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Are you embarking on your journey to learn Spanish in Delhi? It is your best decision. You should not be left behind with the world and technology jumping ahead. And what better way to stay ahead of the curve than to learn Spanish? Speaking of top institutes, there are several popular Spanish learning institutes in Delhi. Furthermore, learning Spanish from language-certified teachers makes your journey more exciting. A teacher’s best quality is identifying students’ curiosity and turning it into their specialty. So, imagine learning the Spanish language from such teachers and getting the best outputs. 

Learning Spanish can be very interesting. But what makes it even more exciting is learning with the knowledge of what it offers to you. So, let’s dive deep and understand the advantages of learning Spanish.

Why Learn Spanish?

Spanish is known to be a global language and is spoken by around 500 million people worldwide. So, if you are a travel freak and like to roam around the world, you must learn Spanish. It removes the language barriers and lets you explore different cultures. Furthermore, it opens multiple career opportunities like tourism, journalism, foreign service, etc., for you. You can also explore Spanish MNC jobs in the USA, where Spanish is the second important language. 
It makes you stand out from the crowd and turn into a lifetime asset for you. The best part? The language is not difficult to learn. You can join the best institute to learn Spanish in Delhi. However, you must complete Spanish language certifications to prove your mastery of this language. Let’s dig into the detail.

Spanish Language Certifications

If you ever wish to study and work in a Spanish-speaking country, you need to prove your Spanish language proficiency. Spanish language certifications help you with that. In addition, these certifications can prove your language skills to employers, immigration departments, etc. The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) measures your Spanish proficiency level on a scale from beginner A1 to proficient C2. This proficiency is measured based on your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills. Spanish language certifications include the following tests.

  1. DELE: This exam is suitable for post-secondary students, working professionals, and Visa and citizenship seekers. DELE Spanish diploma is divided into six levels, and the test is adapted for A1, A2, and B1 levels. There is no expiration date for this test.
  2. SIELE: The test is for post-secondary students and working professionals. Unlike DELE, these exams are valid for five years. Following are the categories of the SIELE exam:
    • SIELE Global (In this exam, students can certify all four language skills in a single test)
    • Listening
    • Writing
    • Speaking

You can book your online test slot and receive the test results and certificate in up to a maximum of three weeks.

  1. CELU: Like SIELE, working professional or post-secondary students can appear for this test. CELU generally takes place twice a year, in June and November month. The test covers intermediate and advanced levels only. You can check your results two months after the exam on the website.
  2. TELC: You need to give this test offline, and you can collect the result and certificates six months from your exam date.
  3. ECL: This test is for professionals and visa seekers. It checks your reading, writing, and listening skills and certifies your B1, B2, and C1 levels. You can get your certificates within one month of the test.

To pass these tests, you should practice them in advance. You can also join Spanish classes in Delhi to train yourself for Spanish certifications. For instance, you can learn Spanish from Curiotory in Delhi. It is the best online platform to learn the Spanish language in Delhi. Let’s take a look at what learning Spanish from Curiotory is different.

Pros of Learning Spanish from Curiotory in Delhi

Curiotory offers you, Spanish learning classes from professionally certified native teachers. The teachers with strong academic backgrounds value global culture and believe in each student’s ability. With proper training at Curiotory, you can master this language in reading, listening, speaking and pronunciation, basic grammar, pragmatic awareness, etc. You get this training in two levels for three months. 
The best part? Curiotory not only believes in giving the best training but also evaluates success. Teachers help you assess your learning and work on your weak areas. As a result, it prepares you to crack your Spanish certification exams. Furthermore, after completing the course, you can expect language fluency and speak confidently to native speakers. Lastly, what makes Curiotory the best place to learn Spanish in Delhi is the course structure it offers. Yes, you get customized training based on your unique needs.

Best Institutes to Learn Spanish in Delhi

You can explore these top three Spanish language institutes in Delhi.

  1. Instituto Cervantes: The institute was founded in the year 1991. It has professionally trained Spanish teachers to offer excellent training to the students. The institute offers courses in twenty levels, from level A1 to level C2.

