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If you believe that studying Japanese must be nerve-wracking, you should reconsider. Playing Japanese video games could be the key to teaching you the language. Video games are a great way to improve your Japanese. Playing games while learning Japanese will challenge your intellect in a completely different way. These Japanese video games are some of the finest for learning the language. However, first, let’s talk about how to use video games to learn a language.

Why Learn Japanese Languages through Games?

It’s too simple to turn your brain off when playing Japanese video games. Because you already know what to do, you’ll either ignore the Japanese or rely on the subtitles. Avoid getting caught up in this passive learning trap!

Even though playing a game you don’t understand might be irritating, you will only learn once you persevere in Japanese. And it gets more and more satisfying as you keep studying and begin to recognize frequent terms and patterns.

How Does Playing Games Help To Learn Japanese?

The finest way to learn Japanese is by playing video games. Playing games can help you learn new words and grammar while enhancing your cognitive abilities. If you think learning Japanese must be boring, you should think again. Playing video games as you study Japanese will test your brain differently. These games are challenging and loaded with the Japanese language. You may learn more about the language and culture while also honing your Japanese skills by playing these games.

The best Games to learn Japanese according to your level

Here are some amazing Japanese video games you may play to improve your language skills.

  1. The best Games to learn Japanese for beginners

Tako’s Japanese

one of the top Apps; you may learn Japanese with this app if you choose. Playing the Learn Japanese with Tako game on your smartphone is fun!

This program’s kanji characters and grammar are at JLPT N5 levels, which is its best feature. So naturally, this will be the best method to learn basic Japanese. In addition, this app has a ton of entertaining mini-games. You may learn languages at your speed with the help of this app.

The best way to learn Japanese: Takos Japanese | Androidsis

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Slime Forest Adventure

Slime Forest Adventure is a superb beginner’s method to expose you to simple hiragana and katakana, helping you get started with the foundations of Japanese. The former is the foundational building component of the Japanese language.

After that, you may practice the fundamentals using the free version of this adventure exercise. However, if you want to learn about more advanced kanji and challenging phrases, you may pay for the upgraded study model. The free version is sufficient for casual novices who want to study katakana.

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One of the simplest Japanese video games to learn from is Pokémon, a jovial catch-’em-all RPG. It allows you to choose your language when you begin a new game. Once you’ve done that, you may choose between kana only or kanji as the game’s reading mode (without furigana). Even though most Pokémon have names that may confuse you at first, the game contains several English-borrowing words. Onomatopoeia and words that recur frequently enough to be remembered will be taught to you. Pokémon Go is also available in Japanese. Change the language on your phone to Japanese so you can study Japanese on the road!

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  1. The best Games to learn Japanese for intermediate level

My Japanese coach

My Japanese coach uses a different pedagogical approach to make learning Japanese simpler. Certainly, it will help you understand it fast.

There are many different classes to take. Naturally, you may learn a lot about the Japanese language through this video game, with the proper spelling for each character. The game may still be played if you still have an old Nintendo DS or 3DS.


One of the greatest apps quite well-known among Japanese language learners is KawaiNihongo, often known as Kawaii. Using this software, you may learn Japanese for free at every level, from beginner to advanced. Of course, the language of everything in English, which is crucial. You can learn Japanese more quickly with the aid of this software. Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji, reading and writing lessons, may be learned using adorable and vibrant flashcards. Here, you may practice mnemonics and play entertaining games to learn Japanese.

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This Japanese role-playing game came out in 2017 and has been a huge hit. You may use different words in this game as weapons. As they play the game, this gives players a quick overview of Japanese. If you don’t know any Japanese, there is no pressure put on you. As you play the game more frequently, it will happen eventually.

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  1. The best Games to learn Japanese for Advanced level

Katakana War

Everyone can gain from learning a little bit of survival Japanese, and this entertaining game can help you do that. It shows several anime characters going on a word-learning excursion while also picking up katakana. One of Japan’s three primary writing systems is this one. The developers originally intended to create this software and set out to do so by funding AUD 5,000. However, it was almost five times that much, so even the initial iteration could include a manga chapter with illustrations in addition to hiragana and katakana study flashcards. Prior Japanese language proficiency is optional, which makes this fantastic software. Beginners will be able to play the game with ease and pick up new skills as they go. With each new game, you’ll meet some new katakana characters, make new friends, and come across some threatening foes. This is a fantastic method to start learning Japanese and have a good time.

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Persona 5 

The wildly well-liked turn-based role-playing game Persona is set in a Tokyo high school. Fun music, an original plot, and intricate character relationships all come together in Persona. Since the game is so detailed, walking the streets of Tokyo in-game, is almost a perfect replica of the real thing. You’ll assume the roles of youthful high school students, so you’ll hear lots of slang. You’ll learn about Keigo through Persona 5’s new maid function (respectful speech). Japanese audio with English subtitles is an option in Persona 5. Pay attention to the characters’ complex verbal interactions, new terminology, and grammar. You probably have a good understanding of one of the most well-known Japanese video games of all time.

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Tips on Learning Japanese through Games

Although learning a new language can be intimidating, there are several ways to simplify the process. You can learn any language by playing games, for example. Following are some pointers for using video games to learn Japanese:

1. Select video games appropriate for the language you are studying.

Vocabulary games, flashcards, and word games are a few well-liked activities for language acquisition. Please make sure the game you select is relevant to the topic you are studying because this will make it easier for you to retain the material. 

2. Regularly engage in the game.

You will get better at the game the more you play it. Playing the game frequently can help you build a solid basis for learning Japanese, so make sure to do so.

3. Dedicate some time to language study.

You don’t need to learn quickly; instead, take your time to fully comprehend the information you took in and be consistent in what you do to learn.

4. Use the game to work on your pronunciation of Japanese

Along with the game, practice speaking the language and enunciating the words; it doesn’t matter if you don’t get it right on the first try! It’s always possible to try again!

Advantages of Learning Japanese through Games

  • Learning Japanese using video games has several advantages. Games are, first and foremost, an interesting and enjoyable approach to learning a foreign language. A fantastic technique to improve speaking and listening skills is through them. Second, playing video games can help you sharpen your language and vocabulary. Third, learning about Japanese culture through video games can be entertaining. 
  • Games give you a rigorous game experience, which accelerates your learning. Additionally, they can help you develop your capacity for forethought and problem-solving. Games offer a chance to interact with others and discover a different culture. Games can also educate kids about formative years, culture, and fluency, even if they are living abroad.


  1. Is learning Japanese advantageous?

Many people contend that picking up a new language has its benefits. Some claim that mastering another language increases your chances of success in the future. However, whether or not to learn a new language ultimately depends on how it will fit into your development process.

  1. How many different kinds of Japanese exist?

Japan has various varieties because of its long history, which has allowed for the development of many diverse dialects. In addition, Japanese also has several regional variances, which can result in even more variety. However, the three primary types are Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana.

  1. Does studying Japanese pay off?

Learning Japanese can be advantageous in your professional and personal lives. For example, if you know Japanese, you can get work as a translator, journalist, instructor, advisor for students, and more. In addition, you can establish connections with individuals from Japan and other Asian nations by learning Japanese. Therefore, studying Japanese could have numerous benefits. Therefore it is something to consider.