Complete List of Nihongo center in India: Location, Exam, Fees [2022]

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The Nihongo center is a Japanese language institute established in 2001. The institute offers will teach you the Japanese language; if you are a Japanese national, you can also take their English and Hindi courses. In addition, the institute tries to promote international brotherhood between India and Japan by teaching the Japanese language and culture. 

Nihongo Center Courses Offered

You will find two types of courses at Nihongo Center Delhi: JLPT training courses and Conversational courses. 

  1. JLPT Training Courses

You can train yourself to qualify for the Japanese Language Processing Test (JLPT). It teaches all levels from N1 to N5. You can see the courses in the table below: 

N1 Advanced Course100 hours
N2 and N3Pre-Advanced Course III100 hours
Pre-Advanced Course II100 hours
Pre-Advanced Course I100 hours
N4Intermediate Course II100 hours
Intermediate Course I100 hours
N5Fundamental Course II100 hours
Fundamental Course Iurs
  1. Conversation Courses

These courses intend to build Japanese conversational skills in you. The following table gives the list of them.

Basic Conversation Course I (for business)30 hours
Basic Conversation Course II30 hours

Course Details

Read on to know more about the courses mentioned above. 

Fundamental Course I 

There is no selection procedure for this course. You will get selected if there is a vacancy. This course is for you if you have not studied the Japanese language. Here, you will learn to use the Japanese language for day-to-day communication. That means you will learn to read and write three different Japanese texts. Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji; you will learn about 50 Chinese characters and around 400 words. The teaching methodology, developed by Japanese language experts, will teach you these very efficiently. The classes will be mainly in Japanese for an immersive experience. 

Fundamental Course II

To get selection, you either need to have the above certification or you have to give an entrance test. This course is for people who already know the materials taught in Fundamental Course I. You will be proficient enough to clear the JLPT N5 exam. In this course, you will learn basic grammar; you will be able to read and write basic sentences in Japanese. 

Intermediate Course I

You need JLPT N4 or N5 Certificate to get selected for this course. Or, if you think you have the necessary knowledge, you can take the entrance exam. After completing the course, you can talk to Japanese nationals about lifestyles and ideas. You would be able to exchange basic information and have meaningful discussions. There will be 150 Kanji (Chinese alphabets) and 400 words in this course for you to learn.

Intermediate Course II

It would be best if you had JLPT N4, or you must clear the entrance exam to get admission to this course. You will learn limited grammar, 300 Chinese characters, and 1500 words. You can carry out a more extended conversation and read and write simple sentences. 

Pre-Advanced Course I

This course is for you if you have N3 or N4 certification. You can also get admission based on an entrance exam conducted by the center. You will learn day-to-day conversation, polite workplace language, and Japan’s work environment here. In addition, you will learn about 400 Chinese characters and 2500 words. 

Pre-Advanced Course II

This course is for those who have JLPT N3 equivalent knowledge of the Japanese language. Therefore, you either need a Nihongo Pre-Advanced Course I certification, or you must pass the Nihongo entrance exam. You will learn about 1000 Kanji Chinese characters and 6000 words. In addition, you will be able to converse, read, and write any general topic. 

Pre-Advanced Course III

You need a Pre-Advanced Course II certification or an entrance test for this course. In this course, you will mainly practice the knowledge you have to clear JLPT N2 exam. You must pass the N2 exam to get a job as a Japanese language professional. 

Advance Course

You either should have a JLPT N2 certificate or must pass the Nihongo entrance exam. This course is for those who want to work as translators or interpreters. You will be able to clear the N1 exam after this course. 

Conversational Course

After the conversational course of Japnese, you will be able to participate in the situational conversation. You will learn how to manage the situation where you have to talk in Japanese to get something done or how to convey a message or gain information. Here, you only will be focussing on communication skills, not grammar. You will also learn about contemporary Japanese culture. 

Nihongo center Address

33 A, Ground Floor, Saidulajab, M. B. Road, Near Saket Metro Station, New Delhi – 110030

Nihongo Center Description

The Nihongo Center, Saket, New Delhi, has highly skilled and motivated Japanese and Indian teachers. Their expertise helps them to cater to the needs of industries wanting highly qualified Japanese professionals. 

The leading faculty at the Center is Ms. Noriko Nasukava, who graduated from Chuo University. Her specialization is English literature, and she has been in India for about 25 years. Additionally, she has an MA and M. Phil in Sociology from Jawaharlal Nehru University and has been a Japanese Language Specialist at AOTS( Association for Overseas Technical Scholarship, New Delhi ). 

At the center, you will learn Japanese using the Easy Learning Methodology developed by language specialists. As a result, you will be able to speak Japanese well instead of just memorizing and repeating words and phrases. 


Nihongo Center Fees

Nihongo Center Saket Fees Start around INR 18000. It may change; therefore, you must contact the center to know the current rates.