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Ever wondered how to talk about astrology and zodiac signs in Arabic? You’re not alone! Many Arabic learners are eager to expand their vocabulary to cover various aspects of life, including astrology. Whether it’s for striking up a casual conversation or understanding horoscope sections in Arabic newspapers, learning the zodiac signs in Arabic can be quite intriguing. 

 So let’s dive right in. 


Arabic scholars were among the pioneers who made significant contributions to the field during the Golden Age of Islamic civilization (8th to 14th century). 

The story of the zodiac in Arabic culture is intertwined with science, mythology, and philosophy. These signs were not just random constellations but represented different aspects of life and were believed to have influence over individuals’ traits and fate. 

As with the Greek zodiac, the Arabic zodiac is also divided into twelve signs. Each sign is named after the constellation that appeared in its corresponding sector around 2,000 years ago. The word zodiac itself comes from the Greek term for “circle of animals,” and most of the signs are indeed associated with animals. 

Zodiac Signs in Arabic 

Astrology plays a significant role in many cultures, and the Arabic world is no exception. The twelve zodiac signs, also known as star signs, are used in Arabic as they are in English. Below is a list of the zodiac signs in Arabic and English: 

  •  Aries (الحمل) – Al-Hamal 
  • Taurus (الثور) – Al-Thaur 
  • Gemini (الجوزاء) – Al-Jawzaa 
  • Cancer (السرطان) – Al-Sartaan 
  • Leo (الأسد) – Al-Asad 
  • Virgo (العذراء) – Al-Adhraa 
  • Libra (الميزان) – Al-Meezan 
  • Scorpio (العقرب) – Al-Aqrab 
  • Sagittarius (القوس) – Al-Qaus 
  • Capricorn (الجدي) – Al-Jady 
  • Aquarius (الدلو) – Al-Dalw 
  • Pisces (الحوت) – Al-Hoot 

Cultural Significance of Astrology in Arabic Culture 

Astrology has a rich history in the Arab world. Not only were Arabic astronomers instrumental in the development of astrology as a science, but the symbols, constellations, and characteristics of the zodiac signs are deeply woven into Arabic literature, poetry, and proverbs. 

Here are a few examples of the stories behind Arabic zodiac signs: 

  • Aries (الحمل – Al-Hamal): Known as The Ram, Aries is associated with new beginnings and pioneering spirit. In Arab mythology, this sign is linked to the golden ram of the Phrixus and Helle story from Greek mythology. 
  • Leo (الأسد – Al-Asad): The Lion, Leo is associated with bravery, nobility, and rulership, reflecting the traits of the king of the jungle. Arabic poets often use the lion as a symbol of courage and power. 
  • Scorpio (العقرب – Al-Aqrab): This sign is linked with intensity, passion, and transformation. In Arabic literature, the scorpion is often portrayed as a symbol of danger and intrigue. 
  • Capricorn (الجدي – Al-Jady): Capricorn, The Goat, is often associated with wisdom, patience, and ambition in many Arab tales. This sign symbolizes the need for progress and higher learning. 

Popular Arabic Phrases Related to Zodiac Signs 

Now that you’re familiar with the names of zodiac signs in Arabic, let’s spice up your Arabic conversations with some popular phrases related to zodiac signs: 

  •  ما هو برجك؟ (Ma huwa burjuk?) – What is your star sign? 
  • أنا من برج الحمل (Ana min burj al-hamal) – I am an Aries. 
  • الأبراج ليست دقيقة دائمًا (Al-abraj laysat daqiqa da’iman) – Horoscopes are not always accurate. 
  • أعتقد أن الناس من برج الثور عنيدين (A’ataqid anna al-nas min burj al-thawr ‘anideen) – I think people under the sign of Taurus are stubborn. 
  • أنا لا أؤمن بالأبراج لكنها ممتعة للقراءة (Ana la u’min bil-abraj lakinnaha mumtia’ lill-qira’a) – I don’t believe in horoscopes, but they are fun to read. 

Fun Facts about Arabic Zodiac Signs 

Did you know that the names of some stars we use today come from Arabic? It’s one of the ways this beautiful language has influenced astronomy and astrology.  

Also, the famous star sign Scorpio or العقرب (Al-Aqrab) in Arabic is a common metaphor in Arabic literature, often used to represent a formidable person or obstacle.  

