Ultimate Guide to Get French Certification in 2022

You find yourself drawn to the language of love and can’t help but bombard your friends with french words you learned from your favorite French movies. Now it’s time you move on from learning only a few basic French words & do a French certificate course so that you can assess a sufficient degree of […]

How To Crack French Language Certification In India: A Complete Guide

If you’re serious about seeing the world, learning French is a great way to get started. This is because over 76.8 million people around the world speak French as their first language. International standards in literature and science have long relied on the use of French. Understanding this language gives you access to a broader […]

ICSE French Sample Papers with Solutions

French can be a high-scoring language. Students must practice grammar and sentence formation and study according to the class 9-10 ICSE French syllabus. Experts created the syllabus after extensive research and analysis of the subject. Students must pay close attention to the foundation concepts of French because this is the first step in learning the […]

How to Land French Language Jobs in 2022?

Finally, you have wrapped your head around the French Language. You are now a master of intermediate to advanced level French. Now all you are looking for are job opportunities after learning French, right? Seems easy enough. All you have to do is pack your bags, bruise those passports, and swap the masalas of India […]

French Sample Papers for All Levels with Solutions [2022]

Studying French is a terrific way to get started if you want to travel the world. This is because approximately 76.8 million individuals worldwide speak French as their native language. International standards in literature and science have long relied on the usage of French. Understanding this language gives you a larger view of the world […]

CBSE French Sample Papers with Solutions [2022]

CBSE French sample papers are mock tests which are created according to the latest syllabus and blueprints and guidelines followed by CBSE every year. CBSE 10 French sample paper is designed as an exact replica of the board question papers. They are made in the same pattern and are 100 marks. They are prepared a […]

Best Way To Learn French In Mumbai

There has never been a better time for Learning French in Mumbai. A curious statement, isn’t it? Let us explain! Mumbai is a metropolitan melting pot of cultures, traditions, and languages. The city, for decades, has attracted people from all over the country with its treasure trove of opportunities.  Today, the city hosts some of […]

Best Way to Learn French in Kolkata

French is one of the world’s oldest and most widely spoken languages. Nearly 350 million people speak the language, which can be attributed to its widespread use throughout six continents. It’s amazing to note how many English words we use now have their roots in French. Schools, universities, institutes, and French embassies in India all […]

How long does it take to learn French (For All Levels)

The journey to learn French for beginners starts with numerous questions, second thoughts, and challenges. For a language enthusiast, however, it is always a good decision to learn new languages that may serve as a medium to communicate better globally. Also, there are other reasons like work, education, or film and literature interest that may work behind […]

What Are the Best Apps to Learn French

Have you always wanted to learn French but could never find the right platform to start the journey? We decided to put together the best apps for you to learn French. French is often regarded as the most romantic language of all time, which needs to be learned with great intent and utmost dedication. Hence, […]