12 Best Arabic Books For Beginners in 2023

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Learning Arabic is the way to go if you’re looking for an edge over the competition and a proficient skill that will help your resume shine. Not only does it give you a competitive edge over other candidates, but it also eases your way into other diverse languages. 

You may wonder how a bunch of books will help you learn Arabic. It tackles subtle aspects like vocabulary, confidence, and comfort with a new language. Reading Arabic story books for beginners will introduce you to words, sentence structure, and the Arabic etymology.

12 Best Arabic Books For Beginners

Most people go wrong in setting unrealistic goals with the expectations of massive leaps. This can make the learning process highly unsatisfactory. A quick fix to this problem is to pick the best books to learn Arabic for beginners. Bingo! This blog is here to highlight those for you.

  1. Arabic Character Writing For Dummies

With this book by your side, you will surely get off to a great start. Practice the foundational elements like the letters in the space provided, and you will find yourself writing phrases in no time. Effective reminders, hints, guiding videos, efficient activities, and practice sets are a bonus with this book.

The major highlights of Arabic Writing For Dummies are the in-depth demonstration of Arabic letters, practice sets to hone your basics and helpful writing strategies. This simple Arabic book for beginners will strengthen your background knowledge.

Review: 4.5 stars (based on Amazon public review)

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Idea for: Writing to improve Arabic effectively

  1. A Handwriting Practice Workbook

Once your generic concept of Arabic lettering is finely tuned, it is time to engrave it in your muscle memory. A Handwriting Practice Workbook, one of the best Arabic learning books for beginners, will meet your effort halfway. A distinct feature of this book is that it opens your mind to the different styles of Arabic letters.

The key feature of this book is that its collection of words and phrases is designed to help you master your pronunciation.

Review: 4 stars (based on Amazon public review)

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Ideal for: Arabic learners who want to write and read Arabic

  1. Arabic Course for English-Speaking Students

A common reason why most people— including the Muslim community —want to learn Arabic is that the Quran is written in it. Many Muslims are now inclined to learn the original language rather than its translations. This best Arabic learning book for beginners comes to your rescue and covers the diction of the Quran and Hadith.

Pick this book if you’re familiar with the alphabet and want to up the game. Alongside traditional sources, this book highlights grammatical decorum and vocabulary. 

Review: 4.5 stars (based on Amazon public review)

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Ideal for: Reading the Quran, grab this book right away.

  1. Learn Arabic in 30 Days

A time-friendly and efficient medium via which you can learn Arabic is this simple Arabic book for beginners. Divided into five organized sections, you can walk through it with ease and attempt a conversation in Arabic. Moreover, there is an individual section you can return to when reconnecting with Islamic expressions.

This book will help you tackle vowels with profound ease. It will sharpen your knowledge of Arabic words, sentence structure, and grammar technicalities and inspire conversation starters. 

Review: 4 stars (based on Amazon public review)

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Ideal for: A wholesome approach on Arabic and its vowels

  1. A New Arabic Grammar 

An expert recommendation on Arabic Grammar is this New Arabic Grammar book. The outdated exterior of this particular book contradicts the crystal-clear, organized and easily understandable grammar it contains. It covers diverse examples of texts from the local newspapers, the Quran, and novels. 

Whether for institutional purposes or self-learning, this simple Arabic book for beginners will soon prove to be a lifesaver. 

Review: 4.5 stars (based on Amazon public review)

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Ideal for: Honing your reading skills through progressive texts 

  1. AL Mawrid Arabic-English Dictionary

If you want to ace a language, you must befriend a great dictionary you can actually rely on. One such irreplaceable Arabic language book for beginners is AL Mawrid Arabic-English Dictionary. It is worth the price, bulk, and space in your backpack.

It will serve its function as a translator as well as a brilliant dictionary. The most incredible thing about it is that along with the list of meanings for a word, it also provides popularly used forms of the word stem. It goes a step further and lists word pairings and examples.

Review: 4 stars

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Ideal for: Beginner friendly guide to Arabic guide

  1. Media Arabic

Media Arabic is your go-to guide if you want to read newspapers with advanced proficiency. It will sharpen your Arabic reading skills in no time through news articles in Arabic. As this Arabic language learning book is segregated into sections on technology, politics, economics, terrorism, and many others, it allows you to gain an all-rounder sense of vocabulary.

By the end of this book, you can successfully skim through the core ideas of a text, connectors, and WH words of the article. It will help you comprehend the gist without even knowing all the words. 

Review: 4.5 stars (based on Amazon public review)

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Ideal for: A quick and effective way to learn Arabic comes to you in the form of this book.

  1. Ahlam’s Victory by Najla Hamouda

Ahlam’s Victory is an Arabic reading book for beginners that strengthens your language. Ahlam is a young girl who faces failure and stands strong in its face. She faces this life event in her education that makes her frustrated and afraid of the future. 

Through Ahlam, children can learn that they can turn their lives around for good with unshakable devotion and self-belief. Her struggle conveys the light at the end of the tunnel and helps the readers get accustomed to grammar, sentence structures, and word choice.

Review: New release

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Ideal for: Beginners who are fans of fiction

  1. Nahola and the Insect Hunter by Omnia Bint Saeed Albadi

This Arabic story book for beginners delivers the basics of the language through a gripping adventure tale. This story stars a preoccupied bee who’s carrying out her daily task of extracting honey from flowers. On her way back to the hive, a ferocious insect hunter blocks her way. It leaves the readers on a suspenseful note of how the bee friends protect themselves.

This is the perfect book to get accustomed to the language’s style and key elements. If you’re reading it for a kid, they can take the message that there is a solution to every situation.

Review: Newly released

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Ideal for: beginners for learning grammar composition

  1. The Late Dress by Knanah Hatim Eissa

The Late Dress is a fun short story that subtly tackles UAE culture. Talai and Lamar, among other friends, wished to travel across the United Arab Emirates and admire its rich culture. They have soon presented with the opportunity to fulfil their dreams.

Learn with these kids the roots of Islamic culture and the beauty of its people. Follow this Arabic reading book for beginners and pick your social cues. 

Review: Newly released

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Ideal for: Beginners who want to learn more about Arabic culture.

  1. Munir the Millionaire by Zainab Ali Albahran

Munir the Millionaire is about a young boy who is a sharp observer with an intelligent and fast-acting brain. His observing skills help him to catch up with the indispensable value of wealth and finances in the world. This easy Arabic book for beginners sheds light on grammar and sentence structure. 

This book opens the minds of young readers to the beauty of being an observer. Through common words and excellent grammar, this book helps with learning Arabic. 

Review: New release

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Ideal for: Young readers to learn Arabic

  1. Aisen’s School Diary by Shahid Alkubar

Aisen’s School Diary is an interesting book on Aisen and her friends’ experiences at an international school. This school is inclusive of different religions and people from diverse backgrounds. This Arabic story book for beginners focuses on the fun they have in school and the memories these kids make.

This story is delivered in an engaging tone that drills grammar into the reader’s mind. Children can learn about goodwill, respect, and communication.

Review: New release

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Ideal for: Beginners to learn basic Arabic grammar

Bottom Line

Arabic speakers are now in high demand. The U.S. government agencies are hiring fluent Arabic speakers to excel in prominent fields like engineering, business, medicine, nonprofit and international relations. It offers you the upper hand in careers associated with the government.
Allow this blog to guide you through a game-changing list of Arabic language books for beginners. Use this mix of language and storybooks to hone this language.