has a DELF C1 diploma in French – with five years of experience as a French Teacher. Having taught a diverse age group (5 to 65 years), she believes that learning languages is a wholesome experience that involves speaking, listening, writing, and reading. She ensures her students are prepared for proficiency tests like DELF, DALF, TCF, and TEF.

Why partner with Curiotory for Portuguese language courses

Top-notch private tutors

Only specialized and accredited world-class native and Indian teachers.

Custom course creation

Deep course customization to meet the needs of individuals and groups.

Cultural & cognitive intelligence

Social and cultural aspects of the language to gain contextual intelligence.

AI-led learning analytics+

Maximized learning journeys – backed by data analytics to improve performance.

Curiotory is the ultimate language learning platform that can set you up for success.

However, like any life-changing skill, learning new languages is a journey that demands proper guidance and expertise. Else, you’ll face barriers that can stop you dead in your tracks. These include:

What you can learn


Become an empathetic listener by detecting important information.


Increase vocabulary by learning new words, phrases & expressions.

Speak & Pronounce

Be phonetically fluent at various beginner’s levels in the French language.

Basic Grammar

Develop a strong base in grammar with pragmatic competencies.

Pragmatic Awareness

Stay tuned to conversations without getting contextually lost.

Cultural Context

Discover the important role of culture in the French language.

Our Portuguese Curriculum

Level 1A


3 months

(36 instruction hours)


Offer greetings & farewell expressions, personal information, interrogatives, exclamatory phrases, etc.

In The Classroom

Use classroom-related communication, gender/plural/singular, objects, colours, etc.

Daily routine & family

Describe routine activities, people, animals, schedules, etc.

Level 1B


3 months

(36 instruction hours)

Where have you been?

Communicate recent past events, express courtesy, ask about location, give instructions, etc.

What are you doing?

Talk about continuous actions, describe personality traits, react informally, learn demonstratives, etc.

Leisure activities

Communicate on plans/activities/hobbies, express liking/frequency, etc.

Languages we teach

FAQs – Portuguese Language

A good command of Portuguese will set you apart from other applicants. It will also help you communicate well with colleagues and create a social life inside and outside work. In addition, traveling across India or other Portuguese-speaking countries becomes less challenging when you are equipped with Portuguese. Of course, learning a new language also comes with cognitive benefits. You will become more creative with perfectly polished problem-solving skills and critical thinking.

Learning a language itself can steadfast your career to heights. It rings especially true with Portuguese, which is the official language of eight countries – Portugal, Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique, and São Tomé e Príncipe.


It is also spoken in Asian countries such as Macau and Gao – and is the 6th most spoken language in the world – boasting over 230 million people who know Portuguese.


Being equipped with Portuguese widens the professional scope for individuals. It includes industries such as automobiles, textiles, computers, hospitality, journalism, etc.

Like most European languages, Portuguese is relatively easy to learn – including grammar and vocabulary. However, the pronunciation aspect can be a little difficult for English speakers. It is due to the fact that some Portuguese words require nasal sounds to accurately pronounce. But it remains that the core structures of the Portuguese language, similar to other “romance” languages like Spanish, French, and Italian, can be simple to pick up if learned the right way.

It takes two to three years of regular practice to achieve an advanced level in Portuguese. Enrolling in a Portuguese language learning course online can fast pace your learning. Instead of following a regular format, you will get lessons personalized to your goals and direction. It will help you focus on the right things without wasting any time.

Yes, all our students who complete the course get issued an accredited certificate.

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