12 Best Korean Books for Beginners in 2023

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Considering Korean is a language that is in great demand, choosing it as your second language will be a sensible choice. The Korean language is quickly rising in popularity among Asian languages for non-native speakers to study, thanks to K-pop and K-dramas. Additionally, if you properly master this language, you can also get employment in that sector. The Korean language is recognized as the 13th most spoken language in the world, as Korea is one of the most populous countries. 

But if you are a multilingual learner who wants to go beyond the basic Korean words and expressions, you will require some good books to learn Korean. If you want to learn how to speak Korean or become a Hangul expert, Korean books, grammar and vocabulary books, and workbooks will make your learning journey much more fun. So, we list some of the best Korean books for beginners. 

  1. Korean from Zero

Description: The book was written by Mr George Trombley, with three other authors: Reed Bullen, Myunghee Ham, and Sunhee Bong. This is one of the best books to learn Korean for beginners. This book is intriguingly put together and covers both the fundamentals and advanced levels of the Korean language. 

Review: It skilfully taught me how to use simple grammar, such as verbs, adjectives, nouns, etc.

Ideal for / Purpose: Ideal for beginners with no prior knowledge of Korean!


  1. Korean Picture Dictionary 

Description:  It might not be easy, especially for beginners, to learn Korean on your own for this, we included this easy Korean book to read for beginners. The Korean Picture Dictionary includes hundreds of full-colour pictures alongside 1,500 of the most useful Korean terms and phrases. 

Review: This book has over 40 different topics, including the fundamentals of self-introduction, socialization, using public transportation, and Korean cuisine, are also covered.

Ideal for / Purpose: Good for learning about what real-life objects are called in Korean!


  1. Korean Made Easy

Description: This book by Seung-Eun Oh covers twenty lessons and some fundamental and compelling Korean cultural terms. This book can be an excellent option for you if you are a novice and want to become familiar with the fundamentals of this language quickly.

It is one of the best Korean reading books for beginners, as Korean Made Easy is created for self-study. 

Review: Even if you have yet to gain prior knowledge of Korean, you may learn through its simple yet crucial daily usage grammar.

Ideal for / Purpose: Good for beginners 


  1. Integrated Korean: Beginning

Description: For complete novices with no prior knowledge of Korean, this textbook is one of the good Korean books for beginners. Lessons are organized around certain subjects, including a dialogue, pertinent vocabulary, grammatical explanations, cultural observations, and an additional chapter to put the newly acquired knowledge into context truly. 

Review: It used efficient teaching methods and was developed by Korean linguists and educators. The book now comes with attractive pictures and a workbook.

Ideal for / Purpose:  Good for Beginners learning Korean words and phrases used in everyday conversations.


  1. Talk to Me in Korean

Description: Talk to Me in Korean is one of the few Korean textbooks that places as much emphasis on speaking Korean as it does. This is one of the very reputable Korean language books for beginners. Additionally, the downloadable voice recordings of vocabulary items, idioms, model sentences, and conversations featured in the book might help you learn Korean. 

Review: All beginner-friendly classes cover topics including rudimentary conversational skills and number counting.

Ideal for / Purpose: Good for learners who emphasize grammar and public speaking more.


  1. Korean For Beginners: Mastering Conversational Korean


Henry J. Amen and Kyubyong Park wrote this book. One of the greatest works ever created for teaching Korean dialect grammar. If you wish to learn everything there is to know about the Korean language by studying every aspect of grammar, this is a great hangul book for beginners.

Review: This book is useful for studying advanced Korean with an in-depth understanding. It has been adjusted in a fascinating way that will assist you in overcoming your anxieties about pronunciation, phrases, and all other logical aspects of this language.

Ideal for / Purpose: Learning the logic behind Hangul and practical phrases that will help you talk with confidence.


  1. Learn Korean With Classic Short Stories

Description: The book “Learn Korean with Classic Short Stories” by Hye – Min Choi is the ideal choice for learning Korean through short stories. This book is one of the best Korean storybooks for beginners and is made up of 32 short stories that take you through Korea’s culture and history. 

Review: Words used in the stories are based on real-life scenarios, and reading stories, rather than memorizing grammar and vocabulary, is an interesting way to master a new language.

Ideal for / Purpose: Learners who want to experience real-life scenarios with stories and tales.


  1. Korean Made Simple

Description: ‘Korean Made Simple’ is a book written by Billy Go, a professional language translator from Korea. This beginner’s Korean book is suitable for anybody curious about the Korean language and history. In addition, an audio version of the book is offered, which will assist readers in accurately pronouncing the words.

Review: This book has 20 entertaining lessons with exercises and answers at the end of every chapter.

Ideal for / Purpose: Great book to quench their thirst for the Korean language and culture.


  1. Living Language Korean

Description: If you are seeking the best Korean grammar book for beginners, go no further than Living Language. This one-of-a-kind multimedia course consists of four books that contain 46 detailed lessons on vocabulary, grammar, reading and writing Hangul, and even cultural notes. 

Review: Complicated grammar and tough vocabulary are simplified and explained in simple terms. This complete course will take you from beginner to advanced.

Ideal for / Purpose With this single complete course, you can progress from beginner to advanced, using techniques proven effective by studies and experience over time.


  1. Yonsei Korean 1-1

Description: This book is published by the Korean Language Institute at Yonsei University, one of Korea’s top institutions. It is a complete book that is available in both English and Korean. 

Review: If you are stuck and need an excellent book to learn the fundamentals of Korean, “Yonsei Korean 1” is the way to go.

Ideal for / Purpose: The book’s main goal is to help you improve your communication skills and gain confidence in your conversational abilities.


  1. Kpop Dictionary

This book was written by Woosung Kang, a Korean novelist who admires all cultures via his writings and unique thoughts.

Description: A Korean Wave is currently sweeping the globe. Subtitles are used to help audiences understand the series. So ‘Kpop Dictionary’ is a book on all those real-life conversations in Korean dramas and series. It will be extremely useful to fans of Korean music and drama.

Review: whether you like K-Pop, K-Drama, or any Korean star, this book is a fantastic fit for you.

Ideal for / Purpose: People are becoming increasingly interested in Korean dramas and music, and This book is written specifically for them.


  1. Korean for Dummies

Description: Jungwook Hong, the author of this book, is the founder of the Korean Studies Organization at the University of Virginia, as well as the originator of the Korean Language Program. The most significant benefit is that it covers conversational tones and corporate manners. 

Review: The classic “Dummies” series is predicated on the idea that learning should be enjoyable, and the Korean version is no exception.

Ideal for / Purpose The book focuses mostly on Basic Communication Phrases required for Business and Travel Activities.



By reading a book in a foreign language, we can improve our vocabulary and grammar. Additionally, it will strengthen your memory and creativity. In addition, one of the hardest languages is thought to be Korean. Therefore, it is best to study it gradually over a long period. And a book will undoubtedly make a better friend as a result. You may self-study after selecting a few of these books and become fluent in Korean.Instead, if you are looking for excellent online courseware for studying Korean, Curiotory.com is your one-stop destination. They feature excellent multilingual training materials created by some of the top professionals. You may prepare yourself and learn at your speed. For more info, you can visit their website Curiotory.