Best Way To Learn German In Kolkata

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Learning German will help you in pursuing a global career. You can work with global business connections in the tourism and hospitality sector. You will also be eligible for interpreting or German language teaching jobs. You may have many queries regarding the best way to learn German in Kolkata; continue reading to find out more.

Now, it is always advisable to learn a particular language from a mentor; this will help you extremely, especially if you want to get certified. Learning German on your own may be quite time-consuming and ineffective. These teachers will help you find your weakness and advise you on ways to improve. They will rectify you in case you understand a particular concept incorrectly. They will clear your doubts in a jiffy and help you solve assessments, and monitor your progress.

The next question you may have is whether you should take up an offline or an online course. To answer it, the best way to learn German is by taking up an online course simply because you can learn German anytime and anywhere. If you live in an area where it’s hard to find a German teacher, you can easily opt for an online class, and there, these geographical boundaries will not disturb you. Virtual classrooms add several other modalities like teaching using music, games, and videos. It also helps you attain a global perspective by talking with native German speakers. 
If you’re looking for an online German language course in Kolkata, look no further. Curiotory provides one of the best language learning platforms where native and Indian German teachers will teach you. Quick, enroll now; the first lesson is absolutely free.

Why learn German?

There are plenty of compelling reasons for learning German. Compared to all the advantages of higher studies in Germany, career growth, persuasion of a hobby, and immigration are the motivation. Listed below are some of the advantages of learning German: –

  • Career growth is one of the most important influencers in learning German. Being fluent in German will open up new job opportunities in healthcare and medicine, automobile, logistics, education, entertainment, power and utility, information technology, tourism, etc. Having a German language certification in your resume will broaden your chances of working in international cooperation.
  • Germany offers various study programs like bachelor’s, master’s, doctoral and postdoctoral. The universities have a good international reputation, and the degrees thus earned are also internationally renowned.  
  • The German-speaking countries have produced some of the best musical, literary, artistic, and philosophical minds throughout history. They are quite famous for their music and movies. If you’re fluent in German, you can enjoy the artists’ works in their original form. Hence knowing this language gives you an insight into their way of life, hopes, and dreams. 
  • The second most scientific language commonly used and the third-largest bestower to research and development is German. German scientists have gotten more than a hundred novel prizes.  
  • When you know German, you can learn and gain more knowledge once you visit Germany. You can converse with them in their native language and understand the people rather than communicating via your tour guide.

Apart from these, there are many other benefits of learning German, so if you want to do it right, look for the best German classes in Kolkata.

German Language Certification

German language certification certifies your fluency in German. Non-native speakers are required to take a German certification test to be internationally recognized. Not only do they check your academic and formal knowledge of the language but also, they monitor your communication skills. Some of the best German-language certification tests are: –

  • Goethe-Institut is an organization that the German Government partly funds. They have created a series of exams that will validate your German language knowledge at six levels that correspond with the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) levels.

  • TELC (The European Language Certificate) provides certification in German. Telc exams generally correspond to the levels of CEFR but they also offer specialized exams on topics like languages for nurses and carers, language in the workplace, university admission, and medical language. This is an internationally recognized certificate that you can use to apply for a residence permit, visa, and citizenship application in Germany. 
  • TestDaf (Test Deutsch als Fremdsprache) is another German language certification for non-native German speakers. This is specifically useful for people who want to study and work in German universities. All the candidates take the same exam divided into levels 3-5, equivalent to levels B2-C1 in CEFR. Passing level 4 is enough for admission requirements in the universities.

DSH (Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang) is the other German language certification that universities accept. The difference between TestDaf and DSH is that instead of being available abroad, you only need to take the exam in a German university. You will be tested on listening, reading, and writing comprehension and give an oral exam. Levels 1-3 of DSH are similar to the CEFR levels B2-C2.

Best Institutes to learn German in Kolkata

  1.  Henry Harvin

Address: – It’s an online learning platform, but the main office is located in Henry Harvin House, B-12, Sector 6, Noida, Uttar Pradesh, 201301

Fees and duration: –

LEVEL           Duration       Fees
    A1       56 Hours   INR 12500/- 
    A2       56 Hours                INR 12500/
    B1       66 Hours              INR 15500/-            
    B2       66 Hours             INR 15500/-   
    C1       66 Hours   INR 17500/- 
    C2       66 Hours   INR 17500/- 

Curriculum: –

Henry Harvin provides basic and advanced level courses that will help you prepare for examinations. You will be taught how to speak in German, grammatical concepts and write a variety of texts. The curriculum is based on the exams like TestDaf, DSH etc.

Review: –

According to some of the reviews of the users, Henry Harvin delivers the best German language course with various options of language levels.

Pros and Cons: – 

According to users, Henry Harvin has an unshakable administration and a very good working environment and culture.

No such cons have been mentioned anywhere.

Is certification offered? Yes, Henry Harvin provides you with a certification.


Address: – Park Mansions, Gate 4, 57A, Park St, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

Fees and duration: –

For the level 1 program, 14 weeks of training are conducted whereas the super intensive week program is for six weeks. 50% scholarship is given to the best student at A2 and B1 levels.

Curriculum: –

Goethe-Institut offers various options in German language courses like Courses for children and young people, Standard German courses, Exam preparation courses, etc. They use a programme known as DLL-Deutsch Lehren Lehren. They conduct an event where you can interact with other German speakers known as Stammtisch.

Review: –

According to the users, Goethe-Institut provides a cutting-edge research-based teaching methodology. Classes are not only lectures; a lot of activities and fun are present. Toppers get full scholarships to study the next level of German.

Pros and Cons: –

Most of the reviews given are towards the positive view of Goethe-Institut. They have excellent teachers and a very good course curriculum which is helpful.


The only con some users complained about is the fee is quite high, and for many students, it is unaffordable. 


Is Certification offered? Yes, Goethe-Institut provides certification.

      3.Institute of German Studies

Address: – Bonhooghly, Baranagar, 13, Saket Nagar, Phase II, Kolkata, West Bengal 700036

Fees and duration: –

There are two types of courses offered- the fast track course, which is for 1-2 months, while the intensive courses are for 2-4 months.
















Curriculum: –

By the end of the course, you will be able to read, write and speak German across the levels A1 to B2. You will be able to pass any certification exam. A1 is the first level where you will be instructed about grammar, vocabulary, and pronunciation.

Review: –

According to various mentees, the teachers and staff are very interactive and always help in solving any doubts. The institute follows the guidelines, which are 

Internationalised and hence it helps you in the certification exams.

Pros and Cons: –

Almost all the reviews provided by the candidates talk about how good, and efficient the teaching staff is. Positive light is spread because it follows the CEFR guidelines, which indirectly helps the students in their certification exams.


A small disadvantage was reported that the number of batches is not many, which caused problems for working candidates. 


Is certification offered? Yes, the Institute of German Studies gives you a course completion certificate.


  1. Are the German language course fees in Kolkata very high? 


Most of the German courses available in Kolkata are around the range of ₹12000 to ₹19000. Off course, you can look for free material on the internet, but these courses are important if you’re applying for exams like Telc or TestDaf.

      2.Are the certificates provided by the German language                       courses in Kolkata accepted internationally? 


At the end of the course, you have chosen you will receive a course completion certificate, and it may be accepted in certain universities. But if you don’t want your proficiency in the German language to be ever questioned, you should give exams like TestDaf or DSH.


       3.TestDaf, Goethe, or DSH, which should I give?


There are no major differences between these, but each has a unique purpose. TestDaf is for people who want to study at a German university. Goethe is a general test that anybody for any purpose can take. DSH is used for admission to any university in Germany as well.