Address: 48 Hanuman Road, Connaught Place, New Delhi.

Fees: Instituto Cervantes’s Spanish language course fee in Delhi is INR 15,500 for weekdays and INR 16,500 for weekend courses.

Course Duration: Each level has a course duration of 60 hours.

Curriculum: The course curriculum is divided into three categories.

Review: “Amazing faculty and amazing ambiance for learning Spanish language.”By Chahat Mandlay

Pros &Cons: It is the only authorized institute to conduct the Spanish DELE certification exam in Delhi.

Is Certification Offered: Successful candidate gets an official diploma certificate.

  1. Instituto Hispania: This Spanish language institute in Delhi was established in 1997. It is one of the oldest Spanish Institutes. In Hispania, the native and experienced trainers provide a high-quality class to the students. The institute follows the guidelines set by CEFR and International Spanish tests DELE, SIELE, and DIE. It is an authorized center for SIELE.

Address:  Building No. 6, Panchsheel Community Centre, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi.

Fees: Each level’s fee of Hispania is around INR 13,559.

Course Duration: 60 Hours

Curriculum: This course divides levels into three categories.

  • Basic module (A1+A2)
  • Intermediate Module (B1 + B2)
  • Advanced Module (C1 + C2)

Review: “All the teachers are very good and also the administration, I am learning Spanish from here, and I am really enjoying it. I am glad to choose this institute for learning Spanish, All the members of the institute are very cooperative, I will suggest that those who want to learn Spanish, Join It Now”- By Mohd Imran

Pros and Cons: Its affordable price point also stands out for its friendly environment and prime location.

Is Certification Offered: You receive a globally recognized proficiency certificate.

  1. Henry Harvin: This Spanish course institute in Delhi ranks among the top list of Spanish course institutes. The academy has highly skilled 15 Plus years of experienced trainers to enhance your language skills.

Address:  B-46/6, Wazirabad Road, Near ICICI Bank, Bhajanpura, Delhi 110053.

Fees: The course fee structure starts from INR 12,500 for the A1 level to INR 17,500 for the C2 level.

Course Duration: The course duration ranges from 56 to 66 hours based on level.

Curriculum: The course curriculum is divided into six levels, from A1 level to C2 level.

  • A1: Beginner level
  • A2: The upper beginner level
  • B1: The intermediate level
  • B2: The upper intermediate level
  • C1: The advanced level
  • C2: The upper advanced level

Review: “The intense training at each level for Henry Harvin’s online Spanish language course proved to be highly beneficial for my preparation for the DELE exam. The LMS portal helped me to access the recorded video sessions and revise the topics covered during the training.” –By  Akshay

Pros & Cons: The 9 in 1 Spanish course at Henry Harvin offers you training, projects, internship, course completion certificates, placement, and more. The best part? You get gold membership benefits like free Bootcamp sessions for 1 year.

Is Certification Offered: Yes


  1. Is Spanish easy to learn?

Yes, Spanish is easy language to learn. English speakers can quicky learn this language as Spanish uses the same alphabet as English. 

  1. When can I start learning Spanish?

There is no age bar to learning an exciting language such as Spanish. You can learn the Spanish language at any age. However, learning any language at an early age is always helpful.

  1. Can I learn Spanish on my own?

You can learn the basics of the language on your own. For that, practices like watching Spanish movies with subtitles, reading books, listening to Spanish music, etc., are useful. But, to speak like a native speaker, you must have a core understanding of Spanish grammar. You can get that by enrolling in a structured Spanish language course in Delhi.

  1. How long does it take to speak Spanish fluently?

Generally, you can expect fluency in the Spanish language in around eight to twelve months. However, as per FSI, you can learn Spanish in about six months with three hours of daily effort. For added advantage, you can join a Spanish course in Delhi to speak Spanish fluently in lesser time.

  1. Is learning Spanish online possible?

Yes, the vast technology has made everything possible. For example, you can enroll in an online Spanish learning course like Curiotory and learn Spanish anywhere at your convenience.