Top Songs to Learn Mandarin

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Learning a new language can be both rewarding and challenging. Mandarin Chinese is no exception! It takes time, commitment and dedication to learn the tones and characters of this challenging but rewarding language. But if you already have some familiarity with Mandarin, learning a few songs in the language can be incredibly practical to pick up more vocabulary and start speaking with greater confidence.

In this article, we’ll look at top songs to learn mandarin that will make your learning experience more enjoyable and productive. From classic anthems to pop ballads, there’s something for everyone here! So, let’s look at these fantastic musical masterpieces and get you singing your way to fluency!

Why Learn Mandarin Languages through Songs?

Learning Mandarin can be helpful for many business and educational purposes. A new language improves your analytical skills and gives you a more significant edge over other non-speakers. Also, there are many Chinese songs for beginners that you can enjoy and use to grasp the language. 

How Do Listening Songs Help to Learn Mandarin?

When you listen to songs about a language you are learning, you get an idea about the language basics. The constant repetition of particular words and phrases in the Mandarin songs lets you memorise the correct pronunciations, which assists you in learning the new language. You won’t be able to gain full proficiency in the language just by listening to songs, but it will help you to have a knack for the language.

The Best Songs to learn Mandarin according to your level

There are many Chinese songs to learn Chinese according to your proficiency level. You need to figure out your requirements ideally and listen to the best songs according to your level.

  • The Best Songs to learn Mandarin for beginners
  1. 周杰倫 愛在西元前 Love before BC- Jay Chou

This popular love song, written by Taiwanese star Jay Chou and has become a classic of Chinese pop music. Learning Mandarin could get more effortless, more enjoyable and more fantastic with this Chinese song to learn Chinese. 

Even though its composition is straightforward, it certainly has the power to invoke a cosy atmosphere. This charming blend of factors makes it an excellent choice for learning Mandarin.


  1. 追光者 (Zhuī Guāng Zhě)- TFBOYS

This cheerful, upbeat pop song was released in 2016 by the famous Chinese boy band TFBOYS. It’s an inspiring message of hope and courage as it tells the story of a young person believing in their dreams even when times are tough. 

This song’s light, the upbeat melody will make you smile and stay motivated during your study sessions. Its catchy chorus and simple structure make it ideal for those starting with Mandarin, as this is one of the beginning songs for beginners. 


  1. 飘向北方 (Piāo Xiàng Běi Fāng)- Leehom Whang

This beautiful song was released by Chinese singer Leehom Wang and quickly became a hit. It’s an ode to wanderlust, with its catchy chorus celebrating the joy of adventure. Its lighthearted melody will make you feel as if you’re setting out on a journey of your own! 

It is an ideal song for Chinese songs for beginners as it contains many everyday phrases and expressions. It’s slow, melodic rhythm makes it easy to remember the words, while its inspiring lyrics will motivate you to keep learning more. It’s sure to become a favourite in any Mandarin classroom.


  • The Best Songs to learn Mandarin for intermediate level
  1. 千里之外 (Qiān Lǐ Zhī Wài)- Jay Chou 

Another popular choice from Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou, this song was released in 2003 and continues to be one of his most loved pieces of music. It’s a bittersweet ballad about a couple longing for each other from two sides of the world.

This song is one of the best Chinese songs to learn Chinese to increase your Mandarin vocabulary and enhance your understanding of Chinese culture. Its beautiful lyrics contain many traditional sayings and modern slang words, making it an excellent choice for those who want to become more comfortable using spoken Mandarin.


  1. 阔天空 (Hǎi Kuò Tiān Kōng)- Beyond

This amazing song, written by the legendary Hong Kong band “Beyond” and released in 1993, has become an anthem of hope and inspiration. It’s a powerful declaration of freedom that still resonates with people today. Its uplifting, comforting melody will give you a positive mindset for learning Mandarin

The song’s structure and lyrics make it an ideal choice for practising speaking and learning Chinese through music. Its inspiring message of hope and courage will give you the confidence to continue your studies. 


  1. 我的歌声里 (Wǒ De Gē Shēng Lǐ)- Meng Tingwei 

This song was released by Taiwanese singer Meng Tingwei in 2006 and has since become a beloved classic of Chinese pop music. It’s an uplifting, encouraging piece that tells the story of a person following their dreams through thick and thin. Its bright, cheery melody captures the sense of optimism and determination that makes it perfect for Mandarin study sessions. 

