How to Crack Dutch language certification in India: A Complete Guide

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Dutch is the language of the Netherlands, northern Belgium, and a tiny portion of France all along the North Sea directly to the west of Belgium. It is a West Germanic language that serves as both the official language of Belgium and French and German as the Netherlands’ national tongue. Although English speakers commonly refer to the language of the Netherlands as “Dutch” and in Belgium as “Flemish,” all these refer to the actual Dutch language.  

There is a distinction between Dutch and Deutsch, even though they sound the same. While the former is spoken in the Netherlands and Belgium, Deutsch, or German, is spoken in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, and other places.

What is Dutch language certification?

Learning Dutch can open a world of possibilities for you. For example, you can visit the Netherlands or Belgium as a tourist or improve your living standard in these countries. However, Dutch language certification is required if you wish to study in the Netherlands or seek Dutch citizenship or permanent residency.

Many types of Dutch language certification are available depending on whether the student is already in the Netherlands or another foreign nation. Learners must also seek Dutch online courses certification, sometimes required if they wish to study in the Netherlands or apply for Dutch citizenship or residency permit.

With the increasing popularity of learning foreign languages, it is very easy for learners to get their Dutch certification online or offline based on the learner’s requirements.

Importance of Dutch language certification:

Dutch is considered one of the most attractive European languages to learn if you want to feel special. We will go through some excellent reasons why you should study Dutch and get your official Dutch language certificate:- 

  1. It is Fun to Learn Dutch

When you meet someone and ask them about their experiences studying Dutch, they’ll only say that it is a great experience and fun to learn. You will realize that you are starting to understand posters, commercials, and announcements at railway stations and those around you. People who want to learn Dutch find the new language and culture a great and fun challenge.

  1. The Dutch language is widely spoken:

Dutch is the official language of the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname, Aruba, Curaçao, and Sint Maarten in the Caribbean and France. Dutch is spoken by about 25 million people worldwide and is one of Europe’s official languages (European Union). Moreover, Dutch is spoken by around 5% of the European population. These statistics suggest that it is among Europe’s most widely spoken languages.

  1.  Dutch is simple for English people to learn.

Dutch is one of the easiest languages for English speakers to learn. Learning Dutch is quite simple if you already speak English or German. English, German, and Dutch are three Germanic Languages that deviate from the Indo-European language family and share thousands of cognates. Dutch is far more accurate and consistent in its pronunciation than English.

  1. You will be able to learn about Dutch and Flemish cultures.

You will gradually discover that studying Dutch will help you become more comfortable, immersed, and at home with the culture there. You will have the feeling that it is our home. Most linguists feel that culture and language are tightly connected. A language can reveal much about civilization, and learning Dutch will make you understand their culture well.

  1. Career & Job Opportunities in India After Learning Dutch

With globalization, knowing a foreign language has become essential. Many career opportunities exist in metros and large cities where most multinational and international corporations have established operations. On the one hand, several Dutch firms are establishing regional offices in India, and many Indian enterprises want to grow in Dutch-speaking nations.

  1. Dutch people value Dutch language learners.

The fact that Dutch is not the most spoken language in the world is well known. That is why most people like exploring this small and lovely nation in its language. So when you tell them you are studying Dutch and want to talk to him in Dutch, they will be delighted and start speaking Dutch with you with more interest.

  1. Traveling to, working in, or studying in Belgium or the Netherlands:

Another convincing cause to learn Dutch, especially if you want to study in the Netherlands or Belgium for a lengthy time. If you want to make a lot of friends during your time there, you should learn the native language. In many places, it is regarded as honoring the indigenous people. 

Dutch language certification Exams

These are the Certifications available in Dutch:

Staatsexamen NT2

For individuals who have relocated to the Netherlands, the Staatsexamen NT2 (Staatsexamen Nederlands als Tweede Taal) provides certification in Dutch.


For persons residing abroad, the CNaVT certification is offered in Dutch as a Foreign Language Certificate (Certificate Nederlands als Vreemde Taal),.


The Inburgeringsexamen certificate applies to migrants to the Netherlands from outside the European Union (civic integration exams). However, it should be noted that immigrants may choose to take the Staatsexamen NT2 programs instead.

