How to Crack Sanskrit language certification in India: A Complete Guide

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‘Sanskrit’ – One of the oldest languages in the world. This historic and ancient language dates back to 5000 years before Christ. The language consists of different cultures, traditions, and mythologies. Sanskrit is spoken in other parts of Asia. Although the language is not commonly used daily, some people still promote Sanskrit. Many religious scripts and literature are written in Sanskrit and are referred to as god’s language in Hinduism.

Learning Sanskrit Language: 

Many Asian languages are similar to and have been formed from Sanskrit, especially Indian languages. Learning Sanskrit might seem complicated, but with consistent practice, one can learn Sanskrit adequately. Many institutes promote the Sanskrit language. Learning Sanskrit can also teach you about ancient civilizations and writings as you can read and understand ancient manuscripts. 

If you are an enthusiast in learning new languages or interested in learning history, then learning Sanskrit is the best idea.

What is Sanskrit Language Certification?

Learning Sanskrit Language can benefit you more if you hold a certificate in the Sanskrit language. A Sanskrit Certification can be used to prove proficiency in the Sanskrit Language. There are many benefits of Sanskrit Language Certification. You can explore different career opportunities with the help of a Sanskrit certification, like learning ancient architecture, medicines, stories, wars etc.

Sanskrit Certification in India: 

One of India’s best Sanskrit Language certifications is the ‘Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency’. The program is best suited for beginners. Even without prior knowledge or practice of the Sanskrit language, any candidate can take up this program. 

The program will teach the candidates about reading different Sanskrit texts and chanting. This will aid the candidate in understanding ancient Sanskrit texts and speaking fluently. The candidate will also be able to construct conversations in Sanskrit. 

Importance of Sanskrit language certification: 

• You will have proof of proficiency in the Sanskrit Language.

• You can learn about Sanskrit literature, prose, poetry, stories and philosophy.

• You can understand the ancient lifestyle, medical treatment methods etc. 

• It provides knowledge about Vedic literature, historical texts, and the history of Indian philosophy. 

• With the Sanskrit language certification, you can explore new career opportunities in translation, writing etc.

Sanskrit language Certification exams: 

There are two notable Sanskrit Language Certification exams: 

1) Sanskrit Language Proficiency Test 

2) Certificate program in Sanskrit Proficiency 

1) Sanskrit Language Proficiency Test 

The Vedavapi Foundation conducts the Sanskrit Language Proficiency (SLP) Test in India. This exam aims to spread knowledge and promote the Sanskrit language to teach the ancient history of India. 

The SLP Test has 4 sections, each consisting of 2 levels – Basic and Intermediate. Every unit has grammar usage. The exam tests the candidate on different aspects such as reading, understanding, writing and speaking. 

If the candidate clears all the levels with 60% marks, they can take up a master’s degree program in Sanskrit.

2) Certificate program in Sanskrit Proficiency: 

The Certificate program in Sanskrit Proficiency is another proficiency test in the Sanskrit language. This program is considered one of the best for beginners. You can take up this program without prior knowledge or practice of the Sanskrit language. 

The purpose of this program is to learn the history of the language. It will take you on a journey through time as you learn about ancient India’s culture, wisdom, civilization and traditions


It also prepares the candidates in different aspects of the language, such as grammar, chanting, understanding, stories, poems, reading, writing, speaking etc. 

The agenda consists of 3 levels – Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. The program has special training for reading, writing, listening, conversing, grammar, and comprehension. 

Once the candidate has completed this program, they can choose further studies in either a Master’s certificate program or a Master’s degree in Sanskrit.

Sanskrit language certification Exam Official websites: 

The official website for Sanskrit Language Proficiency Test –

The official website for the Certificate program in Sanskrit proficiency –

Sanskrit language certification Fees/Costs: 

The Sanskrit Certification fee varies for the two tests. 

The fee for Sanskrit Language Proficiency is Rs.515 for people residing in India. And USD 25 for people living outside India. You can attempt the test twice after paying the fee. The program offers special training courses as well for better preparation. 

