French Proverbs 101- Everything you need to know

Learning French proverbs as a part of mastering the language not only enhances one’s vocabulary but also offers exciting insights into the French culture as a whole, the values, traditions and contradictions in equal measure. This post takes a dig at the basics of French proverbs with some of the commonly used examples and their […]

French Speaking Countries: Things You Didn’t Know

French is not just one of the most beautiful languages in the world, but also one of the most rapidly growing ones as well. And, a testament to that is the fact that the lion’s share of French speakers don’t even reside in France! French speakers are spread across a vast geographic area, residing in […]

The Ultimate Guide to Immigration To Canada in 2022

Did you know that more than 1 lakh Indians immigrate to Canada each year? Yes, that is true. And this number only keeps increasing every year. This is also true for many other countries around the world like China, Philippines, Nigeria, Pakistan, etc. Canada is a country of immigrants and their immigration policies are fair […]

Why Learning Proverbs Is A Must When Learning German?

So, you are a student of German language and a newbie looking to master the same as a foreigner.  And that brings us to a rather interesting proposition-German proverbs. Witty, wise and at the same time thought provoking, German proverbs offer an insight into the rich culture of the German community and offer a fresh […]

12 Best French Books for Beginners in 2022

Bonjour and bueiveneve! The language of love, art, culture, fashion, cooking, dance–French is easily the world’s most beloved language. Perhaps it has something to do with how beautiful the language sounds or the rich cultural history associated with it, or perhaps it is because the French were one of the major colonisers, the French language […]

Top Movies to Learn Spanish

The love of watching films can be a great companion to pace up your learning Spanish as a foreign language.  In this post, we mull over 6 best Spanish movies that you ought to catch when you are starting out as a newbie with the language. Read on! How Watching Movies Helps To Learn Spanish? […]

Top Movies to Learn Japanese

Films offer some of the best ways to absorb a language. Undeniably, movies leave a profound impact on the mind. Nothing is more impacting than the visual spectacle. Of all the five senses, sight lasts longer than any other senses.  And in movies, there are a plethora of sights and sounds!  Learning Japanese languages through […]

The Ultimate Guide to Immigration To Spain in 2022

Moving to another country can be very stressful. The most stressful part of the move is completing the immigration application process. If you are also planning to move to another country by yourself or with your family, you must read this article till the end. In the article, we will talk about everything you need […]

The Ultimate Guide to Immigration To France in 2022

France! The country that dreams are made of.  I have never met anyone in my life who does not have France in their places to visit list. Most people want to go to France to visit the Eiffel Tower and enjoy a freshly baked croissant and some warm wine. But France has so much more […]

Spanish Dialects: A Simple (But Complete) Guide

Every language has its own flavour. A single language or language group is a colossal tree that has many branches known as dialects. The differences in intonation and pronunciation shape up the dialects. Every dialect has its own unique repertoire of words and expressions.                                                                      Spain Spanish has a rich linguistic history and crossroads of culture. […]