Top Songs to Learn German

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Why Learn German Languages through Songs? 

Music is a great way to learn a particular language. It gives you so much satisfaction when you sing a song in a new language like German. Signing a song not just gives you happiness but also allows you to learn some sentences in your target language. When you sing in a foreign language, you become familiar with that language’s sounds, which is helpful for your understanding of that language. Following are a few German songs selected to help your understanding of the language. These songs in German for beginners will improve the flow of the language without even trying for it.

How Listening Songs Helps to Learn German?

Experts emphasize the importance of music in learning a language. So, you can take the help of songs to learn German. Language by hearing includes three stages-capacity, which implies hearing and pronunciation, a conversation which means speaking and understanding, and command, which is related to reading and writing. When you listen to music in German, this enhances your practice and adds to your capacity for hearing and pronunciation. At the same time listening to music in German also improves your command of spoken German. 

When you listen to the song for the first time, there is no need to focus on the lyrics. But when you listen to it the second or third time, you should start trying to sing along with the song. Another thing you can do is record yourself when you sing and try to match the syllables. Then, try imitating the sounds correctly.  

The Best Songs to learn German according to your level

The Best Songs to learn German for beginners

  • Helene Fischer – Atemlos durch die Nacht

This Russian-born German singer Helene Fischer’s songs are funky yet have a catchy tune that will be etched on your head. Atemlos durch die Nacht is a very popular song in Germany; most German people know and remember the lyrics of this song. This German song is played everywhere in the country. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Tannenbaum

This is one of the best songs to learn German, usually played during the festival, but it helps greatly in learning and understanding German. This is a German Christmas song with subtitles in English, making it easy for you to sing and learn. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • David Hasselhoff – Du

David Hasselhoff is an American singer whose songs became huge hits in German-speaking European countries. Du is his studio album released in the year 1994. Though he is not a native speaker, he sings in German in a clear and distinct voice. So, this is another good reason to choose this song to learn German. It is ideal for those who have just started learning the language. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Marlene Dietrich – Lili Marleen

This is an all-time popular love song from World War II. A popular actress and singer from the 1930s and 1940s, Marlene Dietrich’s cover of this song became very popular this time. It was originally a poem composed during the era of the first World War. This song is available on YouTube.  

  • Nena – 99 Luftballons

This anti-war song talks about the futility of war and its impact on humankind. As soon as the English version of this song was released, it became a worldwide hit. The original German version of the song speaks about when mistakenly pilots were sent to shoot some children’s balloons floating on the country border. This results in 99 long war that has no winner. It was recorded before the fall of the Berlin Wall in 1989. This song reflects the emotions of the entire generation of a divided Germany after the cold war. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • ‘Tage wie diese’ (by ‘Die Toten Hosen’)

This is a very popular rock song in the German language. The English translation of the title is ‘days like these’ when the songwriter expresses his willingness to bring unity and happiness to the world. This song is available on YouTube. 

The Best Songs to learn German for intermediate level

  • Rammstein – Ich Will

Originally released in 2001, this song is one of the greatest hits of Ramstein, a German rock band. This bad has been popular ever since they were formed. Ich Will is one of the best German songs for beginners, as this song is completely written in German. The lyrics are simple and short, and to the point. This is also a family-friendly tune which is another advantage. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Disco Pogo – Die Atzen

This is, again, a party song that helps you in a great way in learning German. This Die Atzen song from his 2010 album is fun and helps you learn German in a playful environment. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Deichkind – So’ne Musik

This song is for every German language learner, from intermediate to advanced. Though this song is not meant for all age groups, it takes you through many interesting words of the German language. Deichkind is a German band formed in 1997 and is known for its humorous lyrics, and this song is one among them. In addition, this song will help you learn some German slang also. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Klee – 2 Fragen

Klee is a famous German pop band, and its popular song 2 Fragen, which means 2 questions signifying the principles of life and relationships. It is a meaningful song and easy to sing along with the audio. The song has repetitive lyrics, and it helps you learn the words more. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Nicole – Ein bißchen Frieden

This song was sung by a 17-year-old German school girl Nicole Hohloch, who led Germany to win its first Eurovision contest, an international music contest, in 1982. Its English translation is also done as a little peace, and it became a hit song that topped all the charts wherever it was released. If you are an ABBA fan, this song is ideal for you. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Caterina Valente – Ganz Paris träumt von der Liebe

A multi-lingual singer Caterina Valente had, sung this song released in 1953. It was one of the highest popular songs in Germany in 1955. The English translation of this song is I love Paris, a gratification of the ‘city of love Paris. This song is available on YouTube. 

The Best Songs to learn German for Advanced level

  • Sie ist weg, Die Fantastischen Vier, 1995

Die Fantastischen Vier is a German hip-hop group started in 1989. Its song Sie ist weg defines relationships and pain, and this familiarizes you with some day-to-day words in German. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Sklave, Kraftclub, 2017

The term Sklave means slave in English. This song was released in 2009 and became very popular in Germany. Sung by the rap rock musical band Kraftclub this song is a satire. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Stitches (Parodie), Die Lochis, 2016

This parody song was released in 2016 and sung by a German YouTube star Die Lochis. Shawn Mendes, a Canadian pop singer, sings the original song. Die Lochis are twin brothers Heiko and Roman Lochmann. They run a YouTube channel that has become very popular as it depicts their transition of lives, capturing their growing-up years. They have their songs as well. This song is available on YouTube. 

  • Entschuldigung, Die Prinzen, 2003

Entschuldigung is a song released in 2003 by the famous German band Die Prinzen. One of the best songs to learn german for beginners, it speaks about relationship problems and lets you understand and funnily learn German. This song is available on YouTube. 

Tips on Learning German through Songs

It is also easy nowadays to learn German through songs. You can look online for German songs for beginners with lyrics and find many such tunes that immediately capture your heart. These German songs to learn German are suggestive only. But they will help you greatly in picking up the language. So, pick a song and try singing along with the tune. You can check the lyrics on the internet and translate them into your language so that you can understand what you are singing. It would be best to listen to the song as often as possible repeatedly. You can see that a few days after you practice like this, you can comfortably sing the song without checking the lyrics. 

Advantages of Learning German through Songs

As you have seen, learning German through songs is easy than classroom discussion and practice. Music has great power to remember anything, especially words. Therefore, you can easily learn German through music. These songs are for all levels of learners, beginners, intermediate and advanced. Music gives you a better familiarity with the German language. It gives you exposure to different vocabulary and accents. This is an alternative way of learning the language. What is needed is you must pick up some good German songs to learn German. 


What is the best way to learn German through songs?

Listening to German songs regularly, trying to understand the lyrics, and practicing speaking along with the songs can be a fun and effective way to learn German.

Are there any online resources available to learn German through songs?

Yes, there are several online resources available to learn German through songs, including websites, YouTube videos, and language-learning apps.

Can I find the lyrics and translations of German songs online?

Yes, you can find the lyrics and translation of German songs online, on websites such as or

How can I improve my German pronunciation through songs?

Listening carefully to the pronunciation of the lyrics and singing along with the songs can help you improve your German pronunciation. It’s also helpful to practice speaking along with a German speaker or using pronunciation guides and audio resources.