TOPIK Exam: Dates, Format, Questions & How to Pass [2022]

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The TOPIK exam test enables aspirants to check how proficient they are in Korean. Be it business or travel- the ability to speak, read, write and understand the Korean language is always helpful. Through this language, you can communicate with millions of native Korean speakers living across the globe. Korean culture and language have a rich history and heritage that you will be amazed to explore. Knowing the language gives you that provision. Bagging a TOPIK title on top of that facilitates what you are already set to achieve- success and recognition. Now, to go through the TOPIK exam and crack it, you need to know its details. Here is all that you would need to know.

What is the ‘TOPIK Exam?’

The acronym TOPIK stands for Test of Proficiency in Korean. The exam is specifically designed for non-native speakers to check how far accomplished they are in comprehending and expressing the Korean language. It comprises tests for reading skills, writing skills and listening abilities. However, it is not a single exam for all levels of efficiency. Examinees can choose to appear in any three levels- Beginner level, Intermediate level and Advanced level. Each level again comprises two grades, totalling six grades in three levels, confirming the individual’s proficiency.

TOPIK Exam in Indian Cities

Among all the Indian cities, the TOPIK exam in India takes place in five prime locations in five states. Usually,  exam centres are set up in all these cities. But if any unforeseen situation arises, some centres are relocated to other centres, or some are removed and substituted by new ones. The exam centres and their locations are mentioned in detail below:

City State Exam Centre Address
New Delhi New Delhi Korean Culture Centre School of Language, Literature and Culture Studies, Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Mehrauli Road
Hyderabad Andhra Pradesh Hyundai R&D Centre Annex Building, First Floor 1, Survey No. 5/2 and 5/3, Opp HITECH City MMTS Railway Station, Izzathnagar, Kondapur
Chennai Tamil Nadu The InKo Centre 18, Adyar Club Gate Road, Chennai
Imphal Manipur Manipur University 2nd Floor, Manipur University, Manipur
Ranchi Jharkhand CFEL Room no 29, Central University of Jharkhand, Brambe

For confirmed details of the exam centres, you should keep checking the official website.

TOPIK Exam in India Format

TOPIK exam in India 2022 will include two test levels- TOPIK I and TOPIK II. Each of these levels is again divided into several sublevels. The distribution of these levels and sublevels are as follows:

TOPIK I Level 1 Beginner Level Total Marks 200
Level 2
TOPIK II Level 3 Intermediate Level Total Marks 300
Level 4
Level 5 Advanced Level
Level 6

The TOPIK exam checks your reading, writing and listening ability in Korean. The TOPIK exam questions at TOPIK-I Level comprise two sections only- reading and listening. TOPIK II level includes questions from all three sections- reading, writing and listening. The number of questions and total marks allocated to each section is as follows:

TOPIK Level and Section Number of questions Total marks Total time
TOPIK I Listening 30 100 40 minutes
TOPIK I Reading 40 100 60 minutes
TOPIK II Listening 50 100 60 minutes
TOPIK II Writing 4 100 50 minutes
TOPIK II Reading 50 100 70 minutes

There are specific criteria regarding the language skills required for appearing in the exam. TOPIK 1 exam language levels differ from that of TOPIK level 6. These are as follows:

TOPIK Level Language Skill
Level 1 ●       Basic Korean commands for survival (greeting, ordering etc.)

●       Simple conversation and ability to express using basic 800 words

Level 2 ●       Discussion of a wide range of topics

●       Identifying formal situations from informal ones

●       A vocabulary of 1500-2000 words

Level 3 ●       Speaking with people in public places and on social programmes

●       Using words and speech correctly

●       Knowledge of fundamental characteristics of the Korean

Level 4 ●       Accurately comprehending news and articles on a wide variety of issues and topics with fluency

●       Comprehending social and cultural contents of the Korean language with knowledge about idioms

●       Understanding Korean culture

Level 5 ●       Fluent use of Korean language in professional field and research works