The fee for Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency is USD 1800. This fee includes 6 textbooks.

How to prepare for Sanskrit Language Certification: 

There are different online platforms, apps and websites where one can join Sanskrit learning classes/coaching. A few institutes offer to teach Sanskrit offline as well.  

Online Preparation: 

• Check out different apps and websites for online Sanskrit learning.

• Choose the best platform.

• Pick a course according to your level (beginner, intermediate, or advanced)

• The benefit of learning Sanskrit online is that you can choose the class timings according to your convenience. You can download coaching videos and articles and prepare them at your leisure.

There are various Sanskrit online certification courses available: 

1) Udemy 

Learn the Sanskrit Language – The Complete Guide. You will learn to speak, read, and pronounce the alphabet at the beginner level. You will also learn tenses and advanced grammar topics at the advanced level—fifteen hours of on-demand video. A certificate of completion is given at the end of the course. 

2) LearnSanskrit.Org 

One of the most famous online platforms for learning Sanskrit. You can learn Sanskrit in simple and easy ways. The course covers reading, writing, pronouncing words, the alphabet, grammar etc. The platform has special beginner-friendly programs as well. A certificate of completion is given at the end of the course.

3) Open Pathshala 

This is a popular online platform which offers different courses for different languages, like online video classes, one-to-one interaction coaching through Skype, and live group sessions. There are various courses available in the Sanskrit language. You can learn from scratch and become an expert in the language.

Offline Preparation: 

You can also opt for offline preparation in the Sanskrit language. There are different private institutes and colleges where you can take a Sanskrit diploma course and learn the language. The benefit of offline coaching is that you can be involved in the classes, and the learning will be more interactive face-to-face. 

• Search for the best institutes and colleges offering courses in the Sanskrit language. 

• Choose the course according to your level – beginner and advanced. 

• Search for textbooks from any library or institute/college.

1) Central Sanskrit University, New Delhi 

The university offers introductory courses in the Sanskrit language, which cover Sanskrit grammar and ancient texts. There are two levels, and each level is a 1-year course. The first-year course consists of 11 lessons, and the second year consists of 14 lessons. The candidate must complete the first-year course and only then can proceed to the second-year course. A certificate of completion is given at the end of the second year.

2) Symbiosis Institute, Pune 

This institute is regarded as one of the best for learning new languages. They offer different courses in the Sanskrit language, such as beginner, intermediate and advanced. The candidate can choose a conversational course of 60 hours or a series of modules that lasts about 100 hours. The candidates will obtain a basic knowledge of the Sanskrit language and learn about the cultures and traditions relating to the language and Indian history.


This is one of the best online platforms for learning Indian and foreign languages. Curiotory offers different courses at reasonable prices. You can learn other languages easily with expert teachers and on-demand videos and assignments. You will be learning from native and foreign teachers. Every course and language has talented teachers. You can join the beginner-level course without prior practice with the language and advanced levels to help you master the language.

Check out the official website of Curiotory for more details such as course duration, fee etc.


So that’s all there is to know about the Sanskrit Language certification in India! We have covered how and where to obtain a certificate in the Sanskrit language, the different Sanskrit Certification courses, the Sanskrit certification fee, and different online Sanskrit language courses

So if you are interested and excited to learn the Sanskrit language and the history of India, do not delay; choose your institute or website and start learning today. 

The Sanskrit Certification can open new job opportunities for you in different fields such as teaching, translation, writing etc.


1) What are the best Sanskrit Language Certification exams

• The Sanskrit language proficiency test and the certificate program in Sanskrit proficiency are the best certification exam in the Sanskrit language. 

2) Does Curiotory offer Sanskrit language courses? 

• Yes, Curiotory offers some of the best Online Sanskrit certification programmes. There are courses at different levels, such as beginner and advanced. 

3) What is the Sanskrit Certification fee? • The SanskritCertificationfee for the Sanskrit language proficiency test is RS.515 (India) and USD 25 (outside India). And the cost for Certificate Program in Sanskrit Proficiency is USD 1800.