DALF Exam: Dates, Format, Questions & How to Pass [2022]

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If you are a French language learner and are looking to undertake proficiency tests, then there are multiple exams conducted for the learners. In India, the DALF exam is conducted to assess the students’ communication and other language skills as per the international standards. This exam is conducted only for non-native learners of the language. Having a certification asserting that you have cleared the levels of French proficiency as per international standards can become a highlight of your resume. DALF Exam can be undertaken in the various states of India. 

What is DALF Exam?

The DALF Exam or the DALF stands for the Diplôme Approfondi de Langue Française. This exam is conducted to provide a certification for non-native French learners. It assesses not only the learners’ grammatical and comprehension skills but also their proficiency in their daily communication. 

The exam is also conducted worldwide as a base test to evaluate learners. Every year over 3 Lacs learners appear for this exam. This includes both non-native learners and learners from Francophone countries. The exam is divided into four sections to evaluate the learners’ listening, speaking, reading, and writing skills. However, there are three levels depending on the proficiency of the learners, namely beginner, intermediate and advanced level. DALF is concerned with the advanced level, so if you have cleared and appeared at the beginner’s level, then you can appear for the DALF. 

The exam is conducted by the Center International d’etudes pedagogiques (CIEP) under the Education Ministry of the French Government. After clearing this exam, you are granted a diploma in the French language. 

DALF Exam In Indian Cities

The DELF or the DALF exam is conducted in various cities throughout India. The cities remain the same. However, the centres vary yearly. Therefore, confirm all the information regarding centres with the authorities before appearing for the exam. The following table will provide information regarding the part of India and the cities where the centres will be allotted to the learners. Examination centres are allotted as per the preference of the learners. 

North IndiaDelhi, Chandigarh, Jaipur
East IndiaKolkata
West IndiaVadodara, Ahmedabad, Indore, Pune, Bhopal, Mumbai, Panji
South IndiaChennai, Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hyderabad, Mysore, Pondicherry, Trichy, Mangalore, and Trivandrum.

Aside from these centres, you can also attempt the exam at the Institute of Tourism Studies in Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh. The public schools in New Delhi or NCR regions also conduct the exams for their students at the DPS Mathura Road and DPS Noida.

DALF Exam In India Format

Since the DALF is the advanced level, you first need to appear and successfully clear the beginner and intermediate levels. If you have a suitable score in these levels, then only you will be eligible for the DALF exam. Read ahead to understand the levels that are there in the French Proficiency exams. Each level is denoted by an alphabet. Beginner level is denoted with A, intermediate with B, and advanced with C. A and B levels are the basic examinations, and some of them can only be attempted by a certain Age group DALF exam can be attempted by any age group. There are two levels of the DALF Exam C1 and C2. 

  • DALF C1: You must have cleared your A1, A2, B1, and B2 examinations to attempt this exam. This exam is designed to test the learners for their LSRW Skills. 
  • DALF C2: You must have cleared your A1, A2, B1, B2, and C1 examinations to attempt this exam. The exam pattern evaluates learners whether they are up to the mark of the native French speakers or not with their proficiency. 


The maximum score you can attempt in the DALF examination is 100. The test is divided into four sections as per the LSRW skills. For each skill, an equal weightage of 25 marks is given. Learners will be evaluated on the basis of the responses that they put to every question. Their conduct and how they perform in each skill are huge in the score they get in the examination.  

DALF Exam Dates 2022 India

DALF examination is conducted four times a year if taken through the Alliance. If not taken from them, then learners can get more information on the examination schedule from the DALF or Alliance Francois’ website. The centres and the months in which you wish to appear for the exam will be allotted by the institute from which you register for the examination. In general, the examination is conducted in the months of March, June, September, and December. 

