How to Wish Happy Birthday in Japanese

Konnichiwa! Birthdays are special occasions celebrated around the world, and Japan has its own unique way of commemorating these joyful milestones. In this guide, we will explore the art of wishing Happy Birthday in Japanese, from expressing greetings and singing the Happy Birthday song to writing personalized messages and creating birthday greeting cards. Let’s immerse […]

Learn Zodiac Signs in Japanese

The study of zodiac signs has fascinated humans for centuries, providing insights into personality traits, compatibility, and even predicting our destinies. In Japan, zodiac signs hold a special place in their rich culture and traditions. If you’re intrigued by astrology and want to explore the world of zodiac signs from a Japanese perspective, you’ve come […]

Vegetables Name in Japanese for Language Learners

As language learners, we often seek to broaden our vocabulary beyond everyday conversation topics. If you’re a Japanese language enthusiast looking to expand your repertoire, learning vegetable names in Japanese can be a fruitful endeavor. In this blog post, brought to you by Curiotory, your go-to online edu-tech platform, we’ll explore the names of various […]

Best Japanese Newspapers to Learn Japanese in 2023

As the fascinating world of Japanese language beckons, there is a plethora of resources awaiting exploration. Among the language-learning goldmines, Japanese newspapers and magazines stand out as real-world resources, offering a glimpse into the culture, traditions, and current happenings of Japan. This blog post will guide you through the best Japanese newspapers to learn Japanese […]

Best Podcasts to Learn Japanese in 2023

In this globalized era, the importance of multilingualism cannot be understated. It allows for better communication, fosters cultural understanding, and even enhances cognitive abilities. Japanese, in particular, has emerged as a popular choice for language enthusiasts. With its fascinating script, rich culture, and significant global influence, learning Japanese can be an incredibly rewarding experience.   However, […]

Learn Japanese Words and Vocabulary for Animals

Just like learning colors or body parts, understanding the names of animals in Japanese (‘dobutsu’ in Japanese) can be a fun and engaging way to expand your vocabulary. This blog post will provide you with an array of Japanese animal names, from your everyday pets to intriguing creatures of the sea and forest. So, let’s […]

How to Say Body Parts in Japanese for Language Learners

Embarking on the journey of learning a new language is an exciting endeavor. Studying Japanese offers a gateway to a rich culture and history. One of the fundamental building blocks in this journey is understanding the terminology for body parts in Japanese. This knowledge forms a critical part of the foundation, aiding in everyday conversations, […]

Best Way to Learn Japanese Grammar: A Step by Step Guide for Beginners

Learning a new language can be a thrilling adventure, and if you’ve chosen Japanese, you’re in for a treat. Despite the initial challenges, understanding basic Japanese grammar can open the door to a rich language and culture.   Japanese is known for its intricate system of honorifics, its blend of three different writing systems – Kanji, […]