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Mandarin language tutors


hours of Mandarin language training

Mandarin is the world’s most spoken language. So, imagine the career impact of gaining proficiency in this language! Today, international businesses are all about working with multilingual people. Over the past decade, Mandarin has steadily climbed up the pole of the most sought-after business languages. Yet, ironically, Mandarin language skills continue to be scarce across many top companies, which only means there are more reasons and opportunities for working professionals to start learning.

Why professionals should learn Mandarin online

Be in a position to fill the huge Mandarin language gaps in the current job market.

Apply for jobs abroad and grow alongside the fastest-growing global economies.      

Improve critical business skills like problem-solving, conflict resolution, etc.

Network and nurture strong international business relationships.

Join Curiotory’s Mandarin language course

Curiotory is India’s fastest-growing EduTech platform that offers best-in-class Mandarin language training. We make sure that working professionals are able to speak, read, write, and listen to foreign languages like a native to capitalize on life-changing career opportunities.

Preview our Mandarin lessons before you decide.

Preview our Mandarin lessons before you decide.

Meet some of our Mandarin tutors

Shreya Bhoyar

I am a Chinese teacher, who is a native Indian and lived in China for quite a long time. Being an MBBS student in China I am aware of the local dialect and culture.

I am the university topper and passed HSK level 4 with excellent grades in almost 3 – 4 months with my own techniques and learning tricks, in my lectures I share all these easiest ways to my students and make them learn the language in the shortest time.

In the lectures we will be starting from HSK 1 textbook and mainly focus on the speaking and listening part and every lecture will be followed by practicing workbook exercises (the most important part to clear the HSK exams). This will be followed by learning how to read and if the students are willing to study the writing part, then I will start that too depending on one’s need and efficiency.


Meet Tong Our Mandarin Language expert. She is Native residing in Alberta currently and enjoy teaching as her hobby.

How our Mandarin course stands out

60+ tutors – 700+ training hours

Learn from passionate Indian/native tutors who have been there and done that.

Customize until it’s right

Tell us your career goals – we’ll customize the course to maximize learning outcomes.

Go beyond language

Unearth valuable cultural insights and become more socially aware.

Harness data power

Get your hands on data analytics and reports to improve your learning curve.

Curiotory is the ultimate language learning platform that can set you up for success.

However, like any life-changing skill, learning new languages is a journey that demands proper guidance and expertise. Else, you’ll face barriers that can stop you dead in your tracks. These include:

What you can learn


Become an empathetic listener by detecting important information.


Increase vocabulary by learning new words, phrases & expressions.

Speak & Pronounce

Be phonetically fluent at various beginner’s levels in the French language.

Basic Grammar

Develop a strong base in grammar with pragmatic competencies.

Pragmatic Awareness

Stay tuned to conversations without getting contextually lost.

Cultural Context

Discover the important role of culture in the French language.

Our Mandarin Curriculum

Level 1A


3 months

(36 instruction hours)


Offer greetings & farewell expressions, personal information, interrogatives, exclamatory phrases, etc.

In The Classroom

Use classroom-related communication, gender/plural/singular, objects, colours, etc.

Daily routine & family

Describe routine activities, people, animals, schedules, etc.

Level 1B


3 months

(36 instruction hours)

Where have you been?

Communicate recent past events, express courtesy, ask about location, give instructions, etc.

What are you doing?

Talk about continuous actions, describe personality traits, react informally, learn demonstratives, etc.

Leisure activities

Communicate on plans/activities/hobbies, express liking/frequency, etc.

Other languages we teach

FAQs – Mandarin Language

Excelling in Mandarin can help level up career prospects in the global arena. Mandarin is the official language of mainland China and Taiwan. It is also used in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Brunel, and Indonesia. In addition, United Nations has Mandarin as one of its official languages. Therefore, it is crucial to know Mandarin while interacting with native professionals or moving to work in China or Taiwan.


Being bilingual or multilingual with proficiency in Mandarin will help land some of the best jobs in industries of high demand. For example, trade, software development, fintech, alternative-fuel car & automobile manufacturing, economics, clothing industry, e-commerce logistics, online shopping, hospitality, energy-efficiency consultants, Entertainment, technology, tourism, etc. In addition, it can also improve the quality of your life by helping build good social relations with the natives professionally and personally.

Tonal differences rule Mandarin. Meaning a word can hold four different meanings based on its tone. Unlike the Romanized lettering system, Mandarin is ideographic. It uses symbols to form characters. Their simplified characters alone contain 3000. All of this information sounds overwhelming at first. But practice and systematic guidance from a tutor can help you advance in the language within four to five years.


You have not heard the easiest part yet! Mandarin has simple grammar. For example, it does not carry genders and cases. It is also free from honorifics giving it an uncomplicated structure. As for pronunciation and tonal differences, you can use Pinyin, a romanized version of Mandarin, as a guide.

You can learn Mandarin effectively through an online language course. It provides a seamless learning experience where you get one-on-one personalized classes to suit your purpose. However, it is easy to feel intimidated learning a language known as the hardest to learn. But in an online class, you get individual attention from the tutor. It helps you set up a schedule that does not hinder your professional and personal life. You can also get the course catered to your learning pace and get real-time feedback. As a result, it helps you learn Mandarin systematically, efficiently and faster than an in-person class.

Since Mandarin is a tonal language that can switch meanings depending on the tone and pronunciation, practicing listening and speaking is key. Finding resources is no trouble with the scale of Mandarin content available online. Make it entertaining with movies, TV series, music, podcasts, audiobooks, etc.


  • Find a language partner or native speaker to practice with regularly. Practicing speaking and listening with them can help you memorize and perfect pronunciation.


  • Speaking to yourself and writing down content helps too. You can speak in Mandarin while translating your thoughts as you go about the day. You can also listen and imitate the pronunciation while listening to native content. Try recording yourself speaking, so you correct yourself and progress. Even if you are a beginner, write a few sentences daily. Studying Pinyin can help with pronunciation.


  • Signing up for an online class can help you progress following a structure and proper guidance from a tutor. It lets you choose your schedule and pace while balancing your professional and personal life.

Yes, all our students who complete the course get issued an accredited certificate.

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