Best Way To Learn Japanese In Kolkata

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Do you intend to study Japanese as a second language? It is not necessary to travel to Japan and learn their native language. What you can learn in Japan may easily be learned everywhere you have an internet connection and a smartphone or laptop. The need for the Japanese language is expanding due to the growing demand in the job sector. So, in this article, let us have a look at the best venues where one can take up Japanese language course in Kolkata. As you may be aware, due to the current scenario, which is post covid, studying the Japanese language can be accomplished in one of two ways, either offline or online. However, due to the intricacies of the language, it is better to have instructor-led teaching to learn the language in both offline and online modes. Many training institutes offer teacher-based training models to teach the language offline and online.

Why learn Japanese?

Though there are a lot of benefits in learning a new language, let us quickly go through five major benefits of learning Japanese,

  • Career Scope of Learning the Japanese language is high – Japan is leading in many domains such as automobile, retail, animation, electronics, and what not. Learning the native language will help increase the individual’s career scope.
  • Work or Study in Japan – Opportunities to work or study in Japan will eventually increase for individuals skilled in their native language.
  • Demand for Japanese Translators, Interpreter & Trainer is high in India – Within India, the demand for translators and interpreters for the Japanese language is growing, especially within the Government sectors. Individuals who master the language will easily find a spot and grab a job opportunity.
  • Low Competition and High Competitive edge – One of the rarest East Asian languages taught in India is Japanese. Due to this reason, the Japanese language has gained a very low competition and high competitive edge.
  • Unique Culture, Music, and Movies – The Japanese have an interesting culture, which will interest fellow learners very well. In addition to that, the music and the movie culture are amazing. The point to note here is that the Japanese music and film industry has fans across the globe.

Japanese language certification:

JLPT – Japanese Language Proficiency Test is the world’s most generally recognized certification of the Japanese language. The certification program comes up with five levels (N5, to and N1), each having its own difficulty. The base level of certification is N5, while the highest level is N1, which is the most complex. There are numerous advantages to becoming JLPT certified. You can get into many schools and colleges if you have two or three levels of JLPT certification. It can also assist you in obtaining employment in Japan. The most significant benefit of passing the N1 level is the ability to obtain a 5-year visa and the possibility of obtaining permanent residency in Japan. It also aids in the acquisition of visas for your spouse and parents.

Learn Japanese with Curiotory:

Curiotory offers certification to learn Japanese from both native and Indian professionals. They provide a platform to register for the certification, provide material to learn the language, conduct instructor-led Japanese classes in Kolkata, with a predefined syllabus, and distribute certifications, which are of tremendous value globally.

Pros of learning Japanese with Curiotory:

  • Japanese comes with three different writing systems. Curiotory’s course structure is designed so that the individual can master all three writing systems upon completion of the training program.
  • The certification is recognized globally, and you will have the advantage of grabbing the best job opportunity based out of Japan.
  • Curiotory is one of the best places to learn the language, where you will meet a lot of people within the community and increase your knowledge.
  • Curiotory’s instructors are all native language speakers and Indian teachers with a high level of expertise. Their enthusiasm for Japanese culture makes them ideal instructors for teaching you how to converse effectively.

How learning on Curiotory is better than other institutes?

Due to the below aspects, Curiotory stands far ahead in coaching individuals to learn the Japanese language. While other institutes in Kolkata offer similar syllabus structures, Curiotory’s teaching model is unique and different and is loved by all of the passouts of Curiotory.

  1. Listening – improve listening skills and comprehend the information correctly to understand the language easily.
  2. Reading – learn up to four thousand words which will help in day-by-day speaking.
  3. Speaking and pronunciation – Kanji characters are the most complex in the Japanese writing system. Curiotory teaches nearly four hundred to five hundred Kanji characters.
  4. Basic grammar – Basic grammar patterns are taught to express daily life scenarios, talk to native speakers with ease, and sustain a decent life in their homeland.
  5. Japanese culture – One of the unique cultures globally is the Japanese culture. Curiotory teaches not only the language but also its culture. Knowing the language can only help us talk to people but understanding the culture will assist us in understanding the native people themselves.

