Best Podcasts to Learn Spanish in 2023

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Hola! If you’ve made your way to this blog post, it means you’re eager to dive into the exciting world of Spanish language learning. Welcome! Here at Curiotory, we’re ready to assist you in your journey, and what better way to do it than through podcasts? The best podcasts to learn Spanish are only a click away, and this guide will help you find the perfect one to match your learning style and level of expertise. 

Why Learn Spanish Through Podcasts? 

When it comes to language learning, podcasts are truly an unrivaled tool. They offer a host of advantages that make them an excellent option for students of all levels. 

  • Flexible Learning: One of the key benefits of learning Spanish through podcasts is flexibility. With podcasts, you have the freedom to learn at your own pace, in your own time.  
  • Accessible and Cost-Effective: Most podcasts are freely accessible and available on various platforms, including Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. 
  • Wide Variety of Topics: There are Spanish podcasts on virtually every topic imaginable – from news and politics to culture and history, to literature and travel.  

Top Spanish Podcasts for Beginners 

For those just starting out, choosing beginner-friendly Spanish podcasts can make a world of difference. let’s delve deeper into some fantastic Spanish podcasts designed specifically for beginners. 

  • “Coffee Break Spanish”: As the name suggests, this podcast provides bite-sized lessons that you can enjoy during your coffee break. The lessons are engaging and progress from the basics to more advanced topics as you go along. 
  • “Learn Spanish with SpanishDict”: SpanishDict is known for its reliable online Spanish-English dictionary, and their podcast doesn’t disappoint.  
  • “Show Time Spanish”: From the creators of Coffee Break Spanish, this podcast takes learners from beginner to intermediate level. It introduces more complex grammar and vocabulary in an engaging and entertaining way. 

Intermediate Spanish Podcasts for Language Enthusiasts 

If you’re already comfortable with basic Spanish and looking for more of a challenge, here are more top-rated podcasts that cater specifically to intermediate Spanish learners: 

  • “Españolistos”: Co-hosted by a Colombian Spanish teacher and her American husband, this podcast features discussions on culture, history, travel, and life in general, all in Spanish. 
  • “Spanish Obsessed”: This podcast series, hosted by Rob from the UK and Liz from Colombia, offers levels from beginners to advanced.  
  • “LightSpeed Spanish”: Offering podcasts for every level, the intermediate level episodes of LightSpeed Spanish tackle more complex grammar and interesting cultural topics. A fun and educational resource! 

Spanish News Podcasts: Learn and Stay Informed 

here are more options for Spanish news podcasts that can aid you in learning Spanish while staying informed about global happenings: 

  • “El Hilo”: This is a weekly news podcast by Radio Ambulante Estudios, aimed at providing listeners with context on the most important stories in Latin America. 
  • “Café CNN”: An audio version of CNN en Español’s morning show, it’s perfect for Spanish learners interested in the latest news from around the world. 
  • “Las noticias de EL PAÍS”: This podcast from the well-known Spanish newspaper EL PAÍS delivers daily news briefings. 
  • “BBC Mundo”: This podcast provides weekly insight into news and events across the globe in Spanish. 

Podcasts with Transcripts: Enhance Your Learning 

A helpful feature of many Spanish learning podcasts is the availability of transcripts. let’s explore some more Spanish podcasts that come with transcripts. These are excellent resources for improving both your listening and reading skills. 

  • “Radio Ambulante”: This podcast is a Spanish-language narrative journalism project produced by NPR. The show tells Latin American stories where the protagonist shares their own experiences. Transcripts are available in Spanish on their website. 
  • “Unlimited Spanish Podcast”: This podcast uses a unique method to help you improve your Spanish listening and speaking skills. Every episode is accompanied by a transcript and extra learning materials. 
  • “SpanishPod101”: With each episode, SpanishPod101 provides lesson notes and transcripts, which are particularly useful for intermediate and advanced learners. 
  • “Notes in Spanish”: From beginner to advanced levels, each episode of this podcast comes with an accompanying transcript and worksheet. 
  • “Españolistos”: This podcast provides transcripts for each episode, which are a great resource for learning and studying the language. 

