12 Best Sanskrit Books for Beginners in 2023

Sanskrit is quite a popular language, especially if you are an Indian. It is widely present in religious texts, yogic mantras, and Hindu scripts. The evolution of Sanskrit took place from the Proto-Indo-European languages, and although it facilitates learning other languages, only about 25000 people speak Sanskrit all over India. The advantages of learning Sanskrit […]

How to Crack Sanskrit language certification in India: A Complete Guide

Introduction:  ‘Sanskrit’ – One of the oldest languages in the world. This historic and ancient language dates back to 5000 years before Christ. The language consists of different cultures, traditions, and mythologies. Sanskrit is spoken in other parts of Asia. Although the language is not commonly used daily, some people still promote Sanskrit. Many religious […]

Sanskrit-Speaking Countries In The World: Facts You Did Not Know

What are Sanskrit-speaking countries in the world? Even though Sanskrit is one of the ancient languages of the world, from which other languages emanated from still, no country in the world today entirely consists of Sanskrit speaking population. India is one of the countries where the use of Sanskrit is common, although not in daily […]

Best Way to Learn Sanskrit Alphabet

Being one of the oldest languages, there is no doubt about the importance of Sanskrit. It is one of the most complex languages and also one of the most versatile languages, as it can be used for a wide variety of purposes. Sanskrit is the primary language of Hinduism’s holiest scriptures, the Vedas. These scriptures […]