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Why Learn Korean Languages through Movies and Films?

The Korean cinema industry has been quite diversified. But, if that wasn’t enough, there is also the exciting world of K-movies to discover. And the remarkable fact about the movies to learn Korean is that they are not only fantastic language study aids, but they will also fascinate you with their cinematic magnificence.

Studying Korean through textbooks and instructors may diminish your interest in learning and understanding the language. As a result, you can attempt Korean movies for learners, which include a wide choice of attractive movies about their culture. It will help you learn Korean while maintaining your interest in the language. 

Some of the reasons, why you should learn Korean:-

  • Korean is widely spoken.

More than 75 million people speak Korean. It is also ranked 18th among the world’s most widely spoken languages. As a result, the language is beneficial for travel and business.

  • The Korean Alphabet Is Simple: 

Hangul, the Korean alphabet, is relatively simple to learn. The Korean language is said to have the most rational writing system in the world. Hangul was designed specifically to match the language’s pronunciation.

  • Korean Is Simple To Speak!

Korean pronunciation is quite logical, thanks to the usage of phonetic letters. You say everything that is written.

  • There Are No Genders for Nouns

It might not be easy to distinguish between masculine and feminine nouns. However, this is fine in Korean as there are no noun genders.

How Does Watching Movies Help To Learn Korean?

Watching foreign films, whether in Korean, Japanese, Italian, or Spanish, can help you enhance your language skills. You can reinforce what you learn in books or a class by continuously exposing yourself to another foreign language.

You can become familiar with Korean phonetics by watching Korean movies for learning Korean. Watching Korean movies with English subtitles is perfect if you want to focus on learning a foreign language. You can even stop the video and write new words down. In addition, you can observe the frequent occurrence of Korean exclamations in movies and television.

Try and learn Korean with films without subtitles if you already have a basic language comprehension. Many films have simple plots to follow, even if you do not understand every word. Focusing on sentences you comprehend will help you enhance your listening abilities.

Here are a few of the good movies to learn Korean:-

The best films to learn Korean according to your level 

These are some of the best movies to learn Korean according to your level.

  1. The best films to learn Korean for beginners

The Battleship Island (2017)

This recent film, featuring Song-Joong-ki and So Ji-sub, has attracted the attention of many Korean film fans. The film discusses the forced labour that Koreans suffered due to Japanese colonisation. The Korean laborers were brought to an island called “Hashima” and were forced to perform various works without payment.

The film is entirely based on the modern Korean language, allowing you to learn its verbs and vocabulary swiftly. As a result, it is considered one of the top movies to learn Korean for beginners.


The Host (2006)

When it was released, “The Host” smashed box office records in Korea and received the Best Film at the 2007 Asian Film Awards. When 200 bottles of formaldehyde are poured into Seoul’s Han River, Many Fish die, but a huge mutant creature rises from the Han River, slaughtering everyone in its path. 

“The Host” is a film that will prick the heartstrings with humour, violent gore, and tension. Due to the abundance of new descriptive words in this movie, it is a wonderful resource for Korean language learners.


The Thieves (2012):

‘The Thieves’ is a Korean film about a well-known robbery similar to Ocean’s 11 in Hollywood. There are about ten robbers in Korean and Hong Kong crews trying to steal the “Tear of the Sun,” a $20 million diamond. 

The actors’ language is quite informal, even with slang at times. This one features a lot of dry conversational declarative statements. It also features question sentence forms which could be studied for more Information.


2. The best films to learn Korean for intermediate level

My Little Bride (2005)

This lovely film directed by Kim Ho-Joon is a must-add to your list of Korean Rom-Com movies. Viewers will be treated to a sweetly orchestrated love story. This is a story about two persons forced into marriage with a substantial age difference.

If you are an intermediate learner of Korean, this movie will be highly useful and beneficial to you.


