How To Land A Japanese Language Job In 2022?

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We are in a hyper-connected world, and learning a new foreign language will make you stand out from the rest of the crowd. Most of us who wish to learn a foreign language always think of learning any of the European languages, and Japanese is never the first choice. Suppose you are different from others and choose a language that is not learned by most people, giving you an edge over others. Learning a language requires commitment, dedication, and effort, but once you master it, you will see the difference it brings to your professional and personal life. Platforms like Curiotory help people learn languages easily.

The benefit of learning the Japanese language in India is that we have considerably fewer Japanese speakers and less competition for positions with Japanese-speaking individuals in all spheres. In addition to this, Japan is the third-largest economy in the world, and Japanese is the ninth most spoken language globally.

Japanese companies in India

Many Japanese companies are operating in India, and there is always a lookout for potential candidates. The benefit of learning Japanese will always include your name among the high-paid employee of the company and enhance your professional value and gain a higher position in the company.

Based on your language proficiency, you can work in Japanese MNCs like Toshiba, Honda, Suzuki, Sony, Toyota, Canon, Yamaha, Panasonic, Fujitsu, and more.

What are Japanese language jobs?

Here are some career possibilities you can achieve Japanese language jobs with your expertise in the Japanese language.

Types of Japanese language jobs

There is a rise in demand for Japanese Translators, and interpreters in India

Compared to other languages, there are very few translation applications or software available for the Japanese language, resulting in a huge loss of information using these translation applications. A strong need for a Japanese language specialist is required as the language is complex.

The Japanese language scope in India is rising by the day, and the demand for Japanese language experts is across many sectors. The Japanese language experts can work in the travel and tourism sector, commerce, business, export houses, and industrial houses. You can also get Japanese language jobs in embassies and diplomatic missions. The Japanese language expertise is one of the highest-paid translators and interpreters in the world.

Trainer or teacher in Japanese

The Japanese language is most challenging when it comes to learning a foreign language. This is the reason why there is always a demand for trainers/teachers. When it comes to Japanese language jobs for fresher in India, you can apply to work as a trainer for any Japanese organization. The training can be given to potential candidates on how to interact with clients and enterprises differently.

The language teachers have several work prospects in the educational sector. There are many opportunities for Japanese language teachers in Institutes, Schools, Colleges, and corporate offices in India. 

Jobs in Government offices and Embassies

There are many Japanese language jobs in the Indian Government. The Japanese language experts are needed by the Indian government agencies like Indian embassies abroad, the Ministry of Tourism, the External Affairs Ministry, and other ministries such as Science & Technology, Education, Commerce, Textiles, and Agriculture. The language Jobs in Embassies refers to support staff assigned to consulates in India and overseas. The Japanese embassy in India 

Information and Technology

Japanese Multinational Corporations partnering with Indian and other foreign countries prefer candidates with technical capabilities and strong command of the Japanese language. The majority of these clients and consumers are Japanese. If you have technical talents like programmer, system administrator, developer, data manager, and system analyst, communicating well in Japanese will help you get a job.

Hospitality Industry

If you are a Japanese language expert and enthusiastic about traveling, in such a scenario, a career in tourism, travel, or the hospitality industry is an excellent choice. India is the key destination for Japanese services and goods. Because of this, the number of Japanese tourists visiting India has steadily increased. You can choose to work as a tour guide for the Japanese tourists or visiting students or researchers, and also try being a guide or consultant to Indian students or tourists who are visiting Japan.

Aviation Industry

You can apply for a Flight attendant job in the Aviation Industry in the Japanese language along with English, or your native language proficiency will land you the job. In the area of Customer service, you will be able to improve your Japanese language skills, which will surely motivate you.

Import- Export Industry

The Japanese economy is based on exports; the business heavily relies on service agents and salespeople. The service agent and salespeople assist with communicating with the international clients, data entry, responding to telephone calls and other administrative activities. Using your Japanese language skills, you can also work as a sales representative in India. The job opportunities in the Import-Export market are virtually limitless.