Here are some sentences related to these fun facts: 

  • العديد من النجوم لديها أسماء عربية مثل الدبران و إبط الجوزاء. (Al’adiyd min al’najum ladayha asmaa arabia mithl Aldabaran wa Ibt Al-Jauzaa.) – Many stars have Arabic names like Aldebaran and Betelgeuse. 
  • الأسترلاب هو أداة فلكية قام العرب بتطويرها. (Al’asturlaab huwa ‘adaa falakiyya qam al’Arab bitatweeriha.) – The astrolabe is an astronomical tool that the Arabs developed. 
  • العديد من الشعراء العرب استخدموا الرموز الفلكية في أعمالهم. (Al’adiyd min al’shu’ara’ al’arab istakhdamu al’ramuz al’falakiyya fi ‘a’maalihim.) – Many Arab poets used astronomical symbols in their works. 
  • التصميم الفلكي له تأثير على العمارة العربية. (Al’tasmim al’falaki lahu ta’thir ealaa al’amaara al’arabiyya.) – Astronomical design has an impact on Arabic architecture. 
  • الفلكيون العرب قسموا السماء إلى اثني عشر “بيت”، كل واحد يمثل مناطق مختلفة من الحياة. (Al’falakiuun al’arab qasamu alsama’ ila ithnay eashar “bayt”, kul wahid yamathil manatiq mukhtalifa min alhayat.) – Arabic astronomers divided the sky into twelve “houses”, each representing different areas of life. 
  • بعض أيام الأسبوع باللغة العربية مسماة على اسم الأجرام السماوية. (Ba’d ayam al’usbuu billogha al’arabiyya musamma ‘ala ism al’ajram al’samaawiyya.) – Some days of the week in Arabic are named after celestial bodies. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

Do Arabic Zodiac signs differ from Western Zodiac signs? – The zodiac signs are universally recognized across cultures; however, interpretations and characteristics attributed to each sign can vary. 

Q1: ما هي الأبراج الفلكية باللغة العربية؟ (Ma hiya al-abraj al-falakiyya bil-lugha al-arabiyya?) What are the zodiac signs in Arabic? 

A: The zodiac signs in Arabic are: الحمل (Aries), الثور (Taurus), الجوزاء (Gemini), السرطان (Cancer), الأسد (Leo), العذراء (Virgo), الميزان (Libra), العقرب (Scorpio), القوس (Sagittarius), الجدي (Capricorn), الدلو (Aquarius), and الحوت (Pisces). 

Q2: كيف أقول برجي بالعربية؟ (Kayf aquol burji bil-arabiyya?) How do I say my zodiac sign in Arabic? 

A: To say your zodiac sign in Arabic, you’d say “برجي هو…” followed by your sign. For example, if you’re a Leo, you’d say “برجي هو الأسد” (Burji huwa al-Asad), which means “My zodiac sign is Leo.” 

Q3: هل هناك اختلافات بين الأبراج العربية والغربية؟ (Hal hunak ikhtilafat bayn al-abraj al-arabiyya wa-al-gharbiyya?)  Are there differences between Arabic and Western zodiac signs? 

A: The twelve zodiac signs themselves are based on a system developed in the Hellenistic period and used across many cultures, including Arabic and Western.  

Q4: ما هو تأثير الأبراج على الثقافة العربية؟ (Ma huwa ta’thir al-abraj ala al-thaqafa al-arabiyya?) What is the influence of zodiac signs on Arabic culture? 

A: Arabic culture, like many others, has been influenced by astrology in various ways. For instance, it had an impact on literature, with many poets using astrological imagery. Moreover, the naming of celestial bodies also has an Arabic root. 

Q5: كيف يمكنني تعلم معنى الأبراج باللغة العربية؟ (Kayf yumkinuni ta’allum ma’na al-abraj bil-lugha al-arabiyya?) How can I learn the meaning of zodiac signs in Arabic? 

A: You can learn about the meaning of zodiac signs in Arabic through various resources, such as online language learning platforms, astrology websites, or Arabic language courses.  

Reading Arabic content related to astrology and horoscopes could also be a fun way to learn! 

Final Thoughts 

In closing, understanding the zodiac signs in Arabic is not only a great way to expand your vocabulary but also provides a unique window into Arabic culture and history. Whether you’re an Aries (الحمل) or a Pisces (الحوت), we hope this guide gives you the confidence to discuss astrology in Arabic.  

So, keep exploring, keep learning, and as always, Curiotory  is here to guide you on your language learning journey. Happy learning!