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China is a country with the highest population of over 141 Crores. And Chinese is the most spoken language in the world, with over 1.31 billion people speaking it. And the next best is Spanish, with approximately 460 million people speaking it. So that itself says that the Chinese are by far the most spoken language. 

The Chinese language is an ancient language that dates back over 6,000 years. The language holds ancient cultures, traditions, and much more. The oldest scripture and literature of the Chinese language dates to 1700 BC. Various scriptures and writings are found on stones, shells, wood, etc.

Why Learn Mandarin Languages through Movies and Films?

Learning Mandarin through movies can be entertaining. When you learn Chinese by watching movies, you can understand the expression of the words. You may not understand the language initially, but when you watch the story, you will slowly understand it, and with time you will start learning the words and dialogues.

How Does Watching Movies Help To Learn Mandarin?

There are many ways you can learn Chinese. There are many courses and coaching that offer Chinese learning programs. However, one of the simplest ways to learn Chinese is through Movies and TV shows. You can learn Chinese from movies, and there are many best Chinese movies to learn Chinese. You can pick the top movies to learn mandarin from different Apps, YouTube, and the internet. Or you can choose the best Chinese TV shows to learn mandarin

You might have noticed this many times when you watch a movie or show, and you will automatically pick up/memorize certain dialogues from the film. Similarly, When you watch Chinese movies to learn mandarin, you will start memorizing the words and dialogues. This way, watching movies helps to learn mandarin.

The best films to learn Mandarin according to your level: 

The best films to learn Mandarin for beginners: 

1) Monster Hunt – (Zhuo Yao Ji)

• Released in 2015, This movie is one of the best-animated movies in China. This movie has different characters, including humans, animals, half-monsters, etc. There is comedy and friendship in the movie. The vocabulary is simple to understand, and probably one of the best Chinese movies to learn mandarin for beginners. Watch this movie on Amazon Prime. 

2) Happy Times – 幸福时光 (xìng fú shí guāng)

• A comedy film with a good story involving a group of friends. This movie will give good laughter and vocabulary as well. This is one of the good movies to learn mandarin for beginners. You can learn words and expressions of love and friendship. You can find the movie on YouTube and Apple TV. 

The best films to learn Mandarin for the intermediate level: 

1) The Wonderful Wedding – 大喜临门 (dà xǐ lín mén)

• A beautiful story about a wedding between a Taiwanese woman and a mainland China man. The clashing cultures and dialects bring more to learn from this movie. This is a good choice Chinese movie to learn mandarin. In addition, you will be learning vocabulary relating to the family. You can find this movie on YouTube and Apple TV. 

2) Win – 夺冠 (duó guàn)

• Released in 2020, this movie is based on real-life events. It is about the China Women’s National Volleyball team and their struggles in the Olympic circuit. 

Because it is based on a real-life event, this is a good movie to learn mandarin. 

You can learn team, media, training, and sportsmanship vocabulary in this movie. You can watch this movie on Prime Video and Viki. 

The best films to learn Mandarin for the Advanced level: 

1) The Road Home – 我的父亲母亲 (wǒ de fù qīn mǔ qīn)

• A sweet love story that shows rural China, the time before modernization. This movie is one of the best for beginners to understand the pre-modernization era of China. The movie has some good visuals and music, so you can easily understand the movie and the language. This is a good choice to learn Chinese through films. You will learn vocabulary from ancient mandarin and different dialects. You can watch this movie on Prime Video. 

2) Let the bullets fly – 让子弹飞 (ràng zǐ dàn fēi)

• An action comedy movie. The movie is about warlords from the 1920s. This is the best mandarin movie for advanced-level learners. Although the actors occasionally speak in a Sichuan accent, you will understand it if you understand Modern Standard Chinese. In addition, you will learn the vocabulary of anger, hate, hostility, love, betrayal, etc. You can watch this movie on Apple TV. 

Best TV shows to learn Chinese:

Let’s now look at some of the best Chinese TV shows to learn Mandarin 

1) Choir of Chinese Poems 

• This is an animated show with good visuals. The story is about Chinese poems. The vocabulary used in this show is simple and easy for any beginner. 

2) Home with kids 

• A story about a family with 3 kids in Beijing. This can be said as the best TV show to learn Chinese. You can learn daily expressions and slang, which are very important in conversations. 

3) Next stop Happiness 

• A beautiful love story between a man who does not trust in relationships and a delivery girl who works different jobs to make a living. You can watch this show on Netflix. This show will teach you the vocabulary relating to love, life, struggle, etc.

4) Day and Night 

• A crime drama show which will keep you interested with the excitement and suspense storyline. You can learn new words and phrases from this show.

Tips on Learning Mandarin through Movies: 

• Choose some of the best Chinese movies to learn mandarin 

• Do not give up easily. It won’t be easy initially but keep watching the movie and listening to the audio. 

• Try and pick up small words and expressions. 

• Keep practicing the small words and sentences. Use them while talking to your family and friends.

Advantages of Learning Mandarin through Movies: 

• As mentioned earlier, learning mandarin through movies can be fun. You can learn different accents and dialects while watching different Chinese movies. Learning Chinese from movies can help you learn modern standard Chinese better. You can learn about Chinese cultures, traditions, and daily. In a way, it is as if you are living among the Chinese people and learning their language.


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So there you go, a short brief about Chinese language history and mandarin. And the best ways to learn the Chinese language. Learning Chinese by watching movies can be very helpful. You must pick the best Chinese movies to learn mandarin and the best Chinese TV shows. With good storylines, your learning will be interesting, and you can learn quickly and easily.


1) Can I Learn Chinese from Movies

• Yes, you can learn Chinese from Movies. There are many top Chinese movies to learn mandarin. Choose Chinese movies with simple stories and language.

2) What are the best Chinese movies to learn Mandarin

• Wedding Banquet, Let the bullets fly, Happy times, Monster hunt, and The Road Home are some of the top movies to learn mandarin

3) What are the best TV shows to learn Chinese

• Fated to love you, China’s Got Talent, My fair princess, Next Stop Happiness, Home with kids, etc. These are some of the best Chinese TV shows to learn mandarin/Chinese.

4) Is mandarin different from Chinese? 

• No, Mandarin is a form of Chinese. It is often referred to as a dialect of the Chinese language. Mandarin Chinese is the most spoken Chinese. More than 65% of Chinese speakers use Mandarin. Mandarin is the official language of the Republic of China. 

5) Is it easy to learn the Chinese language? • With constant practice, you can learn Chinese. You can choose from different Chinese language courses. Or you can choose to learnChinesethroughmovies. Pick the bestChinesemoviestolearnmandarin from the internet and watch those. This way, your learning will become more interesting.