Best institutes to learn Japanese in Kolkata

Below are the list of a few major institutes who also provide a learning platform for the Japanese language. The syllabus and curriculum followed by each of these institutes along with the Japanese language course fees in Kolkata is compiled in the table below.

NameInternational institute of language and culture
LocationBD Block, Sector 1, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal 700064
FeesRs. 4000 per semester
Course duration6 months
CurriculumThe course offers certification in the basics of the Japanese language, conversation, and basic grammar. Additional focus is also spent on reading, writing, and listening skills.
Pros and consThe institute offers individuals best in class, industry-standard teaching and training. However, only online classes are part of the semester, and this institute does not offer onsite classes.
NameSister Nivedita University
LocationDG Block(Newtown), Action Area I, 1/2, Newtown, New Town, West Bengal 700156
FeesRs. 7500 per semester
Course duration2 years diploma course
CurriculumThe course offers a certification that comes with basics of the Japanese language, conversation, and basic grammar. In addition to reading, writing, and listening skills, Japanese culture and etiquette are also part of the syllabus.
Pros and consPlacement programs are also conducted in this institute. The course duration is comparatively longer when compared to other institutes.
NameNILI- Japanese Language Institute
Location82, Kali Kumar Majumdar Rd, Santoshpur, Kolkata – 700075
FeesRs. 8000
Course duration6 months
CurriculumThe course offers all the Japanese language proficiency test levels from N1 to N5.
Pros and consJLPT syllabus is covered in this course duration which is recognized globally. However, only online classes are offered by this institute.

Frequently asked questions:

  1. Will Japanese be hard for beginners?

Japanese, amongst many, is one of the most difficult languages to master. There are three different Japanese writing systems: katakana, hiragana, and kanji. Katakana and hiragana are phonetic alphabets, whereas kanji is a graphical representation of thought rather than a sound. Japanese also uses verbs after sentences, making it difficult for English-speaking children and young adults to understand. In addition to this, native Europeans also find it difficult to learn an East Asian language due to this factor. However, the Japanese language is simpler than English in terms of conjugations, pluralization, and tenses usage.

  1. When can an individual learn Japanese?

The ability to acquire new languages is influenced by a person’s age, just as it is with any other language. But this merely means that anyone can learn the Japanese language, no matter how old or young. Kids and young people learn faster because they can pick up new accents and sounds more easily than adults. Adults learn smarter with a situational grasp of typical discussions since their attention spans are longer.

  1. How long will it take to get fluent in the Japanese language?

In about 3 months, you will be quite fluent in Japanese. However, this also depends on the overall nature of the language learning course. By the end of Curiotory’s Japanese course, you will be able to connect with native Japanese speakers about everyday situations that are spoken at a natural pace. Though you will be able to quickly learn the language, learning their culture is the most crucial thing.

  1. Why are virtual classes with instructor-led training the best way to learn Japanese?

As you may know, the world has been moving away since 2020, post covid. Even if there was no pandemic, it would have been only a matter of time before the learning journey was digitized. The future of language learning, or any other learning for that matter, is becoming increasingly online. People have less time to master them than before. As such, they rely on virtual platforms like Curitory to pursue travel and career opportunities from the comfort of their home. However, instructor-led virtual classes help individuals to converse with their teachers directly.

  1. Is self-learning possible with Japanese?

Learning Hiragana, Katakana and Kanji are possible by downloading course materials from the internet and watching video content on OTT platforms. However, keep in mind that there are three complex writing systems in Japanese, each with its own nuances. There is also a hierarchy of politeness that requires cultural awareness to understand. Therefore, if you want to hear, speak and understand Japanese correctly, please consider opting for instructor-led certification programs.