Best Way to Learn French Alphabets

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French is a beautiful language borrowed from Latin. It is the third highest-speaking language in Europe and is also spoken in some parts of Africa, South America, North America, and Asia. This blog will give you a detailed view of the French language alphabet and guide you on how to learn the same. So, keep reading on!

Why Learn the French Alphabets?

Learning the French alphabet will help you with the Pronunciation of the French language. The French alphabet pronunciation is quite different from the English Pronunciation, although the alphabets are similar. What is more important is that even a difference in accents in French words could change the meaning of the word. The variations in sound play a huge role, and you must understand and learn that properly to communicate confidently.  

As you learn to pronounce French words better, your French accent will improve, and you will be able to speak the language effortlessly. Before every lesson, if you take time out to practice the French alphabet, it will be like a verbal warm-up for you to adapt to the French way of speaking the language. 

As more and more you start hearing the sounds of each french phonetic alphabet, it will help you with the dictation part and your writing exercises. You will notice that the combinations of the French alphabet will produce some sounds that are unknown to you, but if you want to polish your skills in spelling, it is necessary. 

How many letters are there in the French alphabet?

Like English, the alphabet in French consists of 26 letters. For native English speakers, these words will look familiar. However, the difference is in the sounds. Some sounds are not found in the English language when it comes to vowels. 

How does the French alphabet work?

There are six vowels and twenty consonants in the French language. Furthermore, five accent marks greatly influence the sound of the French language. Therefore, some pronunciation of French letters can create confusion for native English speakers such as J and G. It is said that they are two of the most difficult words in the French language to learn. 

French alphabet Chart and its Pronunciation

Following is the list of french letters from a to z.  

Alphabets Phonetics 
WDoo bluh vay 
YEe grecks 

How long does it require to learn the French alphabet?

The estimated time of learning the French language is between 23 to 24 weeks for those who speak English. French is listed as a category 1 language by the Foreign Service Institute, Government of India, making it easier for English speakers to read and write the language in a shorter time. 

Tips for learning the French alphabet fast

  • Regular practice with a pronunciation guide 

A pronunciation guide is a must in the process of learning any language. Start using a quality French pronunciation book; many such books are available in the market. You should keep your basics clear about the French alphabet without focusing too much time on them. Just keep them active in your mind by memorizing them every day. Try remembering the names of each alphabet. You will receive audio Pronunciation for each alphabet. You can start with reading and reciting the letters to develop your memory, and soon you will inculcate it as a habit. Else you can pick up a nursery rhyme in French language letters to help you memorize. Songs are a great way of learning, and many people have benefitted from them. You can take the help of social media platforms like YouTube to access these French alphabet songs. 

  • Focus on the consonants sound at the start and end of words 

The sound of the consonants in French depends on their position within the word. As a result, the Pronunciation tends to be different according to how they are placed in a word. Some consonants are sounded at the beginning of a word, while some consonants are not sounded at the end of the word. Pick a new alphabet every week and list out a few words that include that alphabet. It is advisable to use a quality French dictionary to learn the exact Pronunciation of the words you are targeting and to notice the differences in their sounds depending on their location, whether at the beginning or the end of the word. 

You will notice that in some words, the d, x, s, and t are not pronounced when located at the end of the word. This gives the soft ending features of French Pronunciation. There are many such words where d is not pronounced in the end, and in some places, d is sounded in the middle of the word. Learning these things will take time, but this will help in French letter pronunciation.

If you are clueless about where and how to start, you should turn to online resources, which include various types of consonants and their usage in words. 

  • Pronounce vowels with each accent 

The Pronunciation of French words depends on the presence or absence of different accents. The accents influence the sound of an alphabet, and this is an integral part of the French language. There is very little difference between some accents, and all you should do is to make your ear accustomed to the sounds of such accents. Again, you can take guidance from different online sources, which will illustrate the differences between the accents by using a single alphabet. Online sources will teach you how to understand the subtle differences between the accents by emphasizing the phonetics part. 

  • Learn to pair up vowels 

In the French language, there are numerous varieties of vowel pairings that are used to produce sounds of different sorts that appear again and again in words. You can learn through online audio tutorials about such vowel pairings to improve your Pronunciation. Some pairings, for example, the ai sounds differently in French than in English. It sounds like ay in French. So, focus on learning at least one pair of vowels each week. Apart from online learning, you can practice at home by looking for French words in news stories or tv shows for vowel pairing. This part of learning will take time, so you should not be disheartened if you struggle to remember these vowel sounds. 

  • Do phonetic exercises and games 

There is a fun way of learning a language, and this really works. The interactive activities and games are a part of the online French learning programs that will test your skills regarding the alphabet. These programs often include illustrations and audio files to teach students various practical ways to remember French pronunciations and also provide insight into the similarities and dissimilarities between the alphabets. Additionally, you can practice spelling a few French words at home in your free time and try writing them down.  

  • Try applying the French alphabet in real-world situations 

One of the most efficient techniques to learn a language is to apply the letters in real life. You can communicate with other French learners in French or speak with yourself, imitating a real-life conversation. The latter option might sound crazy, but this really helps you learn the French alphabet and the numbers. Also, watching French TV shows or listening to French songs might help in some way.

Learning the alphabet is always the first step toward learning a language. As it is already discussed, French is an easy language to learn for those who can speak English. And for those who don’t, remember practice is the key to your success. It is all about your practice consistency which makes you perfect in any learning process, and the same applies to learning the ABCD in the French language. 


  1. How many vowels are there in the French language?

There are six vowels and twenty consonants found in French. Y is a vowel in French, unlike the English language, where Y is a consonant.

  1. What is the feature of French accent marks?

Some accent marks are found in the French language, and sometimes they can alter the meaning of a word. So, you must carefully put them while writing in French. The following are those accents. 

é – “e accent aigu.”

è – “e accent grave.”

ê – “e accent circonflexe.”

ë – “e tréma.”

  1. What are the most commonly used alphabets in French?

Some commonly used French letters are e, a, i, s, o, l, and t. Among these, e, a and s are mostly used in conversations. 

  1. Which are the least used alphabets in the French language?

Certain letters are not frequently used, such as x, j, k, w, and z. For example, in a French dictionary, the k-word is missing because the alphabet k is not a native French letter, and it is rarely used in conversation.

  1. French is spoken in which countries?

French is used as an official language in many places like Belgium, Switzerland, the democratic republic of Congo, Canada, Madagascar etc.