Meng Tingwei’s smooth vocals make it easy to remember each word as you learn Chinese songs with pinyin, while the upbeat rhythm will keep you motivated throughout your practice. This song will give you the courage and confidence to keep pushing forward with your Mandarin studies.


  • The Best Songs to learn Mandarin for Advanced level
  1. 红尘客栈 (Hóng Chén Kè Zhàn)- Jay Chou 

This emotional song was released by Wang Leehom in 2004 and has since become a timeless classic of Mandarin pop music. It’s about the sorrows of life, and how even when fortune is against us, we must never give up on our dreams. Its nostalgic yet hopeful melody captures these sentiments perfectly and will put you in a reflective and calming mood. 

The song’s constant repetition of phrases makes it perfect for learning new words and phrases in Mandarin, allowing you to take in the language and its subtleties. It is an excellent choice if you are looking for something that will stay with you long after your studies in Mandarin have ended.


  1. 青花瓷 (Qīng Huā Cí)- Jay Chou 

Another masterpiece from Jay Chou, this 2008 hit is one of his most famous songs. Its sweet, melancholy melody has a soothing effect that will make you want to love the language even more. The song tells an emotional story about missing a past love, and its tender lyrics will melt your heart. 

It is an excellent Chinese song to learn Chinese as it contains a wide range of vocabulary, from traditional sayings to modern slang words. Its simple yet captivating melody makes it easy to remember the lyrics and the story behind them.


  1. 光辉岁月 (Guāng Huī Suì Yuè)- Beyond 

The last song on our list is another classic from Beyond, released in 1989. It’s an emotional ballad about the passing of time and how our memories can remain with us even when apart. Its beautiful melody will linger in your mind for days after you listen to it. 

It is an excellent song to learn Chinese with songs for those who want to increase their vocabulary and understanding of Chinese culture. Its structure and easy lyrics are a great way to reinforce the language you’ve already learned. It’s sure to become one of your favourite Mandarin songs in no time! 


Tips on Learning Mandarin through Songs

  • Improve Pronunciation

Try to improve the pronunciation of phrases and lyrics sung in the song. It helps you gain fluency in spoken Mandarin and gives you the confidence to converse comfortably.

  • Memorise phrases 

Learning Mandarin needs precision. When referencing a Chinese song, you should know the correct way of writing words used in the music. Constant repetition is helpful in the context of achieving proficiency in the language. Memorising phrases and practising them is crucial at the learning stage.

Advantages of Learning Mandarin through Songs

  1. Vocabulary

Your vocabulary is enhanced to the next level when you take references from Chinese music during the learning process. It means you can memorise an enriched set of phrases to have a knack for the language.

  1. Memory building

Learning a new language has its own set of benefits. Your IQ skills are enhanced with the constant practice and learning process. Chinese music has a repetition of lyrics which is beneficial for you to learn and grasp the songs, and at the same time, they assist you in your Mandarin learning journey.


Are you ready to get started studying Mandarin? With these Top Songs to Learn Mandarin, you can find the perfect companion for your language studies. Each of these tracks has its captivating essence, capturing the Chinese tongue’s beauty, vitality, and spirit. So put on your headphones and join in with some exciting vocals! Even if you’re feeling overwhelmed by the complex linguistics of this ancient language, you’ll still be able to experience its charm through these uplifting melodies. Let the lyrics guide you through rusty verbs, quirky pronunciations, and captivating tones. Get ready to dive into Mandarin with songs to learn mandarin for beginners!


  1. How many Chinese speakers are there?

Around 16% of the world’s population use Chinese as their Native or second language, around 1.31 billion people worldwide.

  1. How many countries speak Mandarin?

Chinese is spoken in Taiwan, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Singapore, apart from China. 

  1. How many types of Chinese are spoken?

The Chinese language is classified into various types: Mandarin, Wu, Min, Hakka, Yue, Xiang, Gan and many other unclassified variations. 

  1. How is Chinese beneficial?

Today, China is one of the biggest business hubs worldwide. Every third person in the world is Chinese. So, gaining proficiency in the Chinese language opens up a world of opportunities for you.

  1. How much time does it take to learn Mandarin?

It takes approximately 4-5 years to have perfect fluency in both written and spoken Chinese with dedicated practice.