Learn to speak Spanish fast with 10 time-saving tips

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Learning a new language may seem daunting at first and would probably take many years to perfect, especially if you choose to go down the traditional learning route. Luckily, there are faster ways to achieve this goal – all it takes is making the right choice as far as study methods and approaches go.

Listed below are 10 time-saving tips and tricks to help you learn Spanish quickly.

  1. Immerse yourself

Immersion is an extremely common language technique that involves surrounding yourself with as much Spanish as you can. Be it through travel, history, culture, or even during your language sessions at school – research has shown that immersion is a highly effective method in learning a language. It is also the most intuitive way to learn a language. With constant exposure, we understand the nuances and start conversing freely.

  1. Find the course that suits your needs

Choose a course that includes plenty of dialogue and comes with audio and text support. This will strengthen your listening skills as well as give you the chance to understand real spoken Spanish. 

  1. Build a sizable vocabulary

Learn as many words as you can- as words form the building blocks of any language. Create a word bank of the most common words and phrases in Spanish. Pay close attention to how each word is pronounced. Look at improving the quality of your sentences by using idioms and proverbs.

  1. Connect with a Spanish tutor or buddy

If you need to practice speaking Spanish, there are plenty of tutors available online who can help you. A short, one-on-one session with a tutor around 4 to 5 times a week can be very effective. Or, if you are a part of a group class, buddy up with a partner or make friends with Spanish speakers to give you the opportunity to practice your speaking skills.

  1. Read as much Spanish as you can

Once you know enough words and have reached a certain level of proficiency in Spanish, focus on reading as many books as you can. This broadens your vocabulary and will also help you learn grammar in a natural manner, as you see it being used in context.

  1. Practice listening

Listening forms an essential part of speaking. By listening to Spanish as often as you can, you will automatically pick up the rhythm of the language and internalize the grammar at a faster pace.

  1. Don’t get caught up in the grammar

Be mindful not to obsess over grammar during the initial few months which will invariably slow you down. Grammar is important and will come with time.

  1. Try Spanish shadowing

Shadowing from a language perspective literally means “parroting” or “mimicking”. A good way to learn is to attempt to mimic or parrot in Spanish right after listening to something being delivered. This exercise will help you with pronunciations, even if you don’t understand what is being said. It gives you the opportunity to challenge yourself to sound like a native speaker.

  1. Make learning fun

Spanish can be learned faster if the element of fun is part of the process. In addition to the course you are doing, enjoy a movie in Spanish at the theatre or on Netflix. If news and current affairs are your things, make sure you tune into a Spanish news channel. These small fun activities will help your comprehension skills.

  1. Integrate Spanish into your life

Join a local Spanish society and attend their events. Attend classes like salsa or art that are delivered in Spanish. Listen to Spanish music while you are working out or driving. Follow a variety of Spanish accounts on social media. All this extra exposure is sure to get you to learn the language faster.

It seems evident that learning a new language does take some level of commitment and dedication. The key is to stay focused and keep in mind the end goal. It’s important to make the process fun and enjoyable. The tips stated above are not only time-saving but practical, too, and will be helpful in your journey to learning Spanish – fast!