How Long Does It Take To Learn German (For All Levels)

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With over 200 million speakers worldwide, German is very popular. Now, you may be confused between taking up an offline teacher in a classroom or choosing an online course. To answer your questions, the best way to learn German is by taking up an online course. It’s easy and convenient as that way; you can learn the Language anywhere and anytime. Virtual classrooms provide several ways of learning. You can learn through videos, music, and games. Online learning also allows you to get a global perspective by getting in touch with native German speakers. Some of the FAQs commonly asked are how long it takes to learn German? What are the different levels in the German Language? Curiotory answers all of your questions, and the best part? You can learn German from Natives as well as Indian teachers. 

Curiotory provides experienced teachers who monitor your progress via real-time evaluation, formative, and summative assessments. You are taught to listen and comprehend the German Language, read in German, and speak and pronounce in German. Apart from this, you will be aware of German’s basic grammar, context and cultural knowledge.

Continue reading to find the best ways to learn German India.

Who Can Learn/ Prerequisites To Learn German?

Anyone who is interested in learning German out of interest or necessity can do so. There are no prerequisites essential to learning German. All you need is a good mentor and dedication to master this Language. Practise regularly and solve exercises and you can be sure of your success. All you need is an internet connection to attend the classes and your presence. 

Also, if you have friends or peers who know German, you can converse with them, increasing your fluency and confidence.

Purpose And Benefits Of Learning German

German is one of the three official languages of the European Union and the second most commonly used scientific Language.

  • Economic Growth: – You can access jobs in cutting-edge industries of electronics, automobiles etc.
  • Explorers everywhere: – You can get connected with the most travel-friendly tourists in the world.
  • Communication: – If you are aware of the Language, you can improve your communications and relations with your German business partners 
  • Science and Research: – Germany is known for being the third-largest contributor in the fields of research and development and offers research opportunities to other scientists from abroad.
  • Cultural insight: – By learning German, you will understand the German way of life, dreams and hopes, which in turn broaden your horizon.
  • Opportunities to study/work in Germany: – Germany offers quite a number of scholarship programmes and support to study in Germany. 

Levels of German Language Explained

Irrespective of your knowledge of German, you can choose to learn the language from scratch. Curiotory has various courses of different levels and you can take up a course that is best suited for you. Hence let’s indulge deeply in the German language levels in India and the respective tests.

Few tests that are recognised internationally are: – 

  • TELC (The European Language Certificate) offers validation of your proficiency in German. The TELC exam corresponds to the CEFR German language levels.
  • TestDaf is a certification of German Language for non-native speakers of German, especially for those who want to work or study in German universities. All the candidates take the same exam, and there are different levels 3-5 which correspond to CEFR levels B2-C1. 
  • DSH is another German certification accepted by universities. But the main difference here is it can only be taken at a German University.

The various levels of the German Language as per CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Language) has been depicted below: – 

Beginner Level
Level A1
Level A2

Intermediate Level
Level B1
Level B2

Advanced Level
Level C1
Level C2

Level A1- Beginner level

On completing this level, you will be able to understand simple expressions, basic vocabulary, beginner’s grammar, sentence constructions and reactions and conduct small talks. You will be able to form basic sentences and describe stuff. You will also be able to write small, simple texts.

Level A2

It is an advanced beginner level on completing which your vocabulary will increase. You will be able to ask for directions and have conversations about wildlife, restaurants etc. You will understand expressions pertaining to hobbies and interests. You will learn more advanced grammar and can talk about topics related to local geography and shopping. You can write letters or memos etc.

Level B1- Intermediate Level

Upon completing this level, you can describe your passion, ambition and interest. You will understand the main motive of a standard sentence and read messages related to daily life. You will learn how to speak using simple lines and provide reasons and explanations. You can write well-constructed simple sentences and texts as well as explain the reasons. 

Level B2

You will be able to understand the primary meaning of the complex sentences, films and news. You will be able to read literature and understand the concept. You will be able to conduct discussions on abstract topics, which may include your topic of specialisation. You will understand German grammar in its entirety and understand various parts of speech. You will be able to interact fluently with other native German speakers, and you will be able to explain your point in detail. You will be able to write detailed texts and essays, and reports. 

Level C1- Independent Level

You will be able to comprehend complex sentences and abstract documents and express yourself properly. You will not fumble around words; you will be able to come up with well-structured sentences fluently while conversing with a native speaker. You will be able to enjoy music and films without any effort. You will be able to write essays, reports, and letters emphasising the topic. You will be able to discuss complicated topics with others without any problem.

Level C2

This is an advanced level. Once completed, you are just like a native German. You will be familiar with phrases and idioms and understand the shades in the context. You will be able to talk with proper reasons in a clear, structured way. You will be an expert in German and write letters and articles reasonably and comprehensively. 

Time required for each level

One of the most common questions often asked is how much time it takes to learn German. Well, the duration for completing each level depends upon the learner’s ability to perceive, his/her dedication, the amount of time he/she can spare for this Language and the difficulty standard and requirements for each level. 

Now another popular question is how to learn the German Language in 30 days. There are different courses available in Curiotory where you will be taught how to read, speak and write at a beginner’s level within 1 month. Using this, you can learn the basics of the Language, but to gain insight into the entirety of the Language, a lot of time needs to be invested.

Best Ways To Learn German From Home

The best way to learn German from home is to first look for a good online course. You will need to research and then decide, considering the reviews left by previous users and the teacher’s qualifications. The next step is to learn German diligently. You need to learn it daily at a fixed time instead of accumulating it. 

Practice German regularly, converse with other people in German, and solve exercises. This will increase your proficiency in this Language. You can watch movies and listen to songs in German. Having fun and learning works quite well together.

You may collect the free materials in German present in abundance on the internet. During your session with your German teacher, try to speak in German and understand what your teacher is trying to say in German. This will clarify all your doubts and increase your fluency.

This is all you have to know about learning German in India. Enrol in Curiotory and get an exclusive chance to learn German from the best teachers online.