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Today, Portuguese is reputed to be the official language of some of the world’s quickest-rising economies. Hence, while the worldwide interest in Portuguese has been gradually on the rise, there remain a lot of untapped opportunities, which makes it timely to learn this language. Brazil, where the official language is Portuguese, even has the 8th largest economy globally. So, travel, academia, or career – learning Portuguese can give you a leg up in your personal and professional life.

Why students should learn Portuguese online

Why students should learn Portuguese online

Find it easier to gain fluency in Spanish, French, and Italian languages.

Score a good-paying job as a translator, interpreter, proof-reader, or tour operator.

Confidently visit some of the major tourist destinations in South America.

Enjoy the richness of Portuguese arts – including music and literature.

Portuguese language training with Curiotory

Curiotory, as one of India’s fastest-growing EduTech platforms, gives you all the tools necessary to learn the Portuguese language. Our private tutors work closely with you to ensure that, by the end of the course, you will be able to speak, read, write, and listen to the Portuguese language with the utmost ease.



Meet our Portuguese tutor


Sandra is a Paris-based French teacher with experience in teaching school kids and adults. She has also taught several groups of adults at the Alliance Française and conducted one-to-one sessions for GCSE, A-level, and IB students. Sandra takes pride in making all her lessons fun, dynamic, interesting, and diverse.


Viraja has a DELF C1 diploma in French – with five years of experience as a French Teacher. Having taught a diverse age group (5 to 65 years), she believes that learning languages is a wholesome experience that involves speaking, listening, writing, and reading. She ensures her students are prepared for proficiency tests like DELF, DALF, TCF, and TEF.

How our Portuguese course stands out

Top-notch private tutors

Only specialized and accredited world-class native and Indian teachers.

Custom course material

Deep course customization to meet the needs of individuals and groups.

Cultural & cognitive intelligence

Social and cultural aspects of the language to gain contextual intelligence.

AI-led learning analytics

Maximized learning journeys – backed by data analytics to improve performance.

Curiotory is the ultimate language learning platform that can set you up for success.

However, like any life-changing skill, learning new languages is a journey that demands proper guidance and expertise. Else, you’ll face barriers that can stop you dead in your tracks. These include:

What you can learn


Become an empathetic listener by detecting important information.


Increase vocabulary by learning new words, phrases & expressions.

Speak & Pronounce

Be phonetically fluent at various beginner’s levels in the French language.

Basic Grammar

Develop a strong base in grammar with pragmatic competencies.

Pragmatic Awareness

Stay tuned to conversations without getting contextually lost.

Cultural Context

Discover the important role of culture in the French language.

Our Portuguese Curriculum

Level 1A


3 months

(36 instruction hours)


Offer greetings & farewell expressions, personal information, interrogatives, exclamatory phrases, etc.

In The Classroom

Use classroom-related communication, gender/plural/singular, objects, colours, etc.

Daily routine & family

Describe routine activities, people, animals, schedules, etc.

Level 1B


3 months

(36 instruction hours)

Where have you been?

Communicate recent past events, express courtesy, ask about location, give instructions, etc.

What are you doing?

Talk about continuous actions, describe personality traits, react informally, learn demonstratives, etc.

Leisure activities

Communicate on plans/activities/hobbies, express liking/frequency, etc.

Other languages we teach

FAQs – Portuguese Language

Our courses start as low as 399 /month

With the help and guidance from the right teacher and consistent practice, Portuguese is not hard to learn. Portuguese is more about understanding grammar and structure and less about memorizing. Such distinction and clarity create no confusion in mind. It is what makes Portuguese an easy language to learn.

Learning a language like Portuguese facilitates mastering any language throughout one’s life. Learning from a young age makes grasping other languages taught in schools and colleges easier. Moreover, it shares phonetic, grammatical and scriptural similarities with other European languages. So learning languages like English, French or Spanish will be easy as a breeze.

Learning a brilliantly formulated language like Portuguese takes understanding and regular practice, which enhances cognitive performance. It boosts critical thinking, language comprehension, memory retention skills, decision-making, problem-solving, and creativity. A good background in Portuguese also expands the variety of career and academic options.

Learning Portuguese opens a portal of opportunities for intellectual development, cultural experience, and academic and career opportunities. After all, learning a new language helps to sharpen cognitive abilities like memory retention, problem-solving, creativity, critical thinking etc. Besides, it introduces an individual to a new culture where they get to expand and adopt new ideologies. Especially learning a language like Portuguese can introduce one to diverse cultures simultaneously. Moreover, it enables them to travel to places like Brazil, Angola, Cape Verde, East Timor, Guinea Bissau, Macau, Mozambique, Portugal, etc. It will help develop new perspectives and an open, inclusive mindset.

It is not necessary to attend traditional languages to learn Portuguese. Anyone can learn Portuguese online from the comfort of their homes. It is convenient by all means. Taking classes online will help them get individual attention to learn progress with customized learning suited for each individual. In addition, it helps to learn the language systematically at a preferred time and pace.

Yes, all our students who complete the course get issued an accredited certificate.

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