Best Games to Learn French

Learning French can be an enjoyable experience when it is done through interactive, fun, and engaging games. Games offer a great way to keep learning exciting and can help you learn French quickly and easily. This article mentions some of the best games to learn French, including French vocabulary games, French games for the classroom online, and French […]

Best Way to Learn French Numbers

It is a reality, and there is no getting away from numbers! Consider how important they are to our daily lives. No matter what sector you work in, numbers are pervasive, and despite your best efforts, it’s impossible to escape mathematics. Every single one is just a number, whether it’s your age, your phone number, […]

Top Songs to Learn French

Why Learn French Languages through Songs? Instead of searching for a tutor and finding time in your busy schedule, you can listen to songs to learn French while doing your daily chores. Also, listening to music is way more fun and entertaining than going through boring lectures. Although French is a beautiful language, you can […]

Best Way to Learn French Alphabets

French is a beautiful language borrowed from Latin. It is the third highest-speaking language in Europe and is also spoken in some parts of Africa, South America, North America, and Asia. This blog will give you a detailed view of the French language alphabet and guide you on how to learn the same. So, keep […]

French Speaking Countries: Things You Didn’t Know

French is not just one of the most beautiful languages in the world, but also one of the most rapidly growing ones as well. And, a testament to that is the fact that the lion’s share of French speakers don’t even reside in France! French speakers are spread across a vast geographic area, residing in […]

12 Best French Books for Beginners in 2022

Bonjour and bueiveneve! The language of love, art, culture, fashion, cooking, dance–French is easily the world’s most beloved language. Perhaps it has something to do with how beautiful the language sounds or the rich cultural history associated with it, or perhaps it is because the French were one of the major colonisers, the French language […]

Top Movies to Learn French

When it comes to learning a new language, it’s always a wise call to explore a plethora of options. You might as well choose to walk the traditional way, pick up a book, or visit an institute and start learning.  Or, you can watch how natives talk and learn from them as it goes well […]

French Dialects: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

You Speak French? Parlez vous Français? Which one? How Many French Dialects in the World? The international language comes in many flavors. There are numerous French dialects, varieties, types, creoles, accents spoken around the globe. There is about 3000 million French-speaking population in the world. It includes native speakers as a second or third language, […]

Ultimate Guide to Get French Certification in 2022

You find yourself drawn to the language of love and can’t help but bombard your friends with french words you learned from your favorite French movies. Now it’s time you move on from learning only a few basic French words & do a French certificate course so that you can assess a sufficient degree of […]

How To Crack French Language Certification In India: A Complete Guide

If you’re serious about seeing the world, learning French is a great way to get started. This is because over 76.8 million people around the world speak French as their first language. International standards in literature and science have long relied on the use of French. Understanding this language gives you access to a broader […]