Best Way To Learn French In Mumbai

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There has never been a better time for Learning French in Mumbai. A curious statement, isn’t it? Let us explain! Mumbai is a metropolitan melting pot of cultures, traditions, and languages. The city, for decades, has attracted people from all over the country with its treasure trove of opportunities. 

Today, the city hosts some of the best educational institutes and foreign businesses around. This sets the stage for the city’s highly skilled and enthusiastic youth to expand their educational or career horizons to skylines far away from the city’s coasts. So, whether as a professional or educational necessity or simply because you are intrigued, now seems to be the right time to pick up a new language.

So why not start with French? A language that is famous for its melodic and analytic simplicity. A language that is spoken in over 29 countries around the world. But most importantly, a language you can now start learning just a few clicks away!

Now, we know you are itching to run off and download some application on your phone that you will eventually get bored with and stop using within the week. 

Just remember that learning a language is an intuitive process that requires a certain level of guidance. The guidance that you will only find from a trainer with a well-planned course and curriculum. 

“But learning a new language is an expensive prospect”, we hear you say. What if we told you that French class fees in Mumbai wouldn’t make you break the bank! As a matter of fact, learning a new language in Mumbai is a highly affordable and fun activity.

Why Learn French?

Global Presence

French is the 5th most spoken language, with over 280 million speakers worldwide. French is the second language in many countries. So, if you have plans for globetrotting, French is a valuable tool to have in your pocket.

Career/Professional Necessity

A certified education in French is a basic requirement if you want to pursue educational/professional opportunities in France. Besides France, a knowledge of French can also let you enter a unique niche of job opportunities here at home as well. There is a myriad of French conglomerates that have a foothold in India. You can join these firms as lingual experts.

An Additional Skill

Learning any additional language is a great skill to possess. Not only does it make your resume vibrant, but it also helps you build confidence in your abilities.

It will make you smarter!

There is a term for this – Neuroplasticity. In layman’s terms, learning a new language exercises parts of your brain that help improve your cognitive abilities. This is very significant for children and adults alike. 


No, we are not speaking of any expressions of love. Instead, we are talking about French and its sibling languages. Just like how regional languages in India share similarities with their neighbors, so does French. Check this out!

Le Pays – French

El pais – Spanish

Il Paese – Italian

O pais – Portuguese

All of the above means the exact two words in English – ‘The country.’ These languages are called the ‘Romance languages.’ Now, we do not endorse that learning French would mean you’ll master the other languages as well. However, French is a good place to start, and it will certainly leave you with one foot in the door to exploring the other Romance languages.

It’s just fun!

Learning a new language is not tedious as many people would have you believe. It lets you explore culturally unique perspectives of the world around you. With intuitive learning methods, mastering a language can be among the most satisfying human experiences.

French Language Certification – DELF, DALF, and CEFR standards

There are 6 different levels of the French Language. CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) sets the standards that differentiate each level. Most French learning classes in Mumbai will prepare you for certification in one of these 6 levels. 

These levels are:

A1 and A2 – These are the most basic certifications in French. Topics covered include everyday concepts like personal information and common phrases to geography. A person who has completed A2 should be able to articulate in basic French.

B1 and B2 – This is pre-intermediate to intermediate level French. An example of what you will learn here is daily workplace interactions and technical discussions. This course will help you speak fluent French.

C1 and C2 – This level of training involves helping you articulate complex subject matters in the workplace and academic and social backgrounds. This is the most advanced level of French language training.

Once you complete any of these courses from a French institute in Mumbai, you will be eligible to apply for an examination by the French Education Ministry. Following this examination, you will gain certification in French.

DELF (French Language Studies Diploma) and the DALF (Diploma in Advanced French) exams are the gold standards for French-language certification.

What Curiotory offers and what sets us apart?

Curiotory offers online French classes in Mumbai that approach learning the language in a highly personalized and intuitive manner. Our language experts help prepare a curriculum and training plan for you based on your needs. Imagine that! DELF/DALF certification from training you received within the comfort of your home.

We provide certifications for the course level that you complete with us. Additionally, we cater to your specific needs with great flexibility. You can select from our many options of course timings and days. 