Finding the Best Spanish Learning Podcasts on Spotify 

With Spotify being a popular platform for podcasts, it’s a great resource for finding Spanish learning podcasts. here are some more Spanish learning podcasts you can find on Spotify, which cater to different proficiency levels and interests: 

  • “Learn Spanish – Survival Guide”: This podcast helps you learn the essential phrases in Spanish that you might need during travel or everyday life situations. 
  • “Espanol Automatico”: This podcast helps improve your Spanish listening skills and vocabulary with weekly episodes discussing various topics, from culture to motivational tips. 
  • “Spanishland School Podcast”: This podcast helps you improve your Spanish grammar, pronunciation, and listening skills. It’s great for intermediate and advanced Spanish students. 
  • “Hola, ¿qué tal? – Prácticas de Español”: This podcast offers various episodes focusing on different aspects of the Spanish language and culture. It’s suitable for learners at all levels. 

Spanish Grammar Podcasts: A Deep Dive 

Learning Spanish grammar can be a challenge, but podcasts make it easier and more engaging. here are more podcasts specifically focused on helping you understand and master Spanish grammar: 

  • “Spanish Grammar Review”: An interactive audio course hosted by a Spanish professor; this podcast is an excellent resource for in-depth understanding of Spanish grammar. 
  • “LightSpeed Spanish”: This podcast has episodes dedicated to all levels of learners. Their grammar-focused episodes offer clear explanations and practical usage examples. 
  • “Spanish Obsessed”: Along with episodes on various topics, Spanish Obsessed hosts Rob and Liz dedicate many episodes to explaining tricky grammar points. 

Spanish Vocabulary Podcasts: Expand Your Lexicon 

Increasing your vocabulary is crucial for fluency. here are more podcasts that are specifically designed to help you broaden your Spanish vocabulary: 

  • “Learn Spanish with SpanishDict”: This daily podcast provides Spanish learners with a new word or phrase each day, complete with examples and explanations. 
  • “Spanish Vocabulary Builder”: This podcast uses spaced repetition, mnemonic devices, and interactive quizzes to help you expand your Spanish vocabulary. 
  • “15 Minute Spanish for Your Job”: This podcast not only helps you understand spoken Spanish better but also introduces specific vocabulary related to different professions. 

Frequently Asked Question (FAQs) 

Q1: I’m learning Spanish for a business trip. Are there podcasts that focus on business Spanish? 

A1: Yes, there are. The podcast “15 Minute Spanish for Your Job” is an excellent resource for learning the specific language used in various professional settings. 

Q2: I want to learn Spanish slang and informal language. Do any podcasts teach this?  

A2: Indeed, “Notes in Spanish” and “Doorway to Mexico” have episodes where they discuss informal language and slang. 

Q3: Are there Spanish podcasts for children?  

A3: Yes, podcasts like “Rockalingua” and “BookBox Spanish” are designed specifically for children learning Spanish. 

Q4: Do I need to pay to access these Spanish learning podcasts?  

A4: Most Spanish learning podcasts are available for free, but some may offer premium content or services for a fee. You can usually access them on platforms like Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and their own websites. 

Embracing the Power of Podcasts for Spanish Mastery 

As we wrap up our in-depth exploration of Spanish learning podcasts, it’s clear that these resources are much more than mere broadcasts. They’re effective learning tools, packed with lessons that span grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, and cultural nuances of the Spanish-speaking world. From beginners to advanced learners, there’s a podcast out there tailored to your proficiency level and learning style. 

So, equip your headphones, subscribe to some podcasts and take a bold step towards Spanish mastery. Happy listening, or as we say in Spanish, “Feliz escucha”! 

And remember, as we say at Curiotory, it’s never too late to start a new language journey. Embrace the adventure and learn on!