How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish (For All Levels)

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Nowadays, many people want to learn Spanish. You might be confused about whether to choose a traditional physical classroom teaching or opt for phone apps teaching foreign languages on the go. However, Spanish is more than just learning new vocabulary or repetitive grammar exercises. The best way to learn Spanish is by gaining fluency through online training sessions conducted by a network of native Spanish teachers who are excited to share their expertise through exciting sessions exploring Spanish culture. You may have questions like how long it takes to learn Spanish? What are the different levels of the Spanish language? Which quick course can I take up? This is where Curiotory comes in! 

Curiotory’s team of specialized native & Indian teachers uses the best tools that make learning Spanish online in India fun & interactive for its learners. They provide individualized guidance and help youngsters break the global language barriers. They offer course content relevant to the foreign languages’ cultural context and customize course content to suit the individual’s personal & professional goals.

Read on to find out the best ways to learn Spanish from the comfort of your home. 

Who Can Learn/ Prerequisites To Learn Spanish? 

Age is no barrier when it comes to learning a foreign language. Learning online saves you from running around from pillar to post to complete your other commitments while balancing your Spanish classes. An individual with the right motivation and time management techniques can achieve an intermediate level of Spanish in months. All you need is a good internet connection & webcam in your laptop, computer, tabs, or other gadgets to get started.

Purpose/ Benefits of Learning Spanish

Spanish is one of the most widely spoken European languages, with almost half a billion people using it. 

  • Learning Spanish could be useful in various spheres of life, whether you are an exchange student, a global corporate professional, a travel buff, or studying abroad. An online course in Spanish will enable you to articulate & communicate with natives. 
  • You may learn formal language skills, including writing emails eloquently, which is required in corporate set-ups.
  • You can also learn Spanish to easily comprehend & retain casual conversational nuances to be used in different situations. 
  • Learning from native teachers who are up-to-date with the latest happenings in the Spanish-speaking world – whether the latest Spanish series or movies, popular Spanish songs, sports, or politics gives you an edge over the others. 

Experienced online tutors will enhance your listening, writing, reading as well as speaking skills in Spanish. One of the best ways to learn Spanish is by taking online classes, as it will help you save time and plan around your schedule.

Levels of Spanish Language Explained

Whether you are a beginner just wanting to learn the basics of the language or want to do a thorough study of the grammar and vocabulary or gain an in-depth knowledge of the overall Spanish arena, there are courses suitable for anyone who wants to learn the language from scratch. So, let’s shed some light on the various levels in the Spanish language & related tests.

Let us give you an insight into the most popular Spanish language test – DELE. Several authorities recognize DELE certificates internationally, including public and private academic institutions and employers. SIELE (International Service of Evaluation of the Spanish Language) is the first digital certificate that is the Spanish equivalent to TOEFL or IELTS for English. In addition, the ILCE Spanish CEFR exam systems confirm your knowledge of Spanish at each level. 

The various levels of the Spanish language have been bifurcated into the below mentioned six categories as per  CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference):


Spanish Course A1 Beginner Level Basic Levels
Spanish Course A2 Elementary Level
Spanish Course B1 Intermediate Level Intermediate Levels
Spanish Course B2 Upper-Intermediate Level
Spanish Course C1 Expert Level Advanced Levels
Spanish Course C2 Mastery Level

Let us take a look at the explanation of what each level has to offer.


Listening comprehension Reading comprehension Verbal interaction Verbal expressionf Written expression
A1 You will be able to identify simple expressions and words. You will be able to read simple sentences You can involve in simple conversation, frame and respond to simple questions. Can also learn to order food in a restaurant or introduce yourself to a group. You can frame basic sentences to describe things like where you live and the people you know. You can write short, simple texts.
A2 Understanding of basic vocabulary and expressions associated with personal hobbies and interests Read and comprehend short, simple texts. Also, learn about various tenses, which will enable you to talk about the various stages of life. You will be able to communicate in typical situations that can involve basic and family information. You will also be able to talk about topics related to local geography, shopping, etc. Can use various phrases and expressions to describe the people you know in simple terms, as well as your current and previous job Can write messages, notes, and personal letters
B1 You will be able to understand the basic ideas of a standard conversation Understand descriptions and texts related to daily activities of life You will be able to communicate yourself well in common situations encountered in daily life, such as school, workplace. You will also be able to provide spontaneous answers in daily conversations about life You will be able to speak using simple sentences giving explanations and reasons You will be able to write well-structured and simple texts, as well as personal letters and explain different experiences
B2 You will be able to understand longer readings, conversations, readings, films, news, etc. You will be able to read reports and articles and also understand contemporary literature. You will also be able to make conversation in concrete and abstract topics. These include technical discussions in his/her area of specialization. You will also be able to master grammar & start understanding the various figures of speech along with several other Spanish expressions You will be able to interact fluently and play an active role in discussions involving native speakers. You will be able to offer offer detailed descriptions and explain your point of view by giving advantages and disadvantages to support your opinions Can write well-written, detailed essays, texts, or reports offering information or the advantages or disadvantages of various topics
C1 You will have enhanced ability to comprehend extended speech along with TV programs with no effort. You will be able to easily understand complex and long texts of a literary nature or the ones based on real-life happenings You will be able to express yourself fluently, using effective language socially and professionally. You will be able to offer detailed descriptions of complicated topics and make suitable conclusions You will be able to write about several topics in a essay, letter, or report, highlighting the important issues.
C2 You will have no difficulty in understanding any conversation. You will be able to understand all documents without any hiccups. You will be able to participate in discussions or conversations with ease and you will become familiar with idions and colloquial language. You will be able to provide arguments and descriptions in a structured, clear, structured way appropriately as good as a native speaker You will become proficient in the Spanish language and be able to write letters, texts, articles, in a logically structured and integrated manner.

Time Required For Learning Each Level Of Spanish

Whenever we think of learning a foreign language, the thought that crosses our mind is – How much time does it take to learn Spanish? Well, that actually depends on what you expect to achieve, your goals, and your intent. You could take weeks, months, or years to undergo different levels of training depending on your requirements and the time and effort that can be dedicated. Can you learn Spanish in 30 days? – There are different courses designed to cater to beginners who can learn to read, write and speak a basic level of Spanish within a timeframe of 1 month (30days). You can gain basic knowledge of vocabulary to be used in routine conversations, basics of grammar required for speaking, and writing skills. However, to gain mastery of any language in-depth, one must put in diligent efforts and time. 

The Best Way To Learn Spanish From Home

Finding the right instructor is the first step. Online courses provide a great platform, as you can find affordable, quality trainers with a wide array of courses to choose from that suits your purpose/goal. Enrolling in online courses helps you balance your other commitments & pursue your interests in learning a foreign language. One of the most effective ways to gain confidence in the language is to practise conversational Spanish with native speakers online.

Additionally, you may use free materials available on the internet to revise grammar and learn new vocabulary. During your online session with a private Spanish tutor, you can practice speaking and listening skills as they can help you clarify any doubts you have about the language and enhance your conversational skills.

Here’s all you wanted to know about learning Spanish online in India. So come, sign up with Curiotory. Begin your journey of Spanish learning from the comfort of your home with the help of the best online Spanish tutors.