Dutch language certification Cost

The Dutch certification fees in these institutions will range from INR 10000 and will go up to INR 21000 based on the proficiency levels you will opt for and the location you will apply.

Dutch language certification Exam Official websites

The CNaVT certifies Dutch language competency as a foreign language worldwide by administering task-based and domain-specific tests based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The CNaVT tests are held worldwide for (young) individuals who want to demonstrate their Dutch language ability with an internationally recognized certificate.

To register yourself for the CNaVT examination, Visit 

And follow the steps there:-

Dutch language certification Fees

EXAMSexam level A2**exam(s)socialinformalexam level B1**socialformalExam level B2**educationalstart-capablebusiness-likeprofessionalExam level C1**educationalprofessional
Category A*€ 95 € 100 € 105 € 125
Category B*€50 €55€60€80
Category C*€ 27,50 € 30 € 35 € 50

How to Prepare for Dutch language certification

Studying grammatical rules and textbooks is only sometimes necessary when learning Dutch. Dutch movies and web series are available for viewing, and Dutch music with subtitles. If you do not use Dutch frequently in your daily life, consider easing it into your routine gradually. This will undoubtedly help you become more fluent in the language.

Dutch TV shows, movies, and YouTube videos are worth seeing. Read Dutch blogs, magazines, books, and news articles. Find a conversation partner with whom you can speak Dutch and start a conversation.

  • Online Preparation
  • Offline Preparation:

If you want to enrol yourself in learning Dutch and get your Dutch language certification in India. There are a lot of Institutes in India that provide Dutch certification in India.

In India, many language learning institutions provide Dutch language certificates online so that professionals can get their language certifications while continuing their work. You can choose these institutions for the preparation of your Dutch certification: 

Institute NameCityCourse NameDuration
Ajanta School of Foreign LanguagePunjab, IndiaDutch (Pre-Basic andBasic)4 weeks & 8 weeks
InlinguaBangalore, IndiaDutch (Pre-Basic andBasic)Around 30 hours
LangEcoleNew Delhi, IndiaDutch LanguageHour-wise
The American Institutes of LanguagesMumbai, IndiaDutch
WE Language InstituteKochi, IndiaDutch A1 Level
Ambition Institute of Foreign LanguagesJalandhar, IndiaDutch ClassesUp to 2 months
Langma School of LanguagesNew Delhi, IndiaDutch (Elementary, Intermediate, and Advance Level)36 hours
Institute of English & Foreign LanguagesTelangana, IndiaDutch Language Course50 hours
Anchor AcademyKolkata, IndiaDutch (Level A1, A2, B1, B2, C1 and C2)12 weeks
CdA Global Language CentreKolkata, IndiaDutch Language (Basic Level A1, A2, B1, B2)2 years (Diploma course)

About Curiotory

Curiotory’s mission extends beyond only teaching language proficiency. Curiotory is an Indian start-up established in 2020 to change the EduTech business by ensuring that you would speak, read, write, and listen to new languages through their digital platform.

For you to study European languages, including German, French, Dutch, and Spanish, Curiotory provides individualized lessons. In addition, you will work closely with native and Indian teachers to improve your phonetic and grammatical skills at different introductory levels.


What makes Dutch challenging to learn?

There are a few things that might make learning Dutch challenging for everyone. A complicated prepositional system exists, including compound prepositions. The language is precise, making longer statements difficult to compose. There are also many phrasal verbs. However, if you know English and German, you will find it easier to learn Dutch.

How much does a Dutch Translator make in India?

A Dutch Translator earns an average of INR 3L to 4L a year, with a pay rate of INR305.21 per hour. A bonus of INR 24,566 is also available, along with a commission of INR 35,000 and a profit share of INR 100,000.

Which country has the Dutch language as its official Language?

Its Netherlands. That is accurate, the Netherlands only has one official spoken language, Dutch. Other nations have Dutch as an official language, but they also have other languages in the mix. But it is just Dutch in the Netherlands!

Is it possible to learn Dutch by watching TV?

Yes, it is possible! Several people do it this way. However, completing your Dutch learning alongside your studies is usually a good idea.

Is learning Dutch helpful for professionals?

If you have secured English-speaking work, chances are that if you want to advance in your career, Dutch would be required. In addition, learning Dutch will also extend your career opportunities because you soon qualify for many more positions.