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hours of Dutch language training

Did you know that over 25 million people across the globe speak Dutch? While it may not be extremely popular outside Europe, it can be a life-changer for those looking to stay in or visit Dutch-speaking countries. Learning the Dutch language can help you get ready for overseas academic or career opportunities while nurturing social skills and gaining emotional intelligence. In the end, you gain a broader mindset while being introduced to a new language and culture.

Why people should learn Dutch online

Why people should learn Dutch online

Gain fluency in an Indo-European language which is the easiest to learn.

Start working as a linguist, interpreter, translator, or proofreader.

Visit Dutch-speaking countries without feeling like a tourist lost in translation.

Increase cognitive strengths and critical thinking skills.

Dutch language training with Curiotory

As India’s fastest-growing EduTech platform, Curiotory offers a single platform to learn multiple foreign languages, including Dutch. Our best-in-class private tutors have proven experience in teaching individuals of all ages how to fluently speak, read, write, and listen to Dutch. We also ensure you can learn the cultural aspects of the language.



Meet our Dutch tutor


Meet Deepshikha our Dutch Language Expert. She loves to teach and stresses on  grammar,  pronunciation and ensures that his students develops a taste for Dutch culture.

How our Dutch course stands out

Best-in-class teachers

World-class Indian and native private tutors with global-certified teaching approaches.

Personalized language courses

Curriculum customization – based on the personal aspirations of students.

More than grammar & vocabulary

Finer nuances of Dutch culture and history – with a deeper perspective on language.

Data-based learning

AI-driven data analytics for structured learning assessment and improvement.

Curiotory is the ultimate language learning platform that can set you up for success.

However, like any life-changing skill, learning new languages is a journey that demands proper guidance and expertise. Else, you’ll face barriers that can stop you dead in your tracks. These include:

What you can learn


Become an empathetic listener by detecting important information.


Increase vocabulary by learning new words, phrases & expressions.

Speak & Pronounce

Be phonetically fluent at various beginner’s levels in the French language.

Basic Grammar

Develop a strong base in grammar with pragmatic competencies.

Pragmatic Awareness

Stay tuned to conversations without getting contextually lost.

Cultural Context

Discover the important role of culture in the French language.

Our Dutch Curriculum

Level 1A


3 months

(36 instruction hours)


Offer greetings & farewell expressions, personal information, interrogatives, exclamatory phrases, etc.

In The Classroom

Use classroom-related communication, gender/plural/singular, objects, colours, etc.

Daily routine & family

Describe routine activities, people, animals, schedules, etc.

Level 1B


3 months

(36 instruction hours)

Where have you been?

Communicate recent past events, express courtesy, ask about location, give instructions, etc.

What are you doing?

Talk about continuous actions, describe personality traits, react informally, learn demonstratives, etc.

Leisure activities

Communicate on plans/activities/hobbies, express liking/frequency, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our courses start as low as 399 /month

Learning Dutch is helpful in various aspects. Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, and the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Curaçao, Sint Maarten and French Flanders (France). Over 25 million people around the world speak Dutch. Although it is not the most spoken language outside of Europe, it is relevant when you plan to stay in Dutch-speaking countries.

Everyone learns a new language for various reasons. It varies between preparing for overseas career opportunities, pursuing education abroad, immigration and personal interest. Like any other language, Dutch helps to find job opportunities overseas and pursue higher education. Learning a new language and cultural exposure also comes with cognitive developmental benefits. Moreover, it makes one knowledgeable and helps maintain good social skills and emotional intelligence.

Having a foreign language in your arsenal lets you grab career and academic opportunities on time. In addition, it will make you a fast learner and problem solver with critical thinking. These skills are all required in every aspect of life, including education and career.

There is plenty of scope for career opportunities, ranging from agriculture, water management, art & design, logistics, banking, and sustainable energy. BPO, international business, and export-import industries will always prefer bilinguals and multilingual. So when you are fluent in Dutch, you are already at an advantage.

Like any other language, learning Dutch will also help enhance the learner’s cognitive abilities. Learning a new language helps to have better memory retention. It also sparks creativity and flexible thinking. One becomes a fast learner as one progresses. It can also contribute to cultivating a broad mindset while being introduced to different cultures. It will positively impact your emotional quotient. Making you someone who can think from different perspectives and understand people. It can help one handle any social or business interaction with sensitivity.

The last thing anyone would want to do is sit in a restrictive environment and robotically memorize everything. It can throw you off the track easily. It will be effective if the learning process can be fun and educational simultaneously.

While tutors can implement interactive teaching methods, there are easy ways to ensure they pay attention while they learn at home. For example, watching Dutch movies, TV shows and YouTube videos with subtitles can help develop vocabulary, pronunciation, listening etc. You can also tune into Dutch music, podcasts or audiobooks to refine your listening skills and comprehension. In addition, you can use apps with attractive interfaces for practicing with games, flashcards etc. Not only will this help you learn the language it can also help you pick up on the cultural aspects with ease when it’s original Dutch content.

Yes, all our students who complete the course get issued an accredited certificate.

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