As our classes are held online, you save yourself the exertion of traveling to a French institute in Mumbai. This leaves you with the time and freedom to explore this beautiful language at your leisure.

Our courses cater to all levels of French, from A1 to C2. Our team of C2-trained language experts and native French speakers offers the best French classes in Mumbai.

We also cater to all age groups as we believe there is no age limit to picking up a new language!

Best French Classes in Mumbai

As mentioned earlier, Mumbai is a metropolitan behemoth. Language training institutes can be found all over the city for almost every prominent language under the sun. Several institutes will help you learn the French language in Mumbai.

Here are a few that provide great offline language training services. 

Alliance Francaise de Bombay

Regarding reputation and heritage, it doesn’t get bigger than Alliance Francaise.

Location: Churchgate – Head Office, Santacruz – in HiLife Mall, Vashi – BSEL Tech Park, Cuffe Parade – G.D Somani School

Their curriculum includes French classes for adults and young adults, courses targeting children, and corporate and professional French training.

Certifications provided: DELF/DALF (18 years and above) and DELF Junior (11 to 17 years). Courses available for A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, and C2 level French

Pros: Prestige, Quality of trainers, workshops.

Cons: Since the courses are offline, you must travel to the locations above. 

Second Tongue Language Institute and Classes

Second Tongue provides courses catering to individuals with elementary, intermediate, or proficient language expertise.

Location: Vashi – Shiv Center Building, Ghatkopar East – Satyam Shopping Center.

Curriculum: A1, A2, B1, B2, for kids and adults.

Certification provided: DELF/DALF

Pros: Many Courses designed for Kids, Summer Camps.

Cons: Available only at 2 locations. No presence in Western Mumbai.

Cambridge Institute of Language Studies

They offer language training in many foreign languages. The institute has been operational for over 13 years and follows modern teaching practices.

Location: Andheri Head Office – White House Building, Kandivali – Rajmahal building, Ghatkopar – 403 Rajgor Empire.

Curriculum: Courses catering to all levels of French from A1 to C2

Certifications provided: DELF, TEF

Pros: Modern Facilities, excellent trainers.

Cons: Only one branch in central suburbs, no presence in Navi Mumbai

American Institute of Foreign Languages

This French Institute in Mumbai offers classes in French and several other national and international languages. 

Location: Andheri West – Pearl Plaza

Curriculum: A1, A2, B1, B2, Fast Track Batches and Travelers’ Crash Course.

Certifications provided: None

Pros: Fast Track Batches, detailed training programs even at A1 level.

Cons: Single branch. No presence in the Central suburbs and Navi Mumbai.


Can I learn French within 3 months?

Ooh la la, now that is THE question, right! Learning French is a fun and rewarding experience. However, how quickly you can learn it will vary. Moreover, even after grasping the basics, it takes years of use for you to attain fluency in the language.

Can I learn French language in Mumbai on my own without enrolling in any classes?

Yes, you can. With all the resources available at your fingertips, all knowledge is but a few clicks away. However, learning a language and its inherent nuances requires an expert’s touch. Studying the grammar, vocabulary, and all the other intricate factors that make a language would benefit from some academic structure. This is what we provide. The roads we have laid down for you to travel along will make your journey interesting and comfortable!

Do you provide your institute’s DELF – DALF certificates after I complete my course?

No, we don’t. The French Ministry of Education conducts DELF/DALF examinations 4 times a year. We prepare you for this examination so that you can complete your DELF/DALF accreditation. We do provide you with certificates of merit after you complete our courses.

How long does it take to complete a course in French?

A fine question! The duration of your course may vary. A standard course of A2 French extends for 3-6 months on average. It may extend beyond that in case additional assistance is required to grasp concepts.

Is there any difference between completing an online French class in Mumbai with respect to completing an offline one?

There is no difference whatsoever! An online course allows you to complete the same course as an offline one from the comfort of your home. 

Am I too old/too young to learn a new language?


With significant growth in its global stature, Mumbai is now attracting people and businesses from all over the world. These people and businesses bring with them opportunities for you to grow, drink in new cultures and fly off to locations most of our parents only dreamt of in their youths.

This is the ideal time to pick up a new skill, brush off some of that brain rust, and spread your wings to new vistas. At Curiotory, we seek to help you fulfill this very endeavor!