12 Best German Books for Beginners In 2022

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German is one of the most important globally spoken languages globally, not only due to its prominence in countries like Austria, Belgium, Switzerland and Germany but also because of its Scandinavian roots. German is the most spoken Germanic language in the world besides English, and getting fluent in it can be a gateway to learning more about the various linguistic traditions and norms that have been around since the stone age. So, here is a list of 12 important German language learning books aimed at beginners.

Book 1: German Grammar for Beginners

Review: 4.5 stars (Amazon public rating)

German Grammar for Beginners

Ideal for: Beginners to learn about German grammar

Published by an independent publisher, this 247-page long book is one of the best German books for beginners. This book covers nearly all of the essential details about the linguistic rules of German for beginners. One of the main reasons this book is so important is that any person of any age can follow it.

Focussed on all types of readers and learners, the author of this book delves into the conversational details of the German language, making it an ideal companion for foreign travel to any German-speaking country.

Book 2: Practice Makes Perfect: Complete German Grammar Book

Review: 4.5 stars (Amazon public rating)

Complete German Grammar Book

Purpose: To get a holistic understanding of German Grammar

This is yet another beloved German book to read for beginners. Published under the McGraw-Hill Education publications, this paperback helps its readers understand the various applications of German in daily conversations and informal contexts.

Since this is one of the more detailed and informative books, it requires readers to come back to it for reference. So, although the progress will be slow, it will surely be worth the effort. This also falls under German books online for beginners, with it being accessible on Kindle as well.

Book 3: The Everything Learning German Book

Review: 4.5 stars (Amazon user rating)

Learning German Book

Ideal for: Beginners in German language for speaking, writing and understanding.

Published under Everything, this is a major staple in books for German beginners since its author, Edward Swick, has curated this book to be highly serviceable to its readers. One of the many advantages of this book is that it covers nearly all basic details for A1 German learners.

This book has been written and is extremely convenient for any beginner to understand the various chapters inside it. This book is also one of the easiest ones to follow through to get a fair understanding of broader German linguistic norms, including the basics for a total beginner. So, this will provide an ideal learning experience to light and/ or very young readers.

Book 4: Speak German in 90 Days: A Self Study Guide to Becoming Fluent

Review: 4.5 stars (Amazon user reviews)
Speak German in 90 days

Purpose: To make a beginner fluent in the German language in 90 days

This book is an ideal example of German books for beginners A1 level. Published by CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform, its author Kevin Marx has arranged this book to be the perfect companion for simplifying German to non-German speakers.

One of the many problems that non-native speakers have with German is its grammatical rules, and this book aims to simplify those for its readers. As the title suggests, this book is ideal for learning German at a rapid rate since it simplifies the various problems and complexities first-time learners have with German.

Book 5: Learn German with Stories: Café in Berlin

Review: 4.5 stars (Amazon user reviews)

Cafe in Berlin

Ideal for: Beginners of all ages who want to understand the German way of storytelling and writing.

This is one of the most bespoke German storybooks for beginners worldwide. At only 97 pages thick, this book by Andre Klein is an absolute delight for German learners. Since language makes sense in context and its application in real-time, this book is guaranteed to make sense to even the newest learners.

One of the key benefits of this book is that it does not delve into details surrounding German grammar rules and instead contains simple German short stories to help its readers understand how sentences are structured to make sense.

Book 6: German All-in-One for Dummies

Review: 4.5 stars (Amazon user rating)

German All In One for Dummies

Purpose: To teach the essentials of German language and its application to beginners.

This is one of the more important and detailed German-language books for beginners. Published by For Dummies and written by Wendy Foster, this 720-page book goes through all the crucial details about German phrases and grammatical complexities.

This book is aimed at full-time students and foreign business associates who are required to get a firm grasp of the various nuances of the German language.

Book 7: German Short Stories for Beginners

Review: 4.6 stars (Amazon user rating)

German short stories for Beginners

Ideal for: Beginners of all ages who want to learn German through reading and enjoying story books.

This is yet another of the ideal German storybooks for beginners. Published independently, the author of the book Lingo Mastery has curated this book to enhance the learning experience for beginners in a fun and simple way.

At just 166 pages long, this book contains 20 stories that will help readers understand the language simply and effectively. Moreover, each story has a summary in English to better understand the German language, alongside questions and answers in German to provide a holistic learning and practice experience.

Book 8: German in 10 Minutes a Day

Review: 4.6 stars (Amazon user rating)

German in 10  Minutes a Day

Purpose: To teach German in small, daily increments to beginners.

Considered one of the best German learning books for beginners, this book by Kristin K. Kershul is an extremely simple and easy to follow book for A1 German learners.

This 132-page book lays down the various rules of the German language in great detail, making it possible for learners to get a lot of information about the language in just 10 minutes a day. This book also contains exercises for practising and easier memorising.

Book 9: Complete German: A Teach Yourself Program

Review: 4.1 stars (Amazon user rating)

Complete German

Ideal for: Beginners who want to enrich their German vocabulary.

This is one of the most detailed German reading books for beginners since it is structured to be dialogue-based.

Published under McGraw Hill Education, its authors, Heiner Schenke and Paul Coggle wanted this book to appeal to the reader as grammatically grounded yet conversational in its structure. So, this 416-page book is the perfect book to understand the linguistic traditions of German in dialogue to get a better sense of vocabulary and its application.

Book 10: Basic German: A Grammar and Workbook

Review: 4.6 stars (Amazon user rating)

Basic German- A Grammar and Workbook

Purpose: To make beginners accustomed with the grammar and its application.

This is more of a reference book for German learners as it is frequently used in conjunction with other German books for beginners. Published by Routledge and written by authors Heiner Schenke, Karen Seago and Anna Miell, this book is the perfect guide for beginners to sharpen their grammatical skills.

Since German grammar is among the hardest in the world, this highly concise book serves as the best companion for additional help in understanding grammatical applications.

Book 11: 501 German Verbs

Review: 4.8 stars (Amazon user review)

501 German Verbs

Ideal for: Learning verbs and their applications in the German language (for beginners).

This book by Henry Strutz is frequently ranked among the best German learning books for beginners due to its extremely simple and effective structure. Since verbs form the core of every language, German verbs are incredibly detailed.

This 704-page long book is a perfect helping guide for understanding the verbal context in German. Each of the examples in this book is applied in a relevant sentence for full understanding.

Book 12: Wort fur Wort: New Advanced Vocabulary (German Edition)

Review: 3.4 stars (Amazon user rating)

Wort fur Wort

Purpose: To increase the vocabulary of beginners of the German language.

Besides being referred to as one of the most helpful German books for beginners, this book is also often compared to the German dictionary due to its use in daily life for students.

This book is structured around providing synonyms, antonyms and word groups to its readers to build their vocabulary quickly and effectively. This book is also full of numerous word patterns and meanings to familiarise its readers with the German language.

These are the books that are the most suitable German language books for beginners. Each of these books has a distinct quality and usefulness in learning a language of such complexity. As has been alluded to earlier, the German language is a composite of various linguistic traditions and ideals, so its use is so ubiquitous globally. Therefore, these books are the most likely to help beginner level learners get a firmer grasp of the nature of the language, with its detail in grammar, vocabulary, etc.