Online Free Resources to Help Kids Learn French

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Learning a language can be a fantastic way for children to redirect their attention, pass the time, and keep themselves occupied.

And the benefits are plenty.

From the sense of accomplishment when they finally grasp the language to comprehend and converse with individuals from another culture and understand French literature and entertainment. 

But most language courses offered for kids are paid ones, a bummer. However, what if we could show you our top free online resources to help kids learn French?

That’s right, they’re free, and the best part is that they’re tried and tested resources to help your kids through their French learning journey.

Whether your child is a beginner or you’re looking for activities to brush up their French, we’ve got you covered.

One Third Stories

Do you want a free digital One Third Stories Story Box that will teach your child a little French? This is a terrific method to encourage kids to read, listen, speak, and write in French. They offer a complete physical Story Box subscription, with a brilliantly drawn bilingual e-book, CD, and activities. Sign up for a free digital Story Box to sample what One-Third Stories has for you! is the most famous French learning YouTube channel. French is taught by a tutor named Vincent. The lessons are brief, to the point.
He’ll sometimes blend multiple videos, resulting in lengthy learning sessions. You can skip those.


Duolingo is among the most popular free online language learning resources. The app offers a variety of languages, including French. Duolingo offers detailed written lessons, dictation, and games to make learning more enjoyable. Although we don’t recommend using it as your primary study tool, the Duolingo app is a fun way to practise your French when time permits. 

BBC Bitesize French

BBC Bitesize is an incredible resource for free at-home learning for various subjects and age levels, and its options for KS1 and KS2 French are fantastic. There are lots of videos, activities, and games for kids to enjoy, and the site is simple enough for children to explore independently. Très Bien, BBC!


The Memrise website employs science to make learning more accessible and more enjoyable. They guarantee to teach you all the French grammar and vocabulary you will need to converse in French.

French Baby Flashcards

French Baby Flashcards introduces your child to their first French words through wonderfully charming flashcards, all available on one little app. It’s a terrific method to get kids started and a valuable companion to One-Third Stories’ French Story Boxes, with numerous categories and French phonetic patterns.

Monde Des Titounis

Monde Des Titounis is a goldmine of French games, tales, music, and so on – all introduced by your new Titounis pals! This colourful group of characters exists in both the digital and physical worlds, with lots of material available on YouTube and Spotify and books, toys, and games for purchase in the physical world. The Titounis are major news in France, and a visit to their website will undoubtedly provide some accurate information that your kid will like.


Check out Conjuguemos for more advanced learners who wish to go beyond simple songs, tales, and nursery rhymes. It’s great for helping your child understand more complex grammar and acquire new vocabulary. Conjuguemos is jam-packed with enjoyable learning games and exercises that appeal to all budding French connoisseurs.

Et voila! These are a treasure trove of resources to assist your child’s French learning journey. With such a wide range of entertaining and valuable resources at your disposal, the world is your oyster.