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The Spanish language is universally considered a very important foreign language to learn as an individual. After all, nearly half a billion people speak this language! Hence, taking Spanish lessons has made an indelible impact on the lives of all types of people, be they travel buffs, exchange students, or hotshot corporate professionals. Today, with the world shrinking digitally – it’s become a major game-changer for kids, young adults, and older people to undergo Spanish language training.

Why people should learn Spanish online

Why people should learn Spanish online

Quickly learn a foreign language, considering the easy grammar & phonetics.

Get lucrative remote opportunities in interpretation, translation, proofreading, etc.

Improve social and emotional skills by enhancing cognitive functions.

Travel confidently across Spain – the safest country in the world, with a high quality of life.

Take Spanish lessons online with Curiotory

Curiotory, as India’s fastest-growing EduTech platform, delivers world-class Spanish language training to individuals of all ages and from any background. We ensure you can speak, read, write, and listen to the Spanish language with a high level of confidence and improve the quality of your life.

See why our Spanish curriculum is just what you need. Take a quick glance.

See why our Spanish curriculum is just what you need. Take a quick glance.

Meet some of our Spanish tutors

Samriddhi Vashishth

our Spanish language expert. She is a DELE certified Spanish Language trainer and having 3+ years of Experience. She is C1 proficient.

Regina Valdivieso

Meet Regina Our Spanish Language expert. She is Native residing in Peru and enjoy teaching as her hobby.

How our Spanish course stands out

Indian & native tutors

Learn from Indian & native tutors rigorously assessed by language experts.

Course personalization

Personalize the coursework and structure based on unique career goals.

Socio-cultural awareness

Know the cultural context behind the language and be more socially aware.

Learning measurement

Get your learning performance monitored – with access to data-rich reports.

Curiotory is the ultimate language learning platform that can set you up for success.

However, like any life-changing skill, learning new languages is a journey that demands proper guidance and expertise. Else, you’ll face barriers that can stop you dead in your tracks. These include:

What you can learn


Become an empathetic listener by detecting important information.


Increase vocabulary by learning new words, phrases & expressions.

Speak & Pronounce

Be phonetically fluent at various beginner’s levels in the French language.

Basic Grammar

Develop a strong base in grammar with pragmatic competencies.

Pragmatic Awareness

Stay tuned to conversations without getting contextually lost.

Cultural Context

Discover the important role of culture in the French language.

Our Spanish Curriculum

Level 1A


3 months

(36 instruction hours)


Offer greetings & farewell expressions, personal information, interrogatives, exclamatory phrases, etc.

In The Classroom

Use classroom-related communication, gender/plural/singular, objects, colours, etc.

Daily routine & family

Describe routine activities, people, animals, schedules, etc.

Level 1B


3 months

(36 instruction hours)

Where have you been?

Communicate recent past events, express courtesy, ask about location, give instructions, etc.

What are you doing?

Talk about continuous actions, describe personality traits, react informally, learn demonstratives, etc.

Leisure activities

Communicate on plans/activities/hobbies, express liking/frequency, etc.

Other languages we teach

FAQs – Spanish Language

Our courses start as low as 399 /month

Learning Spanish helps sharpen the learner’s cognitive abilities and emotional quotient. It enhances critical thinking, problem solving and creativity. Moreover, as Spanish is spoken in multiple countries, it Introduces one to different cultures, which encourages the person to have a diverse and inclusive outlook.


In the global age, the demand for bilingual or multilingual people is only increasing. Learning a widespread language like Spanish from childhood can get one the upper hand when one grows up and pursue higher education and a career. In addition, proficiency in the language helps to pursue unique education and job opportunities overseas. It will also help the learner advance in their professional space with better communication skills.

People grasp ideas better when they learn through experience and practice. Therefore, it is important to keep the process entertaining and understandable to retain attention.


Kids and young adults catch on to language quicker if they have opportunities to engage and interact regularly. Parents and teachers can help by facilitating sources such as cartoons, games, songs, rhymes, comics and storybooks in Spanish so that they can enjoy and learn. It helps them immerse in the language and cultural aspects and easily learn and adapt. When it comes to adults, they can use movies, TV series, videos, music, podcasts, language apps, video games etc.

From positive influence on an individual’s mindset to career choices, learning Spanish help prepare for a better future. With over 500 million native speakers spread across 20 countries, Spanish is one of the most popular languages in the world. Whether you pursue a career, higher education, travel, or immigrate to one of the Spanish-speaking nations, perfecting Spanish puts one at an advantage in the current and future global landscape. Language learning itself improves their cognitive abilities. Exposure to language and culture enhances emotional intelligence too.

From shaping their cognitive abilities to career advantage, learning a second language during childhood comes with numerous perks. When they start learning Spanish from a young age, they quickly absorb the rules and structure of the language, just like their mother tongue. Starting as adults, people often tend to find pronunciation and structure hard to attain. But as children, they are more likely to be curious than scared.


Since they are acquiring a new language in their developmental stage, it enhances their cognitive abilities early on, making them flexible thinkers with excellent problem-solving skills, sharp memory and critical thinking. As a result, it reflects on their academics, talents, and mindset. Finally, being bilingual or multilingual helps to find well-paid jobs and pursue education in Spanish-speaking nations.


However, learning Spanish later in life does not mean you are late. No matter what age you start learning Spanish, you can be fluent with the right methods and consistent practice.

Yes, all our students who complete the course get issued an accredited certificate.

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