●       Discussion on uncommon topics of economics, politics, and other such subjects

●       Using formal and informal expressions appropriately, both in written and spoken format

Level 6 ●       Absolute fluency in the Korean language in professional research

●       Expressing own opinions understandably


TOPIK Exam 2021 Format

The exam has been following the same format for years. As you go through TOPIK exam online details, you will find that the exam includes two sessions with a break of 30 minutes between them. The question pattern format is as follows:

TOPIK Level Number of questions Type of questions
TOPIK II 104 Reading: MCQ

Listening: MCQ

Writing: Short answer/essay questions

Two of the four questions will be short answer types in the writing section. There will not be any options to choose from, but you have to write the correct answer to the question given. Next, there will be two essay questions on two different topics. One essay will be on an everyday life topic. You will have to write it in 200-300 characters. The other essay will ask for your opinion on a particular issue or subject. You will have to complete this within 600-700 characters.

TOPIK Exam Dates 2022 India

Earlier, the TOPIK exam was held only twice in India. But from 2022, it will take place three times throughout the year. According to the official website, the exams of 2022 are those of the 80th, 81st, 82nd, 83rd, 84th and 85th Rounds. All the TOPIK exam dates have different dates of registration. The 80th, 81st and 82nd Round exam dates are already over. The 83rd Round will start in July 2022 and continue until November 2022. The detailed dates of the exam and their respective dates of registration are:

Round Date of Registration Date of Exam
80th 7th December 2021-13th December 2021 23rd January
81st 8th February 2022- 14th February 2022 10th April
82nd 8th March 2022-14th March 2022 15th May
83rd 24th May 2022-30th May 2022 10th July
84th 2nd August 2022-8th August 2022 16th October
85th 6th September 2022- 13th September 2022 13th November

You can obtain the complete TOPIK exam schedule along with the date of the result announcement on the official website. You can access the same here.

TOPIK Exam Fees in India

The fees for the TOPIK exam vary according to the choice of TOPIK level. Also, if you are appearing from within the borders of Korea or from other Asian or American countries, the fees will be different. You will have to pay the fees during the TOPIK exam registration 2022 India. The fee structure is as follows:

  • Fees for TOPIK I: 1000 INR
  • Fees for TOPIK II: 1300 INR

TOPIK Exam in India: How to Crack

There are no special criteria or eligibility requirements for taking the TOPIK exam. But, you have to know a few strategies that will further smoothen your way to cracking the exam. Here we have some tips for you:

Choose an online language learning programme.

Getting help from professionals is the best way if you are considering taking the TOPIK exam. A course from Curiotory can be helpful to a great extent. Expert and experienced tutors with in-depth knowledge to share- there’s nothing more to ask. Signing up with Curiotory can be the best choice on your journey to cracking TOPIK.

Solve sample papers

TOPIK exam sample paper for both levels can benefit any TOPIK aspirant. You can develop a firm grip on the question pattern by solving papers from previous years. You can also develop an idea about how to solve everything within the given time. This way, your preparation will be more effective.

TOPIK Exam Level I Sample paper
 This image is a page of the TOPIK level I
TOPIK Exam Level II Sample Paper
 The image is a page of TOPIK II

You should check whether the question patterns present in the TOPIK exam sample papers match the current exam format.

TOPIK Certificate Validity

The certificate you earn after your TOPIK exam is valid for two full years from the result. So, the better your TOPIK I and TOPIK II exam preparation are, the higher your chances of grabbing the certificate and utilising it to its full extent. But, we recommend that you keep practising what you learn as the vocabulary is huge, and lack of practice will cause you to forget everything within a small span.

So, even if your purpose of learning Korean is served within two years, do not cease practising it now and then. After all, it would be best if you fruitfully utilised your efforts to crack the TOPIK exam.

Start your TOPIK exam preparation to make the best use of time. Choose the date you want to appear in the exam and make a schedule to follow strictly. Surely, you will come out with flying colours.