How to Wish Happy Birthday in Korean

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Welcome to Curiotory’s guide on how to wish happy birthday in Korean! Birthdays hold special significance in every culture, and Korea is no exception. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the Korean language expressions, greetings, songs, and traditions associated with birthdays.  

Whether you’re planning to wish a friend or loved one or simply want to expand your language skills, this guide will help you navigate the world of birthday greetings in Korean. 

The Importance of Birthdays in Korean Culture:

In Korean culture, birthdays are meaningful occasions that celebrate the beginning of a new year of life. They hold a sense of significance and are often marked with joyous celebrations, family gatherings, and heartfelt wishes.  

Understanding the cultural importance of birthdays in Korea will enhance your understanding of the language expressions used to convey birthday wishes. 

Basic Phrases and Greetings for Happy Birthday in Korean:

In this section, we will provide you with essential phrases and greetings to wish someone a happy birthday in Korean. You’ll learn how to say, “Happy Birthday” and express your well wishes in a warm and sincere manner.  

We’ll also cover pronunciation tips to help you master the Korean language sounds. 

  •  생일 축하합니다. (Saengil chukha hamnida.) – Happy birthday. 
  • 생일 축하해요. (Saengil chukha haeyo.) – Happy birthday. 
  • 생일 축하드려요. (Saengil chukha deuryeoyo.) – Congratulations on your birthday. 
  • [Name] 씨, 생일 축하합니다. ([Name] ssi, saengil chukha hamnida.) – [Name], happy birthday. 

Singing the Happy Birthday Song in Korean:

No birthday celebration is complete without a rendition of the “Happy Birthday” song. We’ll guide you through the Korean version of the song, providing you with the lyrics and pronunciation tips. You’ll be able to impress your Korean friends and loved ones with your singing skills! 

Korean Script:  

생일 축하합니다 

생일 축하합니다 

사랑하는 [Name] 생일 축하합니다 

English Translation: 

Happy birthday to you 

Happy birthday to you 

Happy birthday, dear [Name] 

Writing and Sending Birthday Wishes in Korean:

In this section, we’ll explore the art of writing and sending birthday wishes in Korean.  

You’ll learn how to compose heartfelt messages, choose the right words, and express your warmest sentiments. We’ll also discuss various mediums through which you can send your birthday wishes, such as cards, text messages, or social media platforms. 

  • 생일 축하드려요! 당신이 가장 사랑하는 사람들과 함께 특별한 순간을 보내길 바래요. (Saengil chukha deuryeoyo! Dangsin-i gajang saranghaneun saramdeulgwa hamkke teukbyeolhan sungan-eul bonaegil baraeyo.) – Congratulations on your birthday! I hope you spend this special moment with the people you love the most. 
  • 생일 축하 메시지를 전해요. 행복하고 건강한 일년 되세요! (Saengil chukha mesiji-reul jeonhaeyo. Haengbokhago geon-ganghan ilnyeon doeseyo!) – Sending you a birthday message. Wishing you a happy and healthy year ahead! 

Expressing Birthday Wishes to a Friend in Korean:

Friendship holds a special place in everyone’s life, and expressing birthday wishes to a friend in Korean adds an extra layer of warmth and closeness. We’ll provide you with phrases and expressions specifically tailored for wishing a friend a happy birthday in Korean. Your friend will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and effort! 

  • 친구야, 생일 축하해! 행복한 하루 보내길 바래. (Chinguya, saengil chukhahae! Haengbokhan haru bonaegil barae.) – Friend, happy birthday! I hope you have a joyful day. 
  • 친한 친구에게 생일 축하 메시지를 보내요. 항상 행복하고 건강하길 바래! (Chinhan chinguege saengil chukha mesiji-reul bonae-yo. Hangsang haengbokhago geon-ganghagil barae!) – Sending a birthday message to a close friend. I hope you are always happy and healthy! 
  • 우리 친구야, 생일 축하해! 너의 모든 소망들이 이루어지길 바라. (Uri chinguya, saengil chukhahae! Neo-ui modeun somangdeuri irueojigil bara.) – My friend, happy birthday! I wish all your dreams come true. 

Happy Birthday Quotes in Korean:

Sometimes, a meaningful quote can capture the essence of a birthday wish perfectly.  

In this section, we’ll share some delightful and inspirational happy birthday quotes in Korean. These quotes can be used in cards, messages, or even as personal mantras to celebrate someone’s special day. 

  • 생일 축하합니다! 언제나 행복하고 건강한 날들이 가득하길 바랍니다. (Saengil chukha hamnida! Eonjena haengbokhago geon-ganghan naldeuri gadeukhagil barabnida.) – Happy birthday! Wishing you always have joyful and healthy days. 
  • 생일 축하드려요! 당신의 모든 소망이 이루어지는 특별한 날이 되길 바랍니다. (Saengil chukha deuryeoyo! Dangsin-ui modeun somangi irueojineun teukbyeolhan nari doegil barabnida.) – Congratulations on your birthday! I hope it becomes a special day where all your wishes come true. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

In this section, we’ll address some common questions that language learners have about wishing happy birthday in Korean.  

Q1: How do you say “Happy Birthday” in Korean? 

A: The phrase for “Happy Birthday” in Korean is “생일 축하해요” (saengil chukha haeyo). 

Q2: What are some common birthday greetings in Korean? 

A: Some common birthday greetings in Korean include “생일 축하합니다” (saengil chukha hamnida) and “생일 축하드려요” (saengil chukha deuryeoyo), which both mean “Happy Birthday.” 

Q3: How do you sing the Happy Birthday song in Korean? 

A: The Happy Birthday song in Korean follows a similar melody to the English version. The lyrics are: “생일 축하합니다, 생일 축하합니다, 사랑하는 [name]씨, 생일 축하합니다” (Saengil chukha hamnida, saengil chukha hamnida, saranghaneun [name]-ssi, saengil chukha hamnida), which translates to “Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday, dear [name], Happy Birthday.” 

Q4: Are there any traditional birthday customs in Korea? 

A: In Korea, there are a few traditional customs associated with birthdays. One common custom is the doljanchi, a first birthday celebration for babies, where they choose symbolic objects representing their future. Another tradition is Sebae, a bowing ceremony where the birthday person pays respects to their elders and receives blessings. 

The Bottom Line: 

In conclusion, celebrating birthdays in Korean is a meaningful and joyous experience. By learning the language expressions, greetings, songs, and traditions associated with birthdays, you can connect with Korean culture on a deeper level and convey your warm wishes in an authentic way.  

Whether you’re wishing a friend, family member, or colleague a happy birthday, the knowledge and insights gained from this guide will help you create memorable moments and strengthen your relationships. Embrace the beauty of the Korean language and culture as you embark on your journey of wishing happy birthday in Korean! 

We hope this blog post provides valuable information and guidance on how to wish happy birthday in Korean. Celebrating birthdays in different languages is a fantastic way to embrace diversity and show appreciation for different cultures. Happy birthday in advance!