Ultimate Guide to Get Japanese Certification in 2022

Learning a new language has become the recent trend in the post covid world. Learning it from the comfort of home has become the new normal way of doing different things. While there are a variety of hobbies available for Indians, learning Japanese has always been the most opted one amongst many. Credit goes to […]

The Ultimate Guide To Getting Spanish Certification In 2022

Are you looking to get Spanish citizenship, work, or study in a country that speaks Spanish, then you will need to undergo a Spanish language certification test to prove your proficiency level. There are five internationally recognized Spanish certifications and these are required for getting admitted to universities, getting a job, and sharing these with […]

Testdaf Exams: Dates, Format, Questions & How to Pass [2022]

Testdaf stands for Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache which translates to ‘Test of German as a foreign language’ and is a German proficiency language test for non-native German speakers. The Testdaf exam covers levels B2 to C1 on a scale of six laid down by the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). The Testdaf […]

Spanish Sample Papers For All Levels With Solutions [2022]

What are Spanish Sample Papers? The Cervantes Institute awards DELE degrees on behalf of the Spanish Ministry of Education, which the U.S. Department of Education recognizes. They are recognized all over the world and have long-term validity. Instituto Cervantes offers six levels of DELE Spanish tests for adults, in conformity with the six levels of […]

JLPT Exam: Dates, Format, Questions & How to Pass [2022]

JLPT stands for Japanese-Language Proficiency Test, a standard test for certifying your Japanese language proficiency for non-native speakers. If you speak Japanese and want to get your skills certified, this is the test you need to take. It covers your knowledge of the Japanese language and your ability to read and write in Japanese. You […]

How Long Does It Take To Learn Spanish (For All Levels)

Nowadays, many people want to learn Spanish. You might be confused about whether to choose a traditional physical classroom teaching or opt for phone apps teaching foreign languages on the go. However, Spanish is more than just learning new vocabulary or repetitive grammar exercises. The best way to learn Spanish is by gaining fluency through […]

Japanese Sample Papers for All Levels with Solutions [2022]

The majority of people in Japan speak Japanese as their primary language. It features straightforward vowel systems and simple phonetics. This could be a wonderful place to start for individuals who want to learn a new language. Additionally, pupils would learn Japanese culture and grammar in order to put their newfound knowledge into practice. It […]

ICSE Spanish Sample Papers with Solutions [2022]

Students can manage their time much better by creating a sample paper that looks like a real exam question that takes 3 hours to complete. Sample papers are a very important tool for understanding the distribution of grades and the types of questions and familiarizing yourself with sample exams. But above all, these papers are […]

ICSE Japanese Sample Papers with Solutions [2022]

Don’t know where all these months went by with movies, series, and hanging out with your friends, and now the Exams are right on the corner & you haven’t even started preparing for them? Don’t worry; the first and most important thing is to get your basics right. After covering your basics, the next step […]

How to land Spanish Language Jobs in 2022?

Learning a second language is always beneficial, and there are multiple persuasive reasons for learning Spanish. The most important being Employability. Spanish can be useful in literally any career path, but some specific Spanish language jobs demand Spanish fluency.  In today’s world, where competition is rising, companies worldwide are becoming more associated and are looking […]