An In-depth Guide to Beginners to be Fluent in French

Table of Contents

Have you decided to embark on the journey of learning Francais but don’t know where to start? 

Then, welcome aboard the French express.

French has an unmistakable grace about it, particularly how it sounds. However, many beginners find it difficult to learn because of issues they have with grammar and spelling intricacy.

To help you out, we’ve broken down how to learn French into ten simple steps that you can implement even if you’re on a tight schedule. So, continue reading and commence your French adventure. 


Master the nuances of French pronunciation

To non-native speakers, French words do not sound how they seem. So, you must begin with a solid understanding of the rules of French pronunciation. Please acquaint yourself with the sounds to link them with written words, and this is the prerequisite for further listening, reading, and talking work. 

Take French classes

While passive and active listening is simple to incorporate into daily life, conversing with native speakers is far more difficult. Curiotory provides French courses with native tutors to learn the intricacies of French. This will provide you with practice in listening, speaking, and reading.

Begin with the most frequently used vocabulary.

You’d be prudent to start studying the most popular terms first. Below we’ve included some of the most commonly used French terms to get you started. 

  • 200 Most Common French verbs      
  • 50 Common French Phrases   
  •  129 Most Common French Adjectives

Rendezvous with French culture

Who doesn’t love French cafes and culture?

Look for French cultural centers and communities in your area and find ways to participate in their activities. Begin by taking French classes in art, music, or any other hobby that interests you. If you’re learning a new skill or taking up a new interest, why not do it in French?
Make the most of French cuisine and drinks. Consider whether there are restaurants where you may practice your French. You may have some difficulties at first, but persevere, and you will be conversing efficiently in no time.

Read in French

It is difficult to master a language without being acquainted with literature. It’s okay if you can’t handle Proust or Hugo right now; that doesn’t mean you should not read in French.
If you ask various experts for recommendations on learning French, they will all agree that novices should start small, choosing simple, easy-to-understand books. You can start with magazines, short novels or even children’s books. 

Netflix in French

Movies and TV shows are a fantastic way to learn a foreign language. Enjoy watching movies; why not do so in French? This practice will help you better comprehend the language’s communication patterns and culture. Another advantage of watching French films is that they train your brain to think in French.
Start by using subtitles, but then turn them off to enhance your hearing and comprehension sans relying on reading. Moreover, don’t be afraid to take notes and repeat some sentences.

Wrapping up

We know that learning a new language can be difficult, but following the steps we’ve provided will get you off to a terrific start. We also recommend you get a professional instructor as soon as possible since they will assist you in studying more efficiently and speaking French daily.

Speak French whenever possible and practice reading, listening, and writing. Also, do weekly recaps of what you’ve learned, so it remains in your mind. Most importantly, be motivated and don’t stop. As we say, ‘French learning doesn’t happen in a day.’