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You find yourself drawn to the language of love and can’t help but bombard your friends with french words you learned from your favorite French movies. Now it’s time you move on from learning only a few basic French words & do a French certificate course so that you can assess a sufficient degree of competency. French certification also builds your prospective future from increased communication skills and cultural and economic changes. It may sound a little overwhelming to one but don’t worry as we’ve covered everything you need to know about the best French language certificate programs in this blog.

What are French Language Certifications?

On all five continents, more than 200 million people speak the French language. This is the world’s second most extensively acquired language after English and the ninth most widely spoken language. It is also the only language that, alongside English, is spoken in every country on the planet.

Having a Certificate in the French language shows the person’s skill level in the French language like any other language certificate. One can demonstrate their French proficiency level by passing an international language test (TEF or TCF test) or receiving a certification.

These qualifications are a terrific asset to have on your resume because they give job seekers and employees a competitive advantage. The addition of documentary verification of a French-language test certificate to the other qualifications will ensure a smooth interview procedure.

Do you wish to go to school in France or another Francophone country? 

For undergraduate and postgraduate admission, French universities and institutions recognize and accept certain credentials and certifications.

There are a few other benefits of having the certificate in the french fluency test, like enhancing one’s confidence and increasing one’s chances of immigrating to French-speaking nations. It will also assist you when visiting Francophone countries, pursuing a French career, and, of course, confirming your French skill level.

Moving on, let’s understand the different types of Certifications based on french exam levels.

Types Of Certifications Based On Levels

Generally, Certificates are based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages. The Council of Europe devised this framework to harmonize language exams across continents. Indeed, one of the main benefits of CEFR certificates is that they may be used for any language.

To ensure that French-language students have a well-rounded education, the CEFR emphasizes a variety of learning activities such as verbal communication, reading, listening, and writing. Learners are assigned to one of three levels, each of which has two sub-levels, based on their ability.

French CEFR Levels:

Level A1 – This is entry-level for students who want to learn French. Common greetings is one of the topics covered in this course. After completing this level, you will be able to grasp basic words and concepts used in everyday circumstances.

Level A2 – This course introduces students to the fundamentals of the French language. Personal information, employment, and local geography are some examples of topics. After completing Level A2, you can communicate in basic French.

Level B1 (pre-intermediate) – This level is also known as beginner. A typical course topic will be everyday life interactions, such as at work or school. You will be able to speak effectively in a variety of scenarios after completing this course, particularly while traveling. You’ll also be able to express your thoughts and provide appropriate justifications.

Level B2 – This course, often known as intermediate level, deals with complicated literature. Technical talk is an example of a topic. You’ll be able to speak French fluently once you’ve reached this level of proficiency. You’ll also be able to write detailed and concise writings.

Level C1 – This is the level of higher intermediate. This level has a wide range of topics. They are divided into three categories: professional, academic, and social. Graduates are capable of writing detailed writings that follow well-organized patterns.

Level C2 – Commonly known as advanced level. The cohesive reconstruction of arguments is a topic to expect when learning French at this level. Children can summarise complex information, express themselves smoothly, and identify meanings in various situations by the end of Level C2.

Language Certificates and Exams:

  1. DELF and DALF are two different acronyms for the same thing.

DELF and DALF are the most renowned French proficiency exams for non-native speakers, administered by the French Ministry of Education in collaboration with the Centre International d’études pédagogiques (CIEP). Over 300,000 people worldwide enroll each year to take one of the DELF/DALF tests.

There are six phases in DALF and DELF exam 

  • DELF A1 is for people who are new to the language.
  • DELF A2: beginner’s level
  • Intermediate DELF B1
  • Upper-intermediate DELF B2
  • DALF C1: Advanced 
  • Proficiency in DALF C2 (considered Near-native)

Six separate courses make up the DELF (Diplôme d’Études en Langue Française) and DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française).

2. TEF (Test d’Evaluation de Français): A language test in French is a bonus for anyone interested in studying in France. It is possible to enroll during the first year of study. The TEF, unlike the DELF and DALF, is a stand-alone test in which your mark determines how many points you receive for French language proficiency. It is also one of Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s prerequisites for economic immigration to Canada. Employers and universities in France, Canada, Francophone countries, and other countries throughout the world recognize the TEF.

There are five different types of TEF tests in France.

  • TEF for studies (To study in France),
  • TEF for Naturalization, i.e., TEF ANF (To get French citizenship),
  • TEF for the resident Card (to get a resident card in France),
  • TEF Canada (To Immigrate to Canada and receive Canadian citizenship, and
  • TEFAQ (To immigrate to Quebec province in Canada).

3. TCF is another non-native French speaker language placement exam. TCF serves the same purpose as TEF as a French language competence exam for those intending to emigrate to Canada or France. There are five different sorts of TCF tests.

  • TCF
  • TCF for French nationality
  • TCF Canada
  • TCF for Quebec

French Language Levels, Exams:

  1. DELF and DALF exam

Eligibility- Only candidates above the age of 17 are eligible to take the DELF and DALF tests. DALF (Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française) (for all age groups) – DALF is used for C1 and C2 levels. Applicants can use the French language for academics and advanced-level purposes after passing the DALF tests.

