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The journey to learn French for beginners starts with numerous questions, second thoughts, and challenges. For a language enthusiast, however, it is always a good decision to learn new languages that may serve as a medium to communicate better globally. Also, there are other reasons like work, education, or film and literature interest that may work behind learning the language. Nonetheless, learning French enables one to gain access to a culture that is so rich in every sense.


There are several distinct steps in how to learn to speak French. And by maintaining these steps, one can understand this Romance language irrespective of their previous experience, learning capabilities, and duration.


French Basics (Different Levels) – Who can learn?


Before initiating the learning process, it is essential to find the best ways to learn French. There is both online and offline availability to learn French classes. Anyone interested in learning this language out of interest or necessity can start a suitable course. From a school student to a working professional- anyone is eligible to learn French.


Prerequisites like knowing any other language or any degree are not required in this case. All you need is regular practice and interest in this language. You are set to start learning French, regardless of your age, educational qualification, and background.


But then, isn’t there any preparation process to learn an entirely new language for non-native people? Well, the best way to learn French has something for better results.


Prerequisites of learning French:


When you’re planning to start a course, you need to find out the best time and medium that you can maintain throughout the learning journey without fail. You can choose to learn French online course or offline based on your location and which learning institute you select. Also, timing is vital to attend the sessions LIVE for disciplined learning. These preparations would help you continue learning seriously in the long run.


Also, if you have friends who share the same language interest or any native French-speaking friends, discuss your learning with them, and try to do daily conversations with them without hesitation to get a practical experience in your journey to learn to speak French.


 Benefits of learning French


  • An additional skill: An additional skill for young adults is always a plus point to get more opportunities, discover new things, and be an enthusiast of positive learning. French proficiency can be added to the resume as well as this language is recognised at the international level. Also, French has a lot to offer to serve your interest in books or movies.
  • Presents new professional opportunities: If you learn French online with certificate, you will be eligible for various job positions in the travel, hospitality, teaching, and sales industries. You can learn French for business purposes as well. Note that French is the second-most used business language globally. Such a language is always a great medium to effectively communicate with many people.
  • Academic advantages: For higher studies in a relevant subject, French can be a flexible language to keenly discover a topic or study in any French institute. As French is an analytical language, it also helps to develop cognitive thinking. Consequently, this skill would help in discussions and negotiations in different contexts. Find the best way to learn French online with a well-structured course to grab such a benefit.
  • A global language: French, like English, is recognised in all five continents globally, and this is the fifth most spoken language, with about 120 million learners as of 2017. Learning such a popular language has its benefits in different terms. Also, learning French paves an easy way to comprehend other important European languages like Portuguese, Romanian, Spanish, and Italian.
  • Solves language problems during travel: For all travel enthusiasts, French can be a helpful language while communicating in a new place in the world (and obviously in France). Be it a business trip or a casual journey- it’s helpful to learn to speak French.

Levels of French Language Explained


There are different levels of learning based on learning capabilities and experience. According to CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages), there are six levels when candidates enrol themselves in ‘learn French’ classes.


A1: Beginner level learner

This learner can understand the basic terms and communication with short phrases and question-answers.


A2: Beginner level learner

This learner can understand whole sentences and frequently used terms in less time.


B1: Independent learner

This learner can use the language for working purposes as he/she can understand the main points of familiar matters in public places.


B2: Independent learner

This learner can understand the main idea of a complex topic and interact fluently with native speakers.


C1: Proficient level learner

This learner can recognise the implicit meaning of a topic and use French professionally on any social platform.


C2: Proficient level learner

This learner can understand almost everything and communicate with different people, even in complex situations.


Whenever you start a ‘learn French’ online course, you need to proceed through these six levels and check if you can qualify the abilities a learner should have in a particular French language level. Likewise, it will help you learn step-by-step with the scope to revise the basics continuously.


Time Required for Each Level

French learning levels and the duration for completing each level are dependent on the learning speed of the individual learner. If someone manages this course with additional work or an academic routine, the time will vary accordingly. Generally, if you ask, “how long does it take to learn French,” the answer is- around 24-30 weeks. In this period, you can at least reach level A2 properly. 



Required Time


80-100 hours


100-120 hours


150-180 hours


200-250 hours


300-350 hours


Depends on the learner

The above-mentioned table is a tentative time taken by the learner, which may change based on a student’s learning pattern and routine. However, for the most effective learning, it is recommended to take suggestions from expert instructors in this field.

Best Ways to Learn French from Home

As you know the French learning levels now, you can understand how the learning path is set for all types of learners. Now, to learn this language effectively within a certain period, you need to note the best way to learn French online or offline.


  1. Choose a good course: Effective ‘learn French’ classes have a reasonable curriculum, learning path, relevant study materials, and efficient instructors to mentor a learner from the basics. You have to find the best online apps to learn French that promise all of these things.

Learning French for beginners is a wish that needs to be backed by proper planning and research.


  1. Know the educators: Before starting the course, get all the details of the educators, their teaching experience, and achievements. A good impression would help students learn with more energy from a language instructor.


  1. Learn daily: An important habit is to learn the lessons daily at a particular time instead of piling them up and taking stress. Daily language learning is the best way to learn French, as your mind can become accustomed to the routine.


  1. Practice regularly: With daily learning comes regular practice. Not only when you learn French classes but also in your free time, you should practice the basics to bring more perfection to your language proficiency.


  1. Watch movies: An effective way to learn French for beginners is to watch French movies or listen to French audio stories to understand pronunciation, style, and speech techniques.


  1. Set a visual learning condition: One of the best ways to learn French is to set a visual effect like charts or bigger pictures in a room that you can see daily and be compatible with the alphabet, followed by basic words and phrases.

How important is it to learn to speak French?

Firstly, you need to figure out why you want to learn a new language? This language has promising rewards from a professional aspect as you can work in travel, e-commerce, and hospitality sectors with language proficiency. Similarly, as a language, French is rich in literature and culture. It can be beneficial for you for literary purposes as well if you learn French online with certificate.


Frequently Asked Questions


  1. Can I learn French in 30 days?

You can learn the basics of any language in a month if 5-6 hours are dedicated constructively to the learning. You can reach A2 in 30 days with the right course and daily practice from the French language levels. However, even if you cannot reach the level in 30 days, it does not mean you are not learning. A steady effort would show colour at the right time.


  1. Do they provide a certificate in a ‘learn French’ online course?

If you choose an authorised course like to learn French online India, you’ll receive a certificate upon successful completion of the training. This certificate will help you showcase your French proficiency in your resume or any other relevant place.


  1. Can I learn French on my own?

Maybe not the best way to learn French, but you can learn it on your own with ample motivation and strict, regular practice. There are tools available that can support this self-learning. However, it will take more time and effort, and you need to be patient.


  1. Is it easy to learn French for beginners if you know English?

There won’t be any difference in learning based on your English knowledge. French and English are two completely independent languages, and you will need the same effort to learn French. However, if the instructions to learn this language is in English, then basic communication and grammar knowledge is required.


  1. How do I find a good French teacher?

When you choose an effective course to start learning French, you can check who the instructors are and their qualifications as language experts.


  1. How much does it cost to learn French?

To learn French online with certificate, you can visit the learning platforms and check the price. After comparing features and costs, you can choose an affordable one to get started.


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