Voice process

Some BPOs in India work for Japanese clients, so there is a lookout for qualified people who can assist them with their language needs. Your expertise in the skills to communicate and your knowledge of the Japanese language will help you get a job in BPO and KPO, and this job will pay you well compared to the other jobs. The voice coordinator is one of the tasks where a firm requires voice assistance services. 

Business with Japan

Learning the Japanese language in India can help you get a job or get you promoted in your current role. You will be able to interact effectively with your Japanese business counterparts, and you will be able to represent your company during your business trips to Japan. 

When we achieve an advanced level of Japanese, we can travel and work in Japan. Many organizations in Japan are looking to hire people who have both Japanese and English language expertise. 

The Japanese language jobs Salary/Average pay

The Japanese language job salary in India, along with expertise, the designations, and the average salary, is as follows:

Japanese language specialist3,50,0007,10,00015,00,000
Japanese Interpreter3,10,0007,00,00012,60,000
Japanese language Expert3,00,0006,00,00016,00,000
Japanese Interpreter and Translator 4,60,0008,40,00015,80,000
Japanese Language Trainer 60,0005,00,00010,00,100
Japanese Bilingual3,60,0006,50,00018,00,000

*The Salary depicted above is based on the online survey and can vary in actuality.

Scope of Japanese language jobs in India

You can get different jobs from MNCs to Schools; there are designations like Japanese language specialist, Japanese Interpreter, Japanese language expert, Japanese Interpreter, and Translator, Japanese language trainer, to name a few. 

Benefits of Japanese language jobs

There are many benefits to learning Japanese, especially if you are considering working in Japan, then this can help you get the right job.

The benefits are as follows:

  • Career Scope
  • Work or Study in Japan
  • Making friends
  • Low competition and higher remuneration
  • Understanding the culture
  • Improving your language skills

Best cities in India to get a Japanese language job

The top-tier cities in India are looking for candidates with Japanese language expertise, and name a few cities that are looking out are Delhi, Noida, Gurgoan, Banglore, Mumbai, Pune, Hyderabad, Chennai, and other cities.

In India, there are cities where there is a demand for Japanese language experts, and these are available on different job portals. A quick keyword search for Japanese language jobs along with the city is as follows:

  • Japanese language jobs in Pune
  • Japanese language jobs in Chennai
  • Japanese language jobs in Delhi

Best sites to find a Japanese language job

Japan is the toughest market for hiring, sourcing, and engaging talents compared to other markets. Here are the top picks of sites to find a Japanese language job.

  • GaijinPot Jobs
  • Daijob
  • Rikunabi
  • Snaphut
  • Career Cross
  • Career Engine

You can find Japanese-language jobs in India on the following job portals.

  • Naukri
  • Linkedin
  • Simplyhired
  • Monster India
  • In.indeed
  • Times job


Regarding your career and work and getting a job opportunity in Japan, we see a huge potential for Japanese language experts in India. As per the market analysis, the demand will increase and expand further. 

The type of Japanese language jobs listed in this article is not exhaustive, but they are just broad types of jobs available. 

Make JLPT N3 your first target, clear your fundamentals and intermediate level and then target for some part-time jobs and experience to keep in touch with the language. This will add to your advanced level of Japanese language learning and your understanding of the Japanese people.

Connecting with Japanese people will help you make many Japanese connections that will help you learn the language and also understand their culture. With your prior work experience working with Japanese people, you can apply for jobs in Japan; the qualifications to crack the interviews will be your work experience and skill in communicating in Japanese. Being in Japan and knowing their culture can also help you achieve your goal of working in a specific field.

When it comes to learning the language, you might have a question about whether you can learn Japanese using materials available online, but we will have to remember that the Japanese language is complex and follows three complex writing systems hiragana, katakana, and kanji and these come with its nuances. There is also a hierarchy of politeness that can be understood only if you have cultural awareness, so the recommendation is to have a Japanese language expert train you, and you can also take courses online if you want to do so; please register at Curiotory.