12 Best Arabic Books For Beginners in 2023

Learning Arabic is the way to go if you’re looking for an edge over the competition and a proficient skill that will help your resume shine. Not only does it give you a competitive edge over other candidates, but it also eases your way into other diverse languages.  You may wonder how a bunch of […]

Arabic Speaking Countries in The World: Things You Didn’t Know

What are Arabic Speaking Countries in the world? Currently, there are many Arabic-speaking countries in the world, including the regions of the Middle East, North Africa, Central and Western Asia, and even portions of China. However, the presence of native Arabs on the opposite side of the world, along with their languages, religion, and culture, […]

Best Games to Learn Arabic

If you are having trouble learning a new language, don’t worry. It is the same story for everybody. Learning a new language is infamously harder for adults than for kids, whose incredibly malleable brains develop the connections needed to learn a new language. Arabic Language: Source But why exactly is learning a new language so […]

Top Movies to learn Arabic

Arabic is a popular language in the Middle East, and it can get hard to learn if you don’t live there, where you can witness the culture and language around you. Learning a foreign language is always exciting, and Arabic has a heritage and rich history. But sometimes, the conventional ways of learning can get […]

Top Arabic Words Every Beginner Must Learn

The fourth most widely used language worldwide is Arabic. Ethnologue estimates that 58 countries and 315 million people speak Arabic as their mother tongue. Being able to speak beautiful Arabic words will set you out from the crowd because only a few Westerners are native Arabic speakers. Learning a language involves becoming familiar with the […]

How Long Does It Take to Learn Arabic? (For All Levels)

Learning a new language is always difficult yet a fulfilling experience for learners. By learning and understanding a language that is completely different from your mother tongue, you will only enhance your knowledge. Additionally, it will change your perspectives toward the outside world. Arabic is a beautiful language, and if you know the language, it […]

Best Way to Learn Arabic Alphabets

Learning the Arabic alphabet is a lot simpler than you may believe. Compared to the Latin alphabet that English speakers are used to, writing the Arabic alphabet is somewhat different. All letters are written differently depending on where they appear in a word, are written from right to left, and have a very distinctive appearance. […]

Best Arabic Proverbs for Language Learners

Proverbs are used in every language to convey something that is “common truth” and link with previous wisdom or expertise. It is thus not unexpected that many proverbs exist in many languages. This is because humans have always swapped and traded goods, not just in a commercial sense but language, literature, and culture were all […]

Arabic Dialects: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

What are Arabic Dialects? Arabic is one of the world’s most commonly spoken languages, with 28 countries claiming it as their official language. The Arab globe has a population of roughly 369.8 million people and stretches from Morocco to Dubai. With such a vast territory to cover, it’s no surprise that this language contains many […]