Regina Valdivieso

Regina Valdivieso

Regina is a seasoned blog writer specializing in Spanish language and culture. With over five years of experience as a Spanish teacher and translator, she brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise to her writing. She has taught Spanish at Oakridge International School, creating engaging lesson plans and curriculum for diverse grade levels. Regina has collaborated with renowned organizations like Regina has taught Spanish at Oakridge International School, developing curriculum and implementing various teaching methods. As a skilled translator, she has worked with prestigious organizations like Marigold Films, White Globe Pvt.Ltd. & Translations Pvt. Ltd. Regina’s dedication to promoting Spanish language and culture shines through her engaging blog content. With a strong background in education and a flair for writing, Regina connects readers to the vibrant world of Spanish. Through her captivating blog posts, she invites readers to explore the richness and beauty of the Spanish language and culture.

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