Dates for 2022 exams:

Exam Period &Type of TestExam DatesRegistration Dates
June 2022(Tout Public)13/06: A1, 14/06: A2, 15/06: B1,16/06: B2, 17/06: C1, 18/06: C2.12th to 18th May 2022
July 2022(DELF Junior &Tout Public)25/07: A1 TP, 26/07: A2 TP/B2 J,27/07: B1 TP/B1 J, 28/07: B2 TP/A2 J,29/07: C1 TP/A1 J, 30/07: C2 TP.13th to 20th June 2022
September 2022(Tout Public)12/09: A1, 13/09: A2, 14/09: B1,15/09: B2, 16/09: C1, 17/09: C2.12th to 18th August 2022
December 2022(DELF Junior &Tout Public)12/12: A1 TP, 13/12: A2 TP/B2 J,14/12: B1 TP/B1 J, 15/12: B2 TP/A2 J,16/12: C1 TP/A1 J, 17/12: C2 TP2nd to 8th November 2022
December 2022(DELF Prim)12/12: A1.1, 13/12: A2, 14/12: A1.2nd September to 26th October 2022

Fees for Internal students (studying at Alliance Française) & external students for 2022 DELF and DALF exams:

SubjectInternal (in Rs.)External (in Rs.)
DELF A1 and A253108850
DELF B1 and B25900 10,620
DALF C1 and C28260 11,800
A1 and A2 junior5310 8850

The pricing listed above is for one level, not for A1 and A2, B1 and B2, or C1 and C2. Also, this pricing is for the Delhi center; other locations may have a different price.

  1. TEF and TCF exam:

Eligibility-  There is just one age restriction common for both exams, i.e., candidates over the age of 16 are eligible to apply.

Testing Centers for 2022-

  • TCF Canada — Kolkata, Bangalore, and Delhi.
  • TCF TOUT PUBLIC — Kolkata and Bhopal.
  • TCF QUÉBEC – Kolkata.
  • TCF ANF — Kolkata.
  • TEF Canada — Bhopal, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Chandigarh, and Mumbai.
  • TEF QUÉBEC — Chennai, Bhopal, and Mumbai

TCF Québec, for example, has only one recognized testing center in Kolkata. In India, official TEF Canada testing sites are located in Ahmedabad, Bhopal, Chandigarh, Chennai, and Mumbai.

For the most up-to-date information, contact the AF.

The cost of an exam is determined by the test you choose and the country in which you take it. Fees in India range from 15,000 to 25,000 rupees, depending on the number of papers. The majority of these exams are held only a few times a year.


  1. A widely spoken and internationally recognized language
  2. A motivating career language and a job opening (Which includes):
  • The Civil & Diplomatic Services
  • Foreign Embassies
  • Teaching
  • Translator & Interpreter
  • Linguist Guide
  • Jobs in MNC & Export-House
  1. Language enhancement through travel
  2.  Access to a diverse range of culture, literature, music, and films
  3. French as a language of higher education
  4. A gateway to the rest of the world and an Internet language
  5. It serves as a link between various European languages.
  6. A language of international affairs and diplomacy that is both interesting and not difficult to master.
  7.  It’s good for your intellect.
  8.  A language that facilitates the exchange of international information

Immigration to France, Canada, and other Francophone countries is at an all-time high.

  1. Creativity, enlightenment, and rationality are all expressed in this language.
  2. French is a lovely language to learn.

Best Sites For Online French Language Courses With Certificates 

  1. Curiotory: The online language learning platform is a wonderful option if you are looking for the best certified french language course as they’re backed by an experienced staff of passionate and driven professionals with a solid track record in the online education field, and They’re one of India’s fastest-growing online language learning platforms. Also, courses of Curiotory are: 
  • Customized for you
  • Only language experts are allowed.
  • Ability to think clearly
  • Structure and usability are both clear.
  • Feedback and communication are provided on time.

They offer certification in A1 & B1 levels, each 3 months long.

  1. Indian Institute Of Foreign Language (IIFL): IIFL Academy’s French Classes give you a comprehensive understanding of the French language and its structure with the help of experienced teachers. You will be able to pass the global certification exam after completing these French Language Classes in Chennai at the IIFL facility.

Here A1-A2-B1-B2-C1-C2 is offered, i.e. one can achieve the highest proficiency level certificate in French from IIFL.

Thousands of students and professionals have been successfully trained by IIFL in Chennai. Our teaching style has always motivated people to enjoy the classes and gain knowledge!

  • Language next:
    • As you go through the levels of the course, you will learn to speak, read, write, and listen in French.
    • Their French classes will help you converse and express yourself more confidently.
    • With the addition of French language abilities, one can improve their present or future work chances.
    • Small class sizes enable students and teachers to interact at a high level.
    • An optimal learning environment is created by highly qualified and experienced teachers as well as innovative classroom technologies.
    • They provide the best and most customized French corporate training in Noida and Delhi.
    • The contents of French courses are created and customized in accordance with international standards and criteria such as the CEFR, DALF, DELF, and TEF.
    • Language experts have created effective and self-explanatory study material, audio-video lessons, E-books, practice sets, and other materials.
    • Flexible French classes in Noida are tailored to the linguistic needs and teaching methods of the students.
    • After each course, they provide a certificate of completion, making you ready for embassy and international certification.


1) I am 15 years old. So, shall I give a b1 delf or a b1 delf junior?

Ans- Because the minimum age for taking the DELF is 16, you will be taking the DELF


2) Is it necessary to pass A1/A2/B1 before taking B2 or higher?

Ans- No, not at all. You can take B2 without having to give A1, A2, or B1. However, it is

recommended that you take at least A2 and B1 before attempting B2.

3) Is the DELF exam available online or offline, or does it have both options?

Ans- DELF and DALF are both 100% offline exams. You must take it in a testing centre

that is authorized to administer it.