Learn Zodiac Signs in French: A Comprehensive Guide for Astrology Enthusiasts

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If you’re interested in astrology and learning French, combining these two passions can be a fun and engaging way to improve your language skills. In this comprehensive guide, brought to you by Curiotory, we’ll cover the zodiac signs in French, their corresponding English names, and essential astrology vocabulary. Moreover, we’ll explore French astrology resources, tips for practicing your new vocabulary, and compare popular French and English astrology websites. By the end of this post, you’ll be able to discuss zodiac signs and horoscopes with French-speaking friends or read astrology articles in French with confidence.

Zodiac Signs in French and English 

To begin, let’s learn the zodiac signs in French and their corresponding English names: 

• Bélier (Aries) 

• Taureau (Taurus) 

• Gémeaux (Gemini) 

• Cancer (Cancer) 

• Lion (Leo) 

• Vierge (Virgo) 

• Balance (Libra) 

• Scorpion (Scorpio) 

• Sagittaire (Sagittarius) 

• Capricorne (Capricorn) 

• Verseau (Aquarius) 

• Poissons (Pisces) 

With this list, you can start to familiarize yourself with the French names for each zodiac sign and compare them to their English counterparts. 

Essential Astrology Vocabulary in French 

Now that you know the zodiac signs in French, it’s time to learn some essential astrology vocabulary to help you discuss and understand horoscopes and astrological concepts in French: 

• Horoscope – L’horoscope (m) 

• Astrology – L’astrologie (f) 

• Astronomical sign – Le signe astrologique (m) 

• Birth chart – Le thème natal (m) 

• Planets – Les planètes (f) 

• Sun – Le soleil (m) 

• Moon – La lune (f) 

• Mercury – Mercure (m) 

• Venus – Vénus (f) 

• Mars – Mars (m) 

• Jupiter – Jupiter (m) 

• Saturn – Saturne (m) 

• Uranus – Uranus (m) 

• Neptune – Neptune (m) 

• Pluto – Pluton (m) 

• House – La maison (f) 

• Ascendant – L’ascendant (m) 

• Descendant – Le descendant (m) 

• Conjunction – La conjonction (f) 

• Opposition – L’opposition (f) 

• Trine – Le trigone (m) 

• Sextile – Le sextile (m) 

• Square – Le carré (m) 

• Retrograde – Rétrograde (adj) 

Tips for Practicing Zodiac Signs and Astrology Vocabulary in French 

To effectively practice zodiac signs and astrology vocabulary in French, consider the following tips: 

• Create flashcards with French zodiac signs on one side and their English counterparts on the other, and vice versa for astrology vocabulary. 

• Read horoscopes in French and try to identify the vocabulary and zodiac signs you’ve learned. 

• Discuss astrology with French-speaking friends or language partners, focusing on using the vocabulary and zodiac signs you’ve learned. 

• Follow French astrology blogs, podcasts, or YouTube channels to expose yourself to authentic astrology content in French. 

Reading Horoscopes in French 

Reading horoscopes in French is an excellent way to practice your zodiac sign and astrology vocabulary knowledge while improving your reading comprehension. Many French newspapers and websites publish daily, weekly, or monthly horoscopes, and read the horoscopes for your sign and those of your friends or family. As you read, try to identify the zodiac signs and astrology vocabulary you’ve learned. Over time, you’ll become more comfortable with the language used in French horoscopes and will be able to understand and discuss them with ease. 

French Astrology Resources 

To further enhance your French astrology knowledge and practice, explore various French astrology resources such as: 

• French astrology websites and blogs: These offer horoscopes, birth chart analyses, and articles on astrology topics, helping you expand your vocabulary and understanding of astrology in French. 

• French astrology podcasts and YouTube channels: Listening to astrology content in French will improve your listening comprehension and expose you to new vocabulary and expressions. 

• French astrology books and magazines: Reading print materials on astrology in French will give you a deeper understanding of the subject and help you practice your reading skills. 

Comparing Popular French and English Astrology Websites 

Another way to enrich your French astrology knowledge is to compare popular French and English astrology websites. By doing so, you’ll be able to identify similarities and differences in content, presentation, and interpretation of astrological concepts across cultures. This exercise will also help you become more familiar with the language used in French astrology and improve your reading comprehension. 

Zodiac Sign Descriptions in French 

To further practice your French astrology vocabulary, consider reading or writing descriptions of each zodiac sign in French. You can start by translating the descriptions from English to French, then compare your translations to native French sources. This exercise will help you become more comfortable with the specific vocabulary and expressions used to describe the characteristics and traits of each zodiac sign in French. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) 

Q: Are the dates for the zodiac signs the same in French as they are in English? 

A: Yes, the dates for the zodiac signs are the same in both languages. However, the format of the dates may differ depending on whether the French source uses the European date format (day/month) or the American format (month/day). 

Q: Are there any differences in the interpretation of the zodiac signs between French and English astrology? 

A: While the basic principles of astrology remain the same across languages and cultures, some minor differences in interpretation may exist. These differences are often a result of cultural and historical factors that have shaped the astrological traditions in each country. 

Q: How can I learn more about French astrological traditions and history? 

A: To learn more about French astrological traditions and history, consider reading books, articles, or academic papers on the subject, or attending lectures or workshops focused on French astrology. You can also engage with French-speaking astrology enthusiasts or professionals to gain insight into their perspectives and experiences. 

Q: How can Curiotory’s resources help me learn zodiac signs in French? 

A: Curiotory offers a wide range of language learning resources, including articles, lessons, and quizzes, that can help you learn and practice zodiac signs and astrology vocabulary in French. By engaging with Curiotory’s content, you’ll be able to improve your French language skills in a fun and interactive way. 

Q: Is there a French equivalent to the popular English astrology websites and apps? 

A: Yes, there are several French astrology websites and apps that cater to French-speaking audiences. Some popular options include Astrocenter, Horoscope.fr, and Astrotheme. These platforms offer a wide range of astrological content, including horoscopes, birth chart analyses, and articles on various astrology topics. 


Learning the zodiac signs and essential astrology vocabulary in French can be an enjoyable way to expand your language skills while deepening your understanding of astrology. With the guidance provided in this comprehensive guide by Curiotory, you’ll be well-equipped to explore the exciting world of French astrology. By practicing regularly and immersing yourself in French astrology resources, you’ll soon be able to discuss horoscopes and astrological concepts confidently with French speakers. So, don’t hesitate to dive into the world of French astrology and watch as your language skills and knowledge grow. Remember, practice makes perfect, and Curiotory is here to support you on your language learning journey.