How to land Spanish Language Jobs in 2022?

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Learning a second language is always beneficial, and there are multiple persuasive reasons for learning Spanish. The most important being Employability. Spanish can be useful in literally any career path, but some specific Spanish language jobs demand Spanish fluency. 

In today’s world, where competition is rising, companies worldwide are becoming more associated and are looking for candidates proficient in Spanish. India is also following the same path. Your aptitude in reading, writing, listening, and speaking Spanish will broaden your career opportunities in various industries. Everyday trainers and Spanish learners are increasing, and there is a huge scope and many jobs available for Spanish speakers. 

Types of Spanish Language Jobs

  • Transcript: – Spanish Transcription is more effective than just taking notes as it is done proactively from digital audio files. The recording can be analyzed many times to ensure that the transcript thus written is as efficient as possible. Transcription in Spanish is required in law enforcement companies, Scientific research, Market Research, and Legal industries.
  • Translation and Interpreter: – Translators and Interpreters help people who are unaware of Spanish to talk with each other. Although many translation applications are present in Google, machine translation cannot always provide the correct translation. There are words having double meanings, and only a human translator can reach precision in cases like this. There are many Spanish translator jobs in India in the medical field, the court system, the government, and private translation companies.
  • Teacher: – Previously, there were not many positions for teaching Spanish, but nowadays, ICSE, CBSE, and other universities have included Spanish in their curriculum. Many private institutes and companies are also hiring Spanish teachers for professional and corporate courses.
  • Foreign Embassies: – Most foreign embassies employ local people for a range of work. Spanish language jobs in the embassy help you to gain reputation and prestige. Among the different jobs available, the main work you have to do is related to administration. 
  • Export and Import Business: – Trade is one of the most important factors in the world economy. Many Spanish-speaking regions in Central and South America US are interested in seeking bilateral cooperation with India. Knowing Spanish can help you get a job in an export company, transfer overseas, get a foreign assignment, or be selected as an international travel agent.  

Many Indian companies like TCS or Aditya Birla Group are expanding their business in the Hispanic world. On the other hand, many Spanish firms are establishing their regional offices in India. Trade between India and Latin America has increased a lot in the past few years, triggered by the exuberance displayed by the Indian mining, IT, energy, and manufacturing industries. Hence there has been a lot of opening of Spanish language jobs in India

  • Tourism and Hospitality: – The sectors of entertainment, hotel, and travel are among the fastest-growing parts of the world economy. With the increase in connections between various parts of the world, knowing Spanish is a good thing to add to your resume in the growing travel and tourism industry. 
  • Receptionists/ Assistants: – Administrative assistants and receptionists need to interact a lot. The people they are talking to may not always be native speakers. With Spanish being such a popular language and about 500 million native speakers, it may help the receptionist if they can speak Spanish. 

Moreover, it’s not necessary for candidates applying for this job to know Spanish, but knowing it will give you the extra push against the other candidates.

  • Writer: – It can be blogging, content writing, journalism, or public relations writing; with the huge Hispanic population in the US, it will always be a large market. If you can share information in both Spanish and English, your scope will increase, and some employers look for writers who are adept in both. 

Spanish Language Jobs Salary/Average Pay

Spanish, German, and French are among the top 5 high-paying foreign languages. As of 2022, the average yearly Spanish language job salary in India is around six lakhs with a little variation in thousands. At the entry-level for Spanish, it is around 3 to 5 lakhs. Gaining three years of experience or completing a course till C1/C2 level will get you around 6 to 8 lakhs. 

But the competition is also very high since an increasing number of Indians are taking up courses in Spanish as it offers a good economic prospect. Being a Spanish teacher, you can expect a good salary as tutoring is the highest paying division.

Scope of Spanish Language jobs in India

The scope of Spanish language in India is huge. Many Spanish companies have expanded their connections to India and thereby providing many great career opportunities in Spanish. As many call centers come from the USA, where Spanish is the second most important job, Spanish jobs are abundant in BPOs and call centers. 

While you can go to Mexico, Peru, and other Spanish-speaking countries without speaking Spanish but if you know the language and travel, it will make the tour more interesting. Spain has some of the best-renowned artists of all time. Enjoying these music, literature, songs, drama, or musicals in their own language cannot be compared. 

Many Spanish-speaking regions like Latin America are trying to establish bilateral cooperation with India. For this reason, many paths have been opened to Indian companies. It is one of the important reasons why learning Spanish in India is a respectable addition to your CV.

Along with these, there are many Spanish language jobs in Indian Government. You can find work in Indian embassies. You can work as an interpreter or translator. You have a chance to work in international trade and many more such professions. 

Spain is slowly emerging to be a study abroad destination for Indian students. It is quite welcoming to foreign students. The Spanish universities offer Spanish language courses, law, MBA, and many other acclaimed courses. 

Benefits of Spanish Language jobs

If you speak Spanish, the scope of career opportunities is more in teaching, interpretation, translation, tourism, journalism, international business, and foreign service. Some benefits are mentioned below: –

  •  By learning Spanish, you will gain a range of options where you can choose various career paths like mentioned above. If you want to be successful in these fields, you need to be proficient in Spanish because it will be an asset to you and give you good earnings.
  • Machine translation can never replace human translation. That’s why Spanish interpreters and translators are highly paid. So, if you gain knowledge in Spanish, you will have many job opportunities such as translator, interpreter, editor, proof leader, and content writer. 
  • With the increase in the use of technology in today’s world, there are a lot of companies in education, export houses, IT sector, retailing, pharmaceutical sector, and financial institutions working with international companies who are looking for candidates fluent in the Spanish language. 
  • Being a Spanish expert will allow you to work in MNC companies. In India, many companies are interested in merging their business with US companies in the fields of customer service, tech support, etc. 

Best cities in India to get Spanish language job

Although there are plenty of Spanish-language jobs throughout India, there are some specific places where you can find most job vacancies.

  • You will find plenty of Spanish language jobs in Delhi. School of Spanish is a very famous Spanish Institute in Delhi, where online classes are provided to students. The mentor you will be assigned to will clear your doubts and help you clear different types of certifications. It is evident that you will find many Spanish-related jobs here. 
  • Hispania Horizons is an institute in Mumbai that provides Spanish language training to students one-on-one. Also, Mumbai is one of the most influential places in India. Many international companies have their branches, so you will find multiple Spanish language jobs in Mumbai.
  • Moreover, you will also find many teachings, translating, and customer care jobs in Spanish in Kolkata. With the increase in the number of IT hubs in Kolkata, candidates who are proficient in multiple languages are appreciated. Hence if you know Spanish efficiently, you can find Spanish language jobs in Kolkata.

Best sites to find Spanish Language jobs.

Some of the best Spanish jobs for freshers are available on with the URL: – The offers given by the companies on this website are chosen specifically for freshers who know Spanish but didn’t work before. They are trained first in the work environment, and according to their performances, jobs are assigned, so if you are new to this, check it out. 

Now for the freelance jobs in Spanish, check out Upwork with the URL: – Upwork is quite famous for the freelance jobs it offers in various sectors. All the positions mentioned here are legitimate, and you will be sufficiently paid for them. 

Another most common site to look for a Spanish language job is LinkedIn. All the jobs mentioned there have their own prerequisites, qualifications, and job descriptions. You can browse to find out which job suits you the best.

Apart from these, there are other sites where you may find Spanish language jobs like,, and

If you want to achieve these types of jobs and you want to increase your career prospect, you should definitely learn Spanish. Check out the course offered by Curiotory, where Native and Indian teachers will teach you. The first lesson is absolutely free.