Topik exam in india 2023

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TOPIK, short for Test of Proficiency in Korean, is an internationally recognized examination designed to assess and certify your proficiency in the Korean language. Administered by the National Institute for International Education (NIIED) in South Korea, TOPIK serves as a pivotal gateway for individuals aspiring to study, work, or communicate effectively in the Korean-speaking world.

The exam evaluates your listening, reading, and writing skills, offering various levels catering to learners of all proficiency ranges. Whether you’re taking your first steps in Korean or aiming to master the language, TOPIK provides a structured platform to showcase your linguistic prowess and opens doors to exciting opportunities.

What is the date

The TOPIK exam is held twice in India. Once in April and another in July or October. The timing is from 09:10 to 11:20 am for TOPIK I and 12:20 to 16:20 for TOPIK II.

For 2023, they will be conducted on :-
April 8-9, 2023 (87th)
Oct 15, 2023 (90th).

Examination fees

The TOPIK test fees will depend on your sign-up level and the country where you decide to take it.

For 87th, 89th, and 90th 2023 TOPIK exams, fees are
TOPIK 1 – ā‚¹1200
TOPIK 2 – ā‚¹ 1,500.
both TOPIK I and II – ā‚¹ 2,500.

Exam Centre in India

In India, the registration process for TOPIK is fully conducted online, whereas the actual examination takes place solely in offline mode.

  • Delhi
  • Chennai
  • Manipur

Registration guide

Go to website

STEP 1 : Login
– After registering as a member on the TOPIK website.
– On the login screen, enter your registered ID/password and click Login.

STEP 2 : Register

– click on the test registration menu.
– Check the reception schedule, and you cannot register if it is not during the registration period.

STEP 3 : Select test center

– Search for the test center you want or check the test center list below
– Indicate the number of applicants/capacity for each test site. If all of the applicants have applied, no more applications will be accepted.
– Click on the test level of the test site you want

STEP 4 : Enter Information

– Check test registration information such as test level and test site

– After entering your personal information, click the Next Step button.

STEP 5 : Upload Photo

– Click the Edit/Register Photo button to register the photo file

– When registering a photo, be sure to check if the standard photo is correct.If the photo on the admission ticket and your face on the test day are different, you may be penalized.

STEP 6 : Check/Edit Information

– Recheck the test level, test site, and registered personal informationnext stageClick the button.

– If the registered information is incorrect, previous step button click

STEP 7 : Pay registration fee

– When paying, choose a payment method to pay by credit card or virtual account

Use if you do not have a domestic credit card account – Deposit the test fee to the virtual account given to you
Since each applicant is given a different account number, it is impossible to check if you deposit to another person’s virtual account.

STEP 8 : Check registration details

– Check payment status and receipt result.

– Receipt details can be checked in the My Page menu Receipt Status

Topik level


  1. It increases chances to get scholarships
  2. Give your career a boost
  3. Immigration to South Korea
  4. You will know your exact level
  5. It motivates and acts as a confidence booster
  6. Study or work in Korea
  7. TOPIK is open to everyone
  8. The fee is pretty affordable