The Ultimate Guide to China Student Visa in 2023

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China has made every effort to embrace the technologies, thanks to its burgeoning economy and remarkable progress. However, it has also been encouraging investors and students to participate in the development race. Therefore, it is not surprising that the number of students coming to the nation for academic purposes is steadily increasing. Obtaining a student visa to China from India has never been difficult, but it has also never been simple. 

Nobody contests that China is among the most significant industrial nations in the world. This helped the nation become well-known for its significant advancements in many areas, including the realm of education, particularly in higher education. As a result, students can choose from various academic options at all of China’s higher education institutions. Hence getting a Chinese student visa in 2023 is a hot topic nowadays. This article will undoubtedly clear things out for you and aid you in understanding the full application process for a student visa China.

What is China Student Visa?

When a student wants to study at a Chinese university, they have to choose the right university, pass its test, and get admitted into the college. Now comes the actual part. Applying for a Chinese Student visa. You can apply for a China Visa application online, or the China Visa application form must be filled out offline and submitted to the embassy if the applicant is handling the application independently. It is advised to get it done by professionals that specialize in providing visa services because it is a delicate process, and any errors might result in a delayed or denied Visa. So it is necessary to take corrective measures and follow procedures from experts to ensure your Visa application to China gets accepted on the first attempt.

Students who go to China for academic purposes, post-graduate study, or fieldwork are granted this Visa. A recognized institution that offers courses or internships to foreigners must be located by international students in order for the organization to deliver a letter of acceptance and a visa application form.

On these types of visas, you cannot work; however, off-campus internships may be permitted. 

Do I need a student Visa to study in China?

Yes, you are going to China! But now you require a student visa for China. Unfortunately, China has a protocol for visas that makes the whole process bureaucratic. You must accomplish several requirements and submit numerous forms and papers to be considered for an application. Let us start by classifying student visas for China. If you plan to study in China for longer than six months, you will require an X1 China student visa. International students who wish to study abroad for stays of less than six months are granted an X2 visa.

Who Needs A China Student Visa?

There are various visa types available for people planning to visit china. There are 16 primary categories of China visas, each of which is identified by a different Chinese phonetic letter (L, M, F, Z, X1, X2, etc.)

Tourist Visa (L) 

It is granted to visitors to China for traveling and sightseeing. It is necessary to provide proof of travel, such as a flight reservation and hotel reservation. Typically, each visit lasts between 30 and 60 days. 

Enterprise Visa (M)

You can get a business M visa if you want to travel to China for business or trade. You can also have a 10-year M visa. Each visit usually lasts 30 to 60 days, depending on the specific Chinese Consulate.

Visa for Non-Commerce (F)

Before the M visa was created, the F visa served as a business visa. The F visa was altered to allow for non-profit visits. An F visa is provided for people planning to go to China for research, lectures, scientific exchanges, cultural exchanges, or study tours. 30 to 90 days are the validity of an F visa.

Student Visa (X1/X2)

Students who have been accepted by a Chinese college are granted a study visa (X1/X2). Foreign students who stay in China to study for more than six months are given an X1. Those who travel to China for less than six months but for the same reason are given an X2. The X2 Visa is only valid for a single entrance. An X1 visa with a maximum 5-year validity period can be given for repeated entries.

Types of China Student Visa

Students who have been enrolled in a Chinese college are given a student Visa China (X Visa). But first, they have to apply for a Chinese Visa online. There are two types of student Visas: X1 and X2. 

The X1 Visa is a long-term visa granted to students who want to stay in China for longer than six months. You can apply for this Visa if you wish to study undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies. This Visa allows repeated entries and is valid for up to five years.

The X2 Visa is a short-term visa granted for course offerings lasting less than six months. This student visa is available to applicants for language learners and short training courses. Unlike the X1 visa, this one is only valid for one entry.

What are the Requirements for a China Student Visa?

These precise conditions for a visa application might vary significantly depending on the applicant’s place of origin. Therefore, be sure to periodically check the website of the Chinese Embassy or consult your visa agency.

In any scenario, you will require the following documents for applying for a student Visa in a Visa application service center:-

  • Admission notice as proof of enrolment in a Chinese university 
  • The Visa application form for foreigners seeking to study in China
  • A foreigner’s physical examination record. International students who plan to study in China for more than six months must have this credential completed.
  • Your passport must have two more blank pages and be valid for six months (1 year is preferable). Additionally, you require a copy of the information page from your passport.
  • Your passport photo that fulfills the embassy’s standards
  • A document of successful visa fee payment

You should also send the following additional specified documents if asked by the embassy:

  • Proof of present state residencies, such as a driver’s license, government ID, or electricity bill
  • A health declaration form 
  • Proof of travel plans for the duration of your trip, such as a copy of an itinerary or e-ticket with your travel, entrance, and departure dates for China

These are some of the Shanghai Visa requirements you need to know.

How Much is the China Student Visa Fee?

A student visa for China is subject to the same application fees as the fees of Visa China, Chinese residency, and visa requirements. The cost of qualifying for a student visa varies per nation. In this context, embassies can give extensive assistance.

Still, assuming the average cost for applying for a student visa in china costs about INR 6,000-14,000.

How to apply for a China student Visa?

  • It is necessary to fill out the application for a student visa for China offline. To prevent any further delays in the process, the application form’s data must be carefully completed without any significant mistakes.
  • After completing the application form, the applicant must gather all of the necessary documents as specified by the Chinese government.
  • After gathering the required papers, the applicant must submit the application form to the China embassy on their own. Moreover, to avoid mistakes, you can seek the advice of professionals.
  • Emails will not be allowed for document submission.
  • Before the embassy verification, the papers must be properly checked. Normally, the application takes at least 4 days to process.
  • Foreign students must get the forms JW201 and JW202 from the institution where they wish to enroll.
  • Students from other countries who are receiving scholarships from the Chinese government are given the JW201 form.

What Are The Features Of The China Student Visa?

Some of the well-known features of Chinese student passports include:

  • Ordinary passport holders from Singapore, Brunei, and Japan can presently visit China without a visa for up to 15 days for vacation, business, or visiting friends and relatives.
  • International transit travelers may get 144-hour visa-free transit in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Chengdu, Xiamen, Hangzhou, Tianjin, and a total of 20 cities (27 ports) on the Chinese mainland.
  • Tourists from 59 countries can enter and remain in Hainan for up to 30 days without a visa.


How long does the China Student Visa application process take?

This heavily depends on the embassy where you are applying. While some might take a week or longer, others provide 24-hour rapid rush service. Applying early is usually a smart idea to prevent any issues.

Do I require the original invitation to apply for a visa?

It is up to each Chinese embassy to determine whether or not original documents are needed to apply for a visa. This is subject to change at any moment and often varies even amongst Chinese consulates located in the same nation.

How much would a student visa for China cost?

The cost of applying for a visa at the embassy varies widely from nation to nation and is subject to regular adjustment.

Do all visitors to China require a visa?

Upon arrival, visitors from Singapore, Mongolia, and Japan can get a 15-day visa. Before taking an aircraft to China, everyone else needs a visa.

Can I submit my visa application in advance?

It depends on the embassy, but generally speaking, you may only apply for a Chinese visa 3 months before your intended travel to China.

Should I apply if the validity of my passport is shorter than six months?

It is strongly advised to have a passport valid for more than six months.