How to Land French Language Jobs in 2022?

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Finally, you have wrapped your head around the French Language. You are now a master of intermediate to advanced level French. Now all you are looking for are job opportunities after learning French, right? Seems easy enough. All you have to do is pack your bags, bruise those passports, and swap the masalas of India for the wine and cheese of France.

But wait, you don’t want to leave India? You are looking for a career in the French Language closer to home? Well, in that case, you’ll be glad to know that there is quite the scope for the French Language in India.

French speakers are sought after in many places all over the country. A French-language expert can apply for jobs in embassies, the Indian Government, French training Institutes and many more such niches.

Tier 1 cities in India like Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore, and Pune, among others, are full of such niches for French-language jobs. All you need to know now is where to start and what to know when searching for such a job. Well, you have certainly come to the right place!

Types of French Language Jobs 

Job opportunities in India after learning French exist in several sectors. It won’t take you long to come across jobs in such sectors as tourism and hospitality, various MNCs, educational institutes like schools and institutes that train in French, BPOs, a myriad of International Organizations and embassies, and the aeronautics/automotive industry, among many others.

But what exactly will you be expected to do in these places as a French language expert? Let us break this down.

French Interpreters

As an interpreter, you will be closing the gap between French and other languages. Several International Organizations, such as the UN, UNESCO, WHO, etc., require individuals who can enrich diplomatic and state relations with seamless proficiency. Have you seen diplomats at these events with headphones over their ears? An interpreter is at the other end of that line.

Interpreters are also required for several other purposes like beauty pageants, large sporting events, etc. It may not carry the same tonal spark, but our French brothers and sisters should also know that “Monsieur Dhoni, en effet, l’a terminé avec style!”

French Writers and Translators

The job of a translator is far more relaxed than that of an interpreter. As an exponent of the French Language, the translator works within the bounds of written Language. Le Petit Prince, Les Misérables, Madame Bovary are some of the best examples of French literature. 

As a French translator in India, you will be making these works accessible to a much larger audience.

A French writer takes this task one step beyond. All literature is written along the lines of the local culture and traditions of the writer. What are we but a sum of our own experiences, right? 

Incorporating our cultural cues, a French writer can understand, translate and reimagine French works by making the cultural context of these works more relatable to an Indian audience. 

The Internet

There are many opportunities available for bloggers, Twitch, Podcasts, and YouTube to use your French skills. Consider this the opposite of translating or interpreting. Suppose you have the right type of stand-out personality and confidence. In that case, you can make a career here showcasing the nuances of Indian culture and traditions to an entirely new population group.

Wondering what you can showcase? It’s the internet! The possibilities are infinite. Indian cooking, music, fashion, and culture are some that immediately come to mind. A french podcast regarding some of the great Indian epics seems like such an intriguing prospect.


Fluent French speakers are required to showcase India’s natural and historical heritage to our francophone guests. These individuals are sought after by the Ministry of Tourism and can also be found in places that display our history and culture, like museums and art festivals.

You will need to have an in-depth knowledge of the French Language as well as India’s history, arts and culture to pursue this career!

MNCs and BPOs

A large number of French conglomerates have their offices in metropolitan cities like Mumbai and Delhi. These include several industry giants like L’oreal, Michelin, Louis Vuitton and Renault, to mention a few. 

Having French as an additional skill will add sheen to your CV if you seek jobs in these MNCs. Besides, it will open opportunities within these firms overseas as well.

The same applies to BPOs. India attracts a lot of outsourced work from large firms around the world. Expertise in French will fit perfectly into a niche that requires you to provide services in French.


With the right qualifications and proficiency in French, you can seek jobs in embassies of French-speaking nations in India. French language jobs in embassies offer a great salary and introduce you to India’s host nation’s culture and ethics.

There are over 29 French-speaking nations in the world. There is plenty of scope for French-language experts in this field.

French Language Teacher

Well, if you have learned the Language yourself, have you considered introducing others to its charm? The various French language jobs mentioned in India require individuals who speak the Language. And who do you think these individuals wishing to learn French seek? A good teacher.

French learning classes can be found in all major cities across India. With the advent of online education, opportunities in this field have only grown. If you think you have the skills to be an educator, there are plenty of institutes seeking an individual like you right now.

French Language Jobs Salary in India

You have learned the Language and mastered its nuances. Now, you are looking to make a career in French Language. As mentioned earlier, the French language scope in India is quite high.

But before you take the plunge, you might certainly be asking yourself the dreaded question – “How much will it pay?”

French language job salary in India varies from sector to sector. Below are some of the financial statistics you can expect if you pursue this career. All statistics and figures have been sourced from, a website that deals with such numbers. You can check out the same on their website also.

Average Salary for French language jobs in India

The average annual salary you can expect from a job in this field is approximately 5.0 LPA. As per Ambitionbox, jobs range from salaries as low as 3.3 lakhs per annum to as high as 8.3 lakhs per annum. This data is the product of surveying over 241 jobs across the market.

This brings the average take-home salary to be between Rs.37,564 – Rs.38,765 per month.

If you want a breakdown of companies and their offered average annual salary, take a look at the list below.

Accenture – 4.9 LPA

Tech Mahindra – 4.3 LPA

Amazon – 6.2 LPA

Ernst & Young – 5.8 LPA

TCS – 5.7 LPA

This is just a brief breakdown of some of the top companies. There are so many more.

Benefits of French Language Jobs

Where do we even start! So many bright vistas open up for you if you pursue a career in French.

Firstly, it gives you cultural and idealogical insights into an entirely new demographic. Additionally, being an expert in a skill such as a new language will fill you with confidence and charisma in your abilities.

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, this is a language that is spoken in over 29 countries. The MNCs that hire you have a great global presence. A French career gives you the potential to flourish in countries outside India as well.

Best Cities In India To Get French Language Job

The best cities in India to get a French language job are, without doubt, tier 1 cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and the rest. Major cities that house Embassies and consulates have administrative as well as interpreter jobs available.

The government of India offers jobs to French language experts in the tourism sector and areas requiring interpreters and translators.

Literary jobs like writing and translating are available in institutes and firms alike that require such services. These agencies are hiring individuals all across the country. But primarily in the major cities.

If you are a professional, you can even consider providing your services as a freelancer on the internet. Looking for French jobs in Pune? Looking for French jobs in Chennai? Your location is irrelevant when you only need an active internet connection!

Online Sites Where You Can Find French Language Jobs

You can find French language jobs all over the websites that are the usual suspects when job hunting. LinkedIn,, Indeed, and monsterindia have hundreds of job listings seeking experts like you.

If you seek literary work like writing and translating, you can find jobs on outsourcing and ghost-writing websites like HOTH and ContentFly.

For similar openings in the government, you can scroll for relative information on the relevant government website.

A simple google search for French jobs in India will set you on the right track! The options are endless.

In conclusion, the scope of careers in French is quite extensive. French language jobs in Delhi, Mumbai and many other cities are plentiful enough that they can hardly be listed here! So go grab the opportunity that awaits you and land yourself a French-language job in India!