DELF and DALF Exam dates are given below in the following table: 

Exam Period &Type of TestExam DatesRegistration Dates
March 2022(Tout Public)11/03: C1, 12/03: C2.7th to 13th February 2022
June 2022(Tout Public)17/06: C1, 18/06: C2.12th to 18th May 2022
July 2022(DELF Junior &Tout Public)29/07: C1, 30/07: C2 TP.13th to 20th June 2022
September 2022(Tout Public)16/09: C1, 17/09: C2.12th to 18th August 2022
December 2022(DELF Junior &Tout Public)16/12: C1, 17/12: C2 TP2nd to 8th November 2022

DALF Exam 2021 Format

The format of the paper helps the institute evaluate whether you are in the ranks of a native speaker or not in terms of your communication skills. You get three and half hours to appear for the examination. The exam can be tough to crack; however, if you study well enough, you can easily pass it. 

Following is the tabular representation of the examination and the scoring pattern of the DALF C1 exam and DALF C2 exam

Reading / Writing 50 Marks 
 Three hours thirty minutes, including the time of preparation 
 Learners will be asked to write a well-crafted document on any given topic with 2000 words or above. 
Listening / Speaking 50 Marks 
 One hour thirty minutes, including the time of preparation
 The examination will be conducted in three parts:Debate with the invigilatorsLearners will be asked to provide the write-ups based on the recording that will be played twice for them On the basis of the same recording, they will be asked to write the problem. 
Score The total score for the examination is 100 marks. Passing marks for each level is 50 out of 100 marks. The minimum mark students can score is 5 marks out of 100 marks. 

DALF Exam Question Types

For both DALF C1 & DALF C2, different types of questions are asked for the evaluation. Their examination pattern is as of following: 

  • DALF C1: For the DALF C1 exam, the candidates are tested for their comprehension skills with the long sentences or paragraphs provided to them. These paragraphs often use the colloquial language that native speakers use. On the basis of these paragraphs, the candidates must be able to express themselves in any given context, be it social, professional, or academic. Candidates are also asked to generate their own paragraphs using the information provided to them. 
  • DALF C2: It is the Diploma Level Examination that candidates will have to undergo. Their evaluation will be based on the precision with which they express themselves in the scenarios provided to them. The fluency should be up to the mark of the French that is used by the academic or the advanced French speakers. 

DALF Exam Fees In India

The DELF and DALF course fees vary as per the institute from which you are considering the examination. 

  • If you appear for the course from the Alliance Française, your fee range will vary from the Rs. 5310 to Rs. 8260 depending upon the level. 
  • If you are appearing from the institute outside the Alliance Française, then your fee range will be from the Rs. 8850 to Rs. 11,800.

The course fees are subject to change; therefore, learners are advised to confirm all the information in advance from the institute. 

DALF Exam In India: How To Crack?

As the exam pattern is set to evaluate candidates for the French skills as that of the native speakers, the examination itself can be a little challenging to crack. However, it is not impossible to do so. You can easily crack the examination by using the following tricks and tips: 

  • Solve the previous year’s papers rigorously. The questions are not repeated, but once you get the hang of the paper pattern, you can prepare accordingly. 
  • Alliance provides their textbook that you can refer to for reference. 
  • Practice daily. 
  • The French language has a unique pronunciation; train your ears to catch it. 
  • Improve your pronunciation. 

DALF Exam C1 Sample Papers

Following are the links to download DALF C1 Sample Paper: 


DALF Exam C1 Preparation 

To prepare for the DALF C1 exam, you must solve the question papers that are given above. You can get resources online to study for exam preparation. There are multiple audio and video exercises available. You can also download the audios that were asked in the previous year to train your ear. Practice is the essential key here. 

DALF Exam C2 Sample Papers

Following are the links to download DALF C2 Sample Paper:


DALF Exam C2 Preparation 

It is the last exam you attempt in your course to learn the French language and is the hardest to crack. Unlike the other levels where you will be judged on the basic communication skills, here, you will be judged on your understanding and the comprehension of the language, similar to that of the native speaker. You must be as proficient as a native French speaker. 

In a nutshell, the certificates and patterns used in evaluating the DELF and DALF exams are of the international standard. Once you successfully clear your examination, you are granted a Diploma in the French language that makes you eligible for acquiring the role of the translator, academic, or any other field where the French language is required. 

Because of the advanced nature, you will be tested not just on your vocabulary but the context in which you use that vocabulary. For the preparation for the exam, you can take up multiple ways such as self-study, group study, or undergoing training, anything that will help you clear your exam.