Best Spanish Newspapers to Learn Spanish in 2023

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Hola! Welcome back to Curiotory’s blog, your online language learning hub. Are you learning Spanish and looking for new ways to improve your skills? Well, today, we’ll share one of our favorite methods – learning Spanish through newspapers. So, if you are an aspirant to learn Spanish with news, then you are in the right place! 

Top Spanish Newspapers for Language Learning 

Spanish newspapers offer a rich resource for language learners. Not only do they cover a wide range of topics, but they also provide an authentic snapshot of the language in use today. Let’s explore some of the best Spanish newspapers for your language journey. 

  • El País – One of the most popular Spanish newspapers globally. It offers a mix of international and national news, making it a perfect resource to improve your Spanish comprehension. 
  • ABC – Another high-ranking Spanish newspaper, known for its formal writing style, is excellent for advanced learners aiming to polish their Spanish language skills. 
  • La Vanguardia – Hailing from Barcelona, La Vanguardia offers a Catalonian perspective on the news. It’s clear and formal Spanish is ideal for intermediate and advanced learners. 
  • El Mundo – This Madrid-based daily newspaper covers a broad range of topics from politics to culture. It’s an excellent source of authentic Spanish language content. 
  • Marca – If you’re a sports fan, this newspaper is for you. Marca is Spain’s leading sports newspaper, covering everything from football to basketball, with a particular focus on Real Madrid and Barcelona football clubs. 

Navigating Spanish Newspapers for Beginners 

If you’re a beginner, fear not. Several newspapers and news sites are beginner-friendly and can help you get started on your journey to learn Spanish with news. 

  • Practica Español – This site blends news articles with language learning. Each article is categorized by level (A1-C2), making it a valuable resource for beginners. 
  • SpanishDict News – Besides being a go-to online dictionary for Spanish learners, SpanishDict offers a news section on its website where it breaks down complex news stories into more digestible, learner-friendly content. 
  • El País English Edition – This version of the renowned Spanish newspaper provides articles in English and Spanish side-by-side, making it a useful tool for beginners to compare translations and understand the context. 

Top Spanish News Sites: Digital Learning 

In our digital age, we also have news sites offering timely and relevant content. These sites provide different forms of media – articles, videos, podcasts, which cater to various learning styles. 

  • BBC Mundo – BBC’s Spanish-language service offers a variety of news articles and videos. 
  • El Huffington Post – This is the Spanish version of the Huffington Post. It provides articles on various topics, including politics, lifestyle, and entertainment. 
  • – The website of Spain’s public broadcasting corporation offers news in different formats – articles, videos, and radio. It’s an excellent resource for learning Spanish through a variety of content. 
  • 20 Minutos – As the name suggests, this site is designed for quick news updates. The articles are usually shorter and easier to digest, making it great for learners. 

Spanish Articles for Learners: A Focused Approach 

Targeted articles for Spanish learners can provide focused language practice. here are more resources that offer Spanish articles designed specifically for learners: 

  • FluentU – This platform uses real-world videos—including news clips—to teach Spanish. It’s an excellent resource to expose yourself to authentic Spanish content in a learner-friendly way. 
  • Yabla – Like FluentU, Yabla offers Spanish learners videos from a wide variety of sources, including news. All videos include interactive subtitles in Spanish and English. 
  • LingQ – Aside from its mini-stories, LingQ offers a vast library of Spanish texts and audio files, which includes news articles. All content is accessible according to your level. 
  • StudySpanish – This website offers grammar and vocabulary lessons for beginners to advanced learners. It also includes reading passages about different topics, including current events, to practice what you’ve learned. 

Popular Spanish Magazines for Language Enrichment 

Beyond newspapers, Spanish magazines provide an exciting way to learn Spanish. let’s delve into some popular Spanish magazines that can further enhance your language skills: 

  • ¡Hola! – This is the Spanish equivalent of Hello magazine. If you’re interested in celebrity news and royal families, this is a magazine to read. It’s also a great resource to learn informal and colloquial Spanish. 
  • El Jueves – If you’re into satire, El Jueves is a Barcelona-based weekly comic magazine known for its humorous and sometimes controversial take on current events. 
  • Muy Interesante – Just as its name indicates (“Very Interesting”), this monthly magazine covers a wide range of topics including science, technology, and history. The language is accessible, and you’ll also gain knowledge on various subjects. 
  • Cosmopolitan en Español – This is the Spanish edition of the popular women’s magazine. It offers articles on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. 
  • Men’s Health en Español – Great for those interested in fitness and health. Reading this magazine, you can learn specific vocabulary related to nutrition, exercise, and well-being. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Q1: Is it helpful to read Spanish newspapers even if I don’t understand everything?  

A1: Yes, absolutely. Reading Spanish newspapers exposes you to authentic language use, helps you grasp new vocabulary in context, and improves your comprehension skills over time. You don’t have to understand every word. Instead, aim to get the gist of the article and use context clues to understand new words. 

Q2: How can I use Spanish newspapers to improve my speaking skills?  

A2: You can read articles out loud to practice pronunciation and intonation. Another good method is to summarize articles orally or discuss them with a language exchange partner or tutor. 

Q3: Are there newspapers or magazines tailored to my specific Spanish level?  

A3: Yes, there are various resources like El País English Edition or LingQ that offer bilingual texts or graded readings suited for different learning levels. As you progress, you can move on to more complex publications. 

Q4: Can I only learn Spain’s Spanish from Spanish newspapers?  

A4: No, there are newspapers from all over the Spanish-speaking world, including Latin American countries. Reading these will introduce you to a variety of accents, slang, and cultural nuances. 

Q5: How can I effectively learn new vocabulary from reading Spanish newspapers?  

A4: You can highlight or note down unfamiliar words and phrases, then look them up in a dictionary. Try to use the new words in your speaking or writing to reinforce your memory. 

Jumpstarting Your Spanish Journey with News Media 

¡Hola, amigos de Curiotory! As you embark on your adventure of learning Spanish, there’s one resource you might not have considered yet – news media. Yes, you heard it right! Engaging with Spanish newspapers, news sites, and magazines can be an immensely rewarding way to accelerate your language journey. 

You might be wondering, why news media? Well, for starters, newspapers and magazines expose you to up-to-date vocabulary, provide insight into Spanish-speaking cultures, and offer authentic, real-world content. Whether you’re just beginning your Spanish expedition or you’re an intermediate learner aiming to refine your skills, there’s a wealth of resources available for you. 

Remember, at Curiotory, our mission is to make language learning accessible, enjoyable, and effective. And incorporating news media into your learning routine aligns perfectly with that. It’s like killing two pájaros with one piedra – you not only improve your Spanish but also stay informed about the world. 

So, are you ready to jumpstart your Spanish journey with news media? Remember, the key is consistency. Read a little bit every day, make it a part of your routine, and watch your Spanish skills flourish. ¡Buena suerte!