The Call (2020)

The movie is directed by Lee Chung-Hyeon and features Park Shin-Hye, who plays Kim Seo-yeon, a 28-year-old woman, and Jeon Jong-seo plays Oh Yeong-suk. Both women are the same age and live in the same house. However, time varies. Seo-Yeon lives in 2019, whereas Yeong-suk was born in 1999. A phone connects them both. 

There are several phonic conversations in this film. Many real and phonetic conversations in Korean will help you learn Korean through movies.


Miss Granny (2014)

Miss Granny is a comedy, drama, sincere, and lovely Korean film you cannot afford to miss.

The story centers around an older woman who reclaims her young beauty after visiting a picture studio. It provides several cultural areas of knowledge from the perspective of South Korean society. It also has a surprise Kdrama cameo.

From the learners’ point of view, it is a musical film. As a result, there will be many vintage tunes. These songs are often useful for learning new words and even complex sentences.


3. The best films to learn Korean for Advanced level

Burning (2018)

The Korean film ‘Burning’ won an international award at the 2018 Cannes Film Festival. This psychological thriller, based on a short novel by Haruki Murakami, pushes the audience to put together scenes and understand how they are all interconnected. 

The burning movie requires some deep thought, and you will undoubtedly want to see it more than once, and it’s a great movie for learning Korean at an advanced stage.


The Admiral: Roaring Currents (2014)

“The Admiral” is a historical drama inspired by the Battle of Myeongyang in October 1597. The fleets of Japan and Korea are at war with each other. It is the story of Admiral Yi Sun Sin of Korea and his 12 ships, who lured the Japanese navy (with their 330 ships)

This film gives you a taste of the more formal and lyrical Korean words, phrases, and expressions. The spoken language is often suited for usage in formal situations and among educated people. So, if you want to be fluent in formal language, put this film at the top of your viewing list.


Tips on Learning Korean through Movies

  • Begin with short clips.

A complete movie may overwhelm you and lead you to lose attention when you start. Short clips, on the other hand, will keep you focused.

  • As always, keep an eye on everything.

Watch the film for its own sake—no language lessons here. Instead, follow the subtitles and appreciate the film for what it is.

  • Take note of the English subtitles.

Start paying attention to the English subtitles and their equivalent Korean sentences. Take notice of how some common Korean terms are translated into English and write them down if necessary.

  • Enable Korean subtitles.

When satisfied that you have mastered that scene/chapter, you can go on to the third step by watching movies with Korean subtitles.

Advantages of Learning Korean through Movies

There are several language advantages, one of which is the ability to watch movies in their native language: –

  • A film stimulates brain activities to enhance memory capacity and cognitive abilities. It is a fantastic brain-boosting activity.
  • Again, learning Korean by watching movies provides the finest insight into the language’s customs and cultures, where the language is helpful. It describes how people talk, their customs, traditions, holidays, work ethics, etc.
  • When you watch Korean movies, you allow yourself to listen deeper. Your Korean language listening skills grow through watching movies, dramas, or music; these activities improve your listening skills. 
  • Try reading aloud while watching the movie. Practice the conversations and follow along as the characters give them. You do not need to remember lines; acquire a sense of what is coming from your lips. This will help you improve your Korean pronunciation and accent.
  • While Korean is one of the most challenging languages to learn, Korean movies can substantially enhance your learning experience.


Korean is a member of which language family?

Korean is a member of the Korean language family. It is a linguistic isolation, which means it is the only language left in its family.

How does Korean vary from Chinese and Japanese?

One prevalent myth is that Korean, Chinese, and Japanese people are alike. On the contrary, Korean, Japanese, and Chinese are members of separate language families, with distinct phonemes, vocabulary, writing systems, and grammar rules.

What are the benefits of learning Korean?

  • You will be able to follow along to K-Pop songs.
  • Korean shows will be familiar to you.
  • The language is phonetic and easy to learn.

What exactly is the Korean language exam?

TOPIK is the certified Korean language exam (test